Galaxy Unpacked February 2020: Official Replay

>>Ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome to the stage, Head of UK
Product Marketing, Rebecca Hirst. Hello, everyone, and welcome
to Samsung Galaxy Unpacked! Last year, right here in
San Francisco, we added
a whole new dimension to the smartphone experience with
the revolutionary Galaxy Fold. The Fold was more than
a new device… it was
the first entry in an entirely new era of
smartphone history. Today, we’re taking
another giant step forward. We’re changing the shape of the
future with the Galaxy Z Flip. Or as I call it, the Zed Flip. Smartphones are a part of
our everyday lives, but this
is no ordinary smartphone. It changes everything… our phone’s shape,
size and the very way we use it. That’s what innovation ‑‑ true
innovation ‑‑ is all about. The Galaxy Z Flip is a
statement smartphone. It’s for trendsetters
and trailblazers. It’s like nothing you’ve ever
experienced before, in a new, perfectly compact form factor. This device is an icon, a
standout smartphone for
people who want to stand out. And it all starts with a
playful, premium design. Let me show you. When it’s closed,
it is a thing of beauty. It’s smooth,
sleek and symmetrical. At half its full size it
fits right in my palm
and snugly in my pocket. And its cover display shows
me all the information I
might need at a glance. When I’m ready to use it all
I have to do is flip it open, and I get a full‑size 6.7 inch
screen with hardly any bezel. The ultimate, immersive experience
for the ultimate smartphone. The color is just as stunning. Look at how it gleams, whether I
keep the phone open, or closed. The Galaxy Z Flip comes in
three gorgeous colors… Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, and, in select countries,
Mirror Gold. Ooh, you like that one! These stylish colors change
when the light hits them so you’ll always be
catching attention and turning heads. When closed,
it lets you disconnect
without missing out. You can check the time
and get notifications of
a text, alarm, or a call. All the essentials are right
there on the cover display. You can even take a selfie
without opening up the phone. Just hold out the rear
camera and use the cover
screen as a viewfinder. With this phone, we’ve done
the impossible and created
ultra‑thin glass that folds. You might think that foldable
glass would be brittle but
this glass is built to last and it protects your
screen from scratches. It’s so durable, you can
fold and unfold your
phone over 200,000 times. Every time you fold it,
you’re not just bending glass, you’re bending the
laws of physics. You
can see for yourselves, this phone and its display are
like nothing ever made before. Unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip
puts entertainment in your hands with a cinematic experience.
And with the world’s first hole‑punch camera in a
foldable display, you get the
same sprawling, expansive screen you’ve come to expect
from Galaxy smartphones. And as an added bonus,
we’re giving Galaxy users
access to YouTube Premium. Ooh. So, it’s beautiful
when it’s closed and it’s
beautiful when it’s open. But what about
everything in between? We built a free‑stop hinge so
it can stay open at different
angles just like your laptop. We call it Flex Mode. In Flex Mode, you get a new
kind of smartphone experience. Your screen is split into
two parts… a viewing area
and an interaction area. We optimized some of your
favorite apps for this so
they’ll automatically adjust. For example, if you’re watching
something on YouTube and you want to leave a comment, you can
watch on the top half of your
screen and comment on the bottom. You can even prop your phone
up by itself and video chat,
or take a selfie, hands‑free. Let me show you. I’m going to
take my phone out of my pocket
and prop it here on the podium. We’re going to take a selfie. Open the camera up and ready? Cheese! Let’s see if my
eyes are open in this one. Now I’ll open the gallery
and have a look. You can see there are more
of animals than people. That’s my life. You can
see for yourselves, we
custom‑built a whole new mobile experience to
take advantage of this
unique form factor. Flex Mode changes the
boundaries of what’s possible. Just imagine… you’ll be able
to take a night hyperlapse
video without a tripod. Like the one you see here. We pushed mobile engineering to
its limits to create this device. And none of it would have
been possible without our new
one‑of‑a‑kind, hideaway hinge. Oh, yes. The hinge is the
backbone of any folding phone. It quite literally holds the
whole thing together and it
also prevents particles like dust and sand from
getting into the phone
and damaging the display. That’s because folding phones
have a tiny gap between the
hinge and the device. We created a layer of
fibers inside that tiny gap
to keep those particles out. This secure fiber shield
protects your phone so you can make the most of
this revolutionary technology. We’re so proud of
the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s a unique piece of
technology, one that changes the
smartphone experience entirely. Take a
look! [ APPLAUSE ] The Galaxy Z Flip is a new kind
of device to kick off a new
decade of Samsung innovation, and we can’t wait to see
what you’ll do with it.
It can be yours from February 14th,
starting at $1,380. That’s kind of a mixed response. We have a lot to show you today
and we’re just getting started. And because this is Unpacked,
we’re doing it in style. Literally. We’ve teamed
up with one of the
biggest names in fashion to bring his signature
style to the Samsung Galaxy. We’re not just
creating a new look, we’re showing how high fashion
and high tech go hand‑in‑hand. Only one person could lead this
disruptive collaboration… Thom Browne. [ APPLAUSE ] [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you. I’m very excited
to be working with Samsung
on this new project. For decades, Samsung has
pioneered innovations in
mobile technology, creating a world of its own,
always moving forward. You sense a really
strong collaboration because you understand the
experience of the two worlds. In the attention to
design, the attention to
technology, and in creating something that is
truly timeless. With this device,
our worlds meet, bringing together fashion
technology in a unique
mobile experience. We have created something
truly special, and we look
forward to sharing it with you. And there’s more to come
during tomorrow’s special
event in New York. [ APPLAUSE ] The name “Thom Browne”
is synonymous with style. He’s made a career by pushing
boundaries and redefining what’s
possible, just like Samsung. It’s the perfect partnership
and we’re excited about this
limited‑edition collaboration. You’ll hear more about this
partnership tomorrow straight
from New York Fashion Week. But first, we have so much
more to tell you about the next decade of Samsung
innovation and the incredible
technologies that will shape our lives in
the years to come. And that starts right now. [ APPLAUSE ]>>Ladies and gentlemen,
please give a warm welcome to President & Head of Mobile
Communications, Dr. TM Roh! [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you and welcome to Galaxy
Unpacked 2020! [ APPLAUSE ] It’s amazing to be here with you
today to kick off a brand‑new
decade of growth and change! We start 2020 with renewed
momentum, great confidence, and a deep sense of
excitement about the
opportunities in front of us. Opportunities that begin
right here, right now, as we launch a new era
of mobile innovation. Innovation that is more
meaningful and personal. Innovation that is more
private and secure. Innovation that will
create more intelligent
connections across devices, people
businesses and communities. I know I speak for everyone
at Samsung when I say it’s an incredible time to be
at the start of this change… to drive growth for our industry
and to provide meaningful
progress for consumers. I am so honored to lead
the Mobile Communications
Business at Samsung. And, I would not be where
I am today without my
mentor, DJ Koh. [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you, DJ,
for your on‑going leadership. In my time at Samsung, I have
led the development of many
of the key breakthroughs in our most innovative and
successful Galaxy devices
starting with the first Galaxy S. Throughout our history,
we have been guided by our belief in innovation that
improves our customers’ lives. And driven by our passion
to overcome technology’s
most difficult challenges so we can deliver experiences
that create a better world. We have never been afraid
to stand at the cutting edge of innovation, or be the first
to introduce devices that
drive this industry forward. This is why in 2011,
when we heard that consumers wanted a more
powerful more productive device, we combined a large
screen with the S Pen and
launched the Galaxy Note. This is why last year when
we heard that consumers
wanted more multitasking and even bigger screens that would
still fit in their pocket, we re‑imagined the future
of mobile experiences by
launching the Galaxy Fold. And it is why, when we saw a
future of high‑resolution images high‑definition video,
and gaming on the go, we pioneered the key advancements
that make 5G possible today. [ APPLAUSE ] With its high
speed, low latency, and massive capacity to connect
millions of devices, 5G brings the transformative power to
enhance everything people
can do with their phones. And now, Samsung is making 5G
available to more people, more quickly than
anyone thought possible. So today, we are excited to
show our next big step forward as we launch a new generation
of intelligent connections. It begins with our vision
to be the innovator of
new, mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and
continuously, wherever we go. To realize this vision, we
are driving the convergence
of the three most important technologies of our time…
5G, AI, and IoT. Samsung is in a unique position
to bring the benefits of this
convergence into consumers’ lives. With more than one billion
smart devices including Galaxy
phones, wearables, and PCs, we already help hundreds of
millions of people around the world enjoy more connected
and convenient lifestyles. With Samsung Knox, we set the
standard for security and trust for this industry by delivering
end‑to‑end, multilayer
protection that starts with a security chip built
directly into the device. And with open collaboration,
we have partnered with industry leaders to build
an ecosystem that is
unmatched in scale to provide game‑changing
mobile experiences. Today, we are so proud to
introduce the newest member
of the Galaxy family. A new phone named for the start
of a bold, new decade of change. A phone that says goodbye
to the camera you know today and hello to a new way to see and
share the world in its best light. With intelligence that
learns what you like and
optimizes to how you use it. A phone that curates awesome
experiences with your favorite music services and
entertainment options. A phone that offers the full power
of 5G across all new devices. This is just the first step
toward a new generation of
meaningful, mobile experiences. And now it is my great
pleasure to introduce the
brand new Galaxy S20! [ APPLAUSE ] [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you. For all of you joining
us online for the first time ever, Unpacked is being captured
and streamed with the
amazing Galaxy S20. [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you!>>Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage, head of Mobile Product
Management, Drew Blackard. Hi, everyone! Great to be here
in San Francisco. Last month marked the start of
a new decade. And at Samsung, we’re really looking forward
to the next ten years of Galaxy innovation.
With that in mind, we’ve been working hard to create
devices that are built for the
way we live our lives today. Our vision for the next decade
of Galaxy all starts with 5G. Just last year, we unveiled five
new 5G smartphones worldwide. In Korea alone, we’ve helped bring
100,000 base stations online. And we’ve engineered new 5G
chipsets that are smaller,
cheaper and power‑efficient. 5G will completely change how
we communicate, how we game,
and how we keep in touch with the world around us. It’ll work with AI to enhance
every aspect of our smartphones. It’ll connect
thousands of devices through our SmartThings platform
while protecting our privacy. And last year,
we were just getting started. Simply put,
this is the year of Galaxy 5G. It begins right now, in 2020, and
right here with the Galaxy S20. Today, we’re more social than
ever. And we communicate and
express ourselves with images, not just words. That means
our smartphones need one
thing above all else… a powerful camera. We spent
months asking thousands of
smartphone users across the world when it came to the
camera, what mattered most. And no matter who we asked
or where they lived, we
got the same answer… Quality. Quality. Quality. We can all take a great photo
under perfect conditions… bright outdoor lighting,
not too close or too far, not too much movement. But
in practice, it rarely
works out that way. We take pictures at
concerts, at kids’ soccer
games, at graduations. We want to be able to capture
those moments perfectly too, even
if the conditions aren’t perfect. After all, it’s 2020. We rely
on our phones to document and
share our entire lives. So we rebuilt the Galaxy
S20’s entire camera system to
change the way we capture. The key to capturing a
high‑quality photo is a
high‑resolution camera. Because the higher the
resolution, the more detail you
capture and the more you can see. Maybe you take a picture
and you notice something
interesting in the background. So you pinch in to
get a better look. But as you get closer,
the image gets pixelated. At 64 megapixels, S20’s
revolutionary camera system
takes smartphone photography to the next level. So
when you need to crop
an image, don’t worry. S20’s resolution is so sharp
that even when you do crop, your photo remains
crisp and clear. Of course, high resolution isn’t
just useful for viewing pictures, it’s also useful when
you’re taking them. When you need to get closer or want the subject to be the only
thing in the frame, you need zoom. And with Galaxy S20’s Space Zoom,
you get up to 30 times closer. So if you see something cool
from faraway, you can still zoom
in to get a high‑quality shot. Samsung cameras are the best in
the business, not just because
of the game‑changing hardware, but because of
their intelligence. With AI, you can use this
revolutionary camera to the
fullest. Think about it… there’s those times when you
want to capture the moment but by the time you’ve
decided on the right camera
mode, the moment’s gone. With Single Take mode, S20 uses AI
to capture different versions of the exact same moment using
each of its different cameras. Just take a short clip,
up to 10 seconds, and Single Take captures different versions
of that game‑winning goal… live focus, boomerang video
ultra‑wide, and a lot more. Then, when you’re done shooting, it gives you a handful
of the best shots so you
can pick your favorites. My wife and I are really
excited about this one. We’ve
got 14‑month‑old twins at home, and it’s impossible to get
’em to sit still for a photo. So now, we’ll never have to
worry about missing the moment. And your Galaxy S20 uses AI to
make it easier to keep your
photos and memories organized. It groups your content, making
your gallery easier to navigate. And it also lets you create
subgroups to organize your
photos however you want. You can easily search your
photos, and if you identify
people who keep popping up, the S20 will be able to
pick them out automatically. With the Galaxy S20, we’ve
created a phone that will
change photography. But we know that photos are only
one part of the camera experience. More and more,
we’re using video to communicate whether it’s sharing them
on our Instagram stories,
capturing special moments, or creating content of our own. For years, Samsung has led
the market in 8K TV technology and today, we’re bringing
that expertise to mobile. Thanks to S20’s super‑high
resolution, you can capture
videos in stunning 8K. [ APPLAUSE ] 8K is the future of video and
now you can shoot it yourself
right from your phone. In fact, we’ve built
an entire 8K ecosystem. You can shoot 8K footage with
the camera in your pocket, upload it to YouTube over a 5G
network, and cast it to your
8K QLED TV with Tap View. That way you can enjoy
it on the big screen. From capture to casting,
from your phone to your TV,
it’s a full 8K experience. To truly understand how this
8K ecosystem comes together, you have to see it for yourself.
So with the help of filmmaker and adventurer Sam
Evans, let’s take a look! Hey, everyone! I’m Sam. I’m a
content creator from Australia. I’m here in the Product
Experience Zone to show you just how incredible
the S20’s camera is. You’ve already heard a
lot about it, but you
have to see it in action. Actually, you already have! Remember the opening video you saw of the cable cars and
Golden Gate Bridge, moving
through San Francisco? I filmed the whole
thing with the S20! I’m so amazed by what this
phone can do. I travelled around San Francisco with the S20
and took some incredible
footage of the city. 8K video is a
total game changer. It gives me extra resolution
to edit my footage exactly
the way I want. Here’s some 8K footage I
captured over San Francisco. It looks great, right? And
worth sharing, don’t you
think? That’s super easy. I can share with my friends
by uploading to YouTube without losing any of
the original quality. I already uploaded some 8K
footage to show you how it looks.
We can watch this on the phone Using the YouTube app on an
8K QLED TV – we can watch it
there. Let’s check it out. Super cool, right?
Capture a moment in 8K. Share it with your friends. Watch
it together. All through the S20. Check it out for yourself!
Come on down to the
Product Experience Zone after the show to
see 8K in action. Thanks, everyone.
Back to you, Drew! [ APPLAUSE ] Thanks, Sam!
8K video is stunning. The best quality for
your best memories. It takes smartphone recording
to a whole new level. And it opens up the door to
some entirely new experiences that have never before been
possible on a smartphone. Record a video, then
scroll through the footage
to find the perfect moment and with a single click, you’ll get a 33‑megapixel still
photo with amazing resolution. You can crop any frame and always
get a high‑quality picture. With 8K, S20 revolutionizes
your photo and video experience. And it’s designed for
pro‑grade filmmaking. With Pro Mode, you can adjust
aperture, exposure, and settings that you’d have control
over with a DSLR. We even enhanced Super Steady Mode
so you can take sharper videos on the go thanks to AI
motion analysis and an
anti‑rolling stabilizer. This camera isn’t just good,
it’s in a class of its own right
down to its performance specs. It’s got a powerful processor
and an all‑day battery. And thanks to the Galaxy
S20’s incredible storage
capacity ‑‑ up to 1.5 terabytes with a 1
terabyte SD card ‑‑ you’ll have plenty of room for all
your favorite photos and videos. You can share those photos and
videos more easily than ever, too. With S20, you can share
files with up to 5 friends
at the same time without even having to pair your devices. Every incredible innovation
you’ve heard about so far
from 8K video to Pro Mode to sharing, is available
on all three models of
the Galaxy S20 series. Because we don’t believe
in compromising when it
comes to camera quality. And for people who want even
more, the serious, professional photographers
who need the best of the best, we’re proud to introduce
the Galaxy S20 Ultra! This device has the largest,
most powerful image sensor
we’ve ever put on a smartphone. You want high resolution? It has an unbelievable
108‑megapixel AI camera
so you can capture scenes with a level of detail
you’ve never experienced. With a camera this high‑quality,
you don’t just get one picture. Zoom into any one part,
and a new world comes to light. You practically get a photo
album’s worth of detail in a single shot. We rebuilt
the entire camera system
with brand‑new sensors to help you focus quickly
and accurately. The S20 Ultra takes multiple
frames and uses software
along with hardware to merge them all into one
high‑quality photo. And it does it all in a tenth
of a second, much faster than
any other smartphone out there. This technology, combined
with the Bright Night sensor, means you’ll get bright,
accurate pictures even
in low‑light conditions. All three models of the S20
take amazing low‑light photos. But the S20 Ultra
takes it even further. This phone takes some of the best,
brightest photos I’ve ever seen. That’s because Samsung’s
pioneering nonabinning technology
combines nine pixels into one, all at the
sensor level using AI. That just means that each pixel
is larger than ever before and can capture three times
more light in every image. S20 Ultra comes with an
advanced, cutting‑edge zoom
function. See, for camera zoom, you usually need more
focal length, which
means a bulkier device. But when it comes to smartphones,
that isn’t a great option. The device needs to stay
as thin as possible. So we
built it with a folded lens. When light enters the tele
lens, it’s refracted at an
angle, producing a powerful zoom effect. The folded
lens allows for up to
10x hybrid optic zoom. Now, multiply that with the
10x digital zoom and you can
magnify a shot up to 100 times. That’s what you’d
expect from a telescope. To
show us just how powerful the S20 Ultra’s zoom is, we
invited Colin & Samir to
check it out for themselves. Here, let’s check it out. What’s up everyone?
I’m Colin. And I’m Samir!
And we’re here at Hawk Hill. We’ve been making YouTube
videos and telling stories
together for a long time. We shot our first
video over 8 years ago. As we’ve evolved as
filmmakers and storytellers,
our gear has evolved, too. Today, we travel around with bags,
big cameras, and bulky lenses. But at the end of the day,
the story is what matters most. And we need a versatile camera
that can travel anywhere with
us and capture it all. That’s why we’re so excited
about the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Okay, so check this out. We’re
going to shoot this scene right
here on the ultra wide mode. Right here is one of the
best views of San Francisco. You’ve got the city in the
background. You can see
the Golden Gate Bridge. And over there, that tiny
dot on the left side of your
screen ‑‑ that’s Alcatraz. Okay, you’re telling me
that that dot is Alcatraz? That’s exactly what I’m telling
you, Colin. That is Alcatraz. If you’re so sure, prove it. Okay, well I’m going to
get you closer and I’m
going to prove that to you. Okay, you ready? I’m ready.
Check this out. Whoa! That’s incredible.
That’s Alcatraz at 30x zoom! So that tiny dot in frame
that I just showed you, now
fills the entire screen. Let me show you where
we started from. Whoa, unbelievable. Normally, to get a shot like that,
we would have to swap lenses. But now we can get this
ultra wide you’re looking at, as well as that close‑up,
all with a single device. Samir, I’ve got a question
for you. What’s up, Colin? From where we are, can you spot
the Palace of Fine Arts? Where
the show is happening right now? Yes.
No, I don’t think so. You still lookin’?
Yeah, I’m still lookin’. Man, it’s far. You’re not
gonna find it. Let me show you. Okay, here we go. Let’s see it.
Whoa, that’s crazy. That’s the Palace of
Fine Arts at 100x zoom! Wait, that’s amazing.
I can barely see it over here. Now I’m gonna bring it
back out to the ultra wide. Wow, that’s crazy. The craziest part of all of
this to me is that you can
go from ultra wide to 100x zoom and back, all with a phone.
With the S20 Ultra’s 100x zoom, you now have the most versatile
storytelling tool that fits
right in your pocket! Eight years ago, when we
first started making YouTube
videos and telling stories, we never could have imagined
having a device like this. This camera will
change photography and
storytelling forever. And we can’t wait for all of
you to get your hands on it. That’s it for us up
here at Hawk Hill. We hope you enjoyed the
demo. We’ll see all of
you after the show! [ APPLAUSE ] Thanks, guys! Amazing, right? No
matter which model of the S20
series you choose, we’ve changed the way you capture. Cameras are
how we turn moments into memories, and that goes for this
show, too. As TM mentioned earlier,
we’re streaming today’s
event with S20 devices. Give it up for the camera crew!
[ APPLAUSE ] Pretty incredible. You just
saw what Colin and Samir could
do with one, and you saw Sam’s demo earlier,
also filmed with one. Now let’s see what happens when
we put an S20 into the hands of
Academy Award‑winning director, Jimmy Chin. Hi, my name is Jimmy Chin.
I’m a team Galaxy member. We’re in Jackson Hole,
Wyoming, and I have lived
here for the last 20 years. One of the reasons I
really love Jackson is
because of the mountains. So when I come home, I really
just want to be able to be in
the mountains, in my own space, in my own time. But the
landscape is so inspiring,
it’s hard for me to stop shooting and creating content. To be able to shoot 8K on the
Galaxy S20 Ultra is extraordinary. Being a photographer and a
filmmaker, the quality of
the images of the footage is something that I’m
kind of obsessed with. So it’s nice to be able to shoot
with my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s something I can
put in my pocket. For me to have creative
freedom, it’s also about
having the right tool. Something that allows me to
be spontaneous, to be able
to capture an experience in the moment and on the fly. That’s what the
Galaxy does for me. [ APPLAUSE ]
Incredible. And it was all shot with
the S20 series. We’re
really excited to have Jimmy on board. He’s one
of the most talented
storytellers out there. Behind every great
story, is a creator. And at Samsung, we empower
those creators to break
barriers, defy odds and push the limits of
creativity through technology. They inspire us and
they inspire Netflix. So together, we’re helping
a group of Netflix creators tell companion and bonus stories
based on their movies and shows. All with the help of S20’s new
state‑of‑the‑art camera system. To tell you more about our new
partnership, please welcome
Netflix CMO, Jackie Lee‑Joe. [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you so much, Drew.
It’s so great to be here
today at this year’s Unpacked. Netflix and Samsung
have a longstanding,
decade‑long relationship. Every step of the way, it’s been all about working to
create the best entertainment
viewing experience for our members. We’ve worked
together on so many
initiatives over the years. Two recent examples include
tracking down Breaking Bad’s
Huell Babineaux together as part of a joint
marketing campaign. He’s finally out of the
safe house, by the way. And we even got Ryan
Reynolds in on the action
by making an ad for QLED… that was actually an
ad for 6 Underground… that was actually,
not‑so‑secretly, an
ad for Aviation Gin. It’s been a lot of fun. And today, we’re announcing the
next stage in this partnership. Today, Netflix is being
announced as Samsung’s mobile
entertainment partner. The mission of this partnership
is to make the Netflix viewing experience on Samsung
mobile the best it can be. This means that even more users
can enjoy our best‑in‑class
stories across all genres through even better
product integration with
Galaxy mobile devices. To make it even more exciting
in the coming months, Samsung mobile users will have
access to a whole host of new and exciting bonus content
based on your favorite
Netflix Originals, accessible through Samsung
Daily and Samsung channels. The content will shine a light
on our diverse mix of creators
from all around the world, a selection of whom will be
handed a Galaxy S20 to shoot
this content themselves, offering them the freedom to
continue inventing new ways
to tell stories, their way. You can expect to hear from
the minds behind great stories
like Narcos, Sintonia, Elite, as well as from the team
behind Netflix is a
Joke, and so much more. We can’t wait to see
what they come back with. We believe this significant
partnership will provide
millions of Samsung mobile users across the globe the best
mobile entertainment experience
and make discovering new stories from around the
world easier than ever. After all, great stories
can come from anywhere
and be loved everywhere. Thank you. Back to you, Drew. Thanks, Jackie! Netflix is changing the way
we access and watch content and creating new movies and
shows for us to enjoy every day. We’re thrilled to
partner with Netflix to help lead those innovations and
reimagine entertainment together. We can’t wait to see
what they produce. In the meantime though, we’re
making it easier to find the
shows you want, right now. Let’s say you’re
looking for a new show. With S20, you’ll be able to ask
Bixby to “play Stranger Things,” or type a title into
your phone’s search bar. In seconds, it’ll come up on your
Netflix app. If you’re looking
for something new, no problem. We’ve integrated Netflix
on your Samsung Daily page
to offer recommendations based on what you already watch. And with 5G, you’ll be able
to take your entertainment anywhere you go.
If you’re boarding a plane but forgot to download a
movie or show, don’t worry. With 5G, you can download ’em in a
flash. Because that’s what mobile entertainment is all
about… getting the content
you want, when you want it. You’ve seen how S20’s camera
helps you capture content of your own. You’ve seen how it
helps professionals bring
new stories to life. And next, you’ll see how it
helps you communicate with
the people in your life. To tell you more, please
welcome my friend and
colleague, David Park. [ APPLAUSE ] Thanks, Drew. How’s
everybody doing? It’s great
to be here at Unpacked! At their core,
phones have always been built to help us communicate…
first through calls, then through texting,
and then through social media. We share our lives through
Instagram stories and bond
over viral videos. But today, communication
isn’t enough. We want to
forge connections. And just as we’re using our
phone cameras to capture
more and more videos, we’re also using video
calls to connect with the
people we care about most. It’s easy to see the appeal. Voice calls let us hear
our loved ones, but video
calls let us see them. That’s why we at Samsung
are so excited for our
partnership with Google. Together, we’re using 5G to
change the way we communicate. After all, video chats should be
simple, seamless and stunning. With the Galaxy S20, Google
Duo will be natively integrated right into your contacts
phone, and messages. We’ve worked with Google
to integrate their software with our hardware, bringing
new Duo features to Galaxy
smartphones, starting with the S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip. That includes our wide‑angle
camera so you can chat in landscape mode and get
more people in the shot. It also includes Full HD
video chatting with Galaxy
S20’s lightning‑fast 5G so you can get a clear connection
with no friction or latency. So when I’m out of town on
a business trip and want to
check in on my two boys, Logan and Nicholas, I can
pull up Google Duo and
get them on the other end in seconds, and there they are
smiling and giggling, thanks
to the S20’s 5G capabilities. And if they miss my call?
No worries. I can use Google Duo to
leave them a video message. Simple. Stunning.
Seamless. And accessible. The Galaxy S20 will be one
of the first Android devices to support Live Caption technology
so people with hearing loss can appreciate great
content in real time. Samsung has always been committed
to developing tools that make
digital media more accessible. The Galaxy S20 doesn’t just
let you communicate with the people who matter most,
it helps you form genuine connections with them,
no matter the distance. And these days, one of the
best ways to connect with your
friends is through gaming. Whether you’re fighting
monsters together or racing
against time, mobile gaming has become a truly social
experience for smartphone
users. And yet, too often our smartphones just don’t let
us play our favorite games the
way they’re meant to be played. However, with 5G, the S20 takes
gaming to a whole new level. The displays on all three S20
models have a 120Hz refresh rate
for incredibly smooth gameplay. We also doubled the touch
response rate so you can
game with less touch lag. After all, when you’re
right around the corner
from the finish line, that split second can
make all the difference. And it’s all thanks
to the processor. The S20 also comes with up
to 16GB of RAM and it’s
powered by a next‑generation memory technology
Samsung LPDDR5. It leverages the full power
of 5G and AI capabilities
like machine learning with 30% faster data access
speeds, and as much as 20%
less power usage than before. And you will be able to
choose your favorite apps,
to quick‑launch, so you can start from right
where you left off. That’s a game‑changer
for gamers. But at Samsung, we want to take
mobile gaming even further. Last year, Microsoft helped us
change the way we use our phones by helping us make the
PC‑to‑smartphone experience
more seamless than ever before. This year, we’re extending that
partnership to gaming with Xbox. A great gaming experience
starts with great games, right? We’ve got you covered. Xbox
Game Studios is bringing
Forza Street to smartphones for the very first time
across Galaxy devices. [ APPLAUSE ] The Galaxy S20 is the perfect
gaming device for Forza Street. Its new, dynamic AMOLED
display is the most immersive
ever on a Galaxy S device so you get smooth motion
and clear gameplay. Hyper‑responsive touch gives you
the edge over your competition
in fast‑paced, one‑on‑one races. Our hardware and software
deliver powerful performance with minimal lag so you
can play anywhere, anytime. We’re also pleased to
announce that Forza Street is now available for
pre‑registration on the Galaxy
Store. So go check it out! The best part is this is
just the beginning of our
gaming partnership with Xbox. Both Samsung and Xbox share a
vision for bringing great
gaming experiences to mobile players
around the world. With our portfolio of
5G‑enabled devices and
Microsoft’s rich history in gaming, we’re working closely
together to create a premium, cloud‑based,
game streaming experience. And you’ll hear more
about it later this year. Playing video games
with our friends, video
chatting with our family, watching movies
with our partners… The Galaxy S20 has
countless ways to connect
with the people we love. But we can also connect
through something universal and that’s music. The right
song or the perfect playlist
can help us scale new heights and stay in
tune with ourselves. And today, we’re reimagining
how you listen to your
favorite music on the go. Introducing Galaxy Buds Plus. [ APPLAUSE ] We took the original Galaxy
Buds and improved sound quality. Buds Plus don’t just have
one speaker, they have two. One optimized for high
notes and one for bass. With speakers almost 40%
larger than before, they don’t
just give you more sound, they give you better sound. AKG’s renowned Sound
Signature also keeps your
music crystal clear. And that’s not all. Thanks to
our partnership with Spotify,
with one, simple long press on the side of your buds,
you’ll get recommended songs
based on your music history. So you can create that magical
moment when you hear a new
band for the first time. Of course, we use earbuds
for more than music. That’s why we also optimized
Buds Plus for calls. Instead of the standard two
mics, these buds have three. So even if you’re calling from
a crowded street, your Buds
Plus will pick up your voice. We’ve also enhanced ambient
sound so that you can hear
sounds more clearly and adjust the volume when you need
to be aware of your surroundings. And with advanced connectivity,
Buds Plus let you switch
quickly between devices… from smartphone to
smartwatch, from tablet to TV, with a simple tap of the
media panel on your phone. And you can do it all
without needing to unpair
and re‑pair your devices. Buds Plus also work
seamlessly with iOS. Just download the Galaxy
Wearable app from the app store
to customize your listening experience. Buds Plus
are powerful, flexible,
and easy to charge. With Wireless Charging
and Wireless Powershare, you don’t need any cords
or connectors. Let’s say
you’re on the subway. In the three minutes it takes to
get from one stop to the next, you can get enough charge for
about an hour of playtime. Once your Buds Plus are
fully charged, they’ll
last a whopping 11 hours. And with the charging case,
you can get another 11
hours for a total of 22! That’s enough to cover the
world’s longest flight and
a delay. [ APPLAUSE ] Soon, you can get a pair of
your own on February 14th
for $149. [ APPLAUSE ] Buds Plus sound so good,
you’ll want to get up
and dance. Check it out! [ APPLAUSE ] Memorable moments,
meaningful experiences, that’s what the Galaxy
S20 is all about. It’ll
change the way we capture the most important
moments in our lives. It’ll change the way we connect
with each other through
entertainment, gaming, and music. It’s built for a new generation
of users, for a new decade. From March 6, you can get a Galaxy
S20 of your own, starting at $999. [ APPLAUSE ] And all three models will be
available in blazing‑fast 5G. We’re also pleased to announce
that, effective today, we’re reducing prices
on the Galaxy S10. And soon, S10 users will get
some of these great features
through software updates. Samsung is entering a new
decade of mobile innovation, one that will be shaped by
AI, IoT, and of course, 5G. With 5G, the S20 will power
new mobile experiences with
near‑zero latency. It will leverage the ultra‑fast
speeds of nationwide, low‑frequency bands like
Sub‑6 and more advanced millimeter‑wave
high‑frequency bands. 5G is changing the way we
communicate, the way we game,
and the way we consume content. And we’re working with our
partners to make it happen. We’re honored to support
the Olympic Games and
their incredible athletes. After all, the Olympic Games
are all about bringing people together and inspiring
them to perform at the
best of their abilities. So later this summer,
Samsung will be bringing the
best of mobile technology to the Tokyo 2020 Games
with the limited edition Galaxy S20+ 5G, designed
exclusively for athletes
of the Olympic Games. [ APPLAUSE ] This special edition embodies the
competitive spirit of the games with standout 5G performance and
a one‑of‑kind design, topped with
a premium matte gold finish. Because at Samsung, we
don’t sit still. We push
boundaries. We solve problems. We do what can’t be done. As we look ahead to this new
decade, we couldn’t be more
excited to continue working with our partners to deliver
the kinds of mobile experiences
that no one else can deliver. To tell you even more,
please welcome back TM Roh. [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you, David! What a great show! For the past 10 years, the
Samsung‑Google partnership
has been the driving force behind so many of this industry’s
most important innovations. Now, as we start a new decade, our partnership is more
important than ever, as we
work together to pioneer a new generation of breakthrough
mobile experiences. And now to tell you more, I am
happy to welcome my friend,
Hiroshi, from Google to the stage! [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you, TM! Hi, everyone! It’s so great to be
here today with the Samsung team. [ APPLAUSE ] I knew I could get an
applause from over here.
You’re very excited. Maybe I can start with a
quick, personal story
about how I first met TM. It was 2010. Samsung had just
launched the original Galaxy S and we were already
preparing for what’s next. I was visiting their headquarters,
and I was introduced to TM as the person who can
make anything happen. I remember driving around
the suburbs of Seoul in
his brand new car ‑‑ which he was very proud of ‑‑ with
a bunch of devices, testing GPS. I think it was an excuse for him
to drive his new car, by the way. A lot has happened since those
days. Galaxy is a household name and Android powers over 2.5
billion active devices worldwide. We are humbled by the fact
that, together, we play an important role in
people’s lives around the world. It’s also been amazing to
see Samsung continuously
push the limits of what’s possible in mobile on
the Android platform. For example, phablets, the S
Pen, and many innovations around the display, including
the super cool foldables. All the stuff you
saw earlier today. Looking ahead, we’re excited
to continue to work together
to build the next wave of helpful, mobile innovation. I want to briefly
give three examples… 5G, foldables,
and improved accessibility. We think 5G technology can
unlock a wealth of possibilities and new experiences and
we’re proud that Android is
the first and only mobile operating system to support 5G. Much like the transition from
3G to 4G, we expect these new experiences to emerge
over time but we wanted
to get started right away and we decided video chat would
be a great place to get started. Plus we wanted a cameo
in the Oscar ads. So we’ve integrated Google Duo
into Samsung’s flagship devices. Thanks to 5G, the video calls
are higher quality and that makes you feel more connected.
Also, with Duo built right
into Galaxy’s native apps ‑‑ that’s Messages, Contacts and
Phone ‑‑ we can help people connect much more seamlessly,
without interruption, so that
they never miss a moment with the people who matter
the most. I think many of you
already know how excited we are about foldables. On a
personal note, using Galaxy Fold, I find myself using the
device in different ways ‑‑ whether it’s for entertainment
on a long flight, or staying
connected to my work ‑‑ I feel super productive!
So, we think foldables
will fundamentally change how we think about and
interact with smartphones and we are working closely
with Samsung to bring
these experiences to life across hardware, the OS and app
developers. For example, you saw Duo and YouTube earlier
today with new UI’s when Z
Flip is placed on a tabletop. We have built the tools and
APIs for any developer to do
just that and we can’t wait to see what other developers
do with this capability. Finally, we want Android
to work for everyone, no
matter their abilities. Live Caption automatically
adds captions to content
even if that content didn’t originally come with captions. If you’re one of the 450 million
people in the world who are deaf or hard of hearing, we think
this capability is a game changer! By the way, Live Caption works
entirely on‑device, through a combination of three
machine learning models. We think it’s a great
application of machine learning
techniques to create helpful experiences for everyone.
We’re thrilled that the Galaxy S20 is the first device
in our Android partner ecosystem to offer Live Caption out of the
box. Thank you, Samsung and TM for the continued partnership
to bring amazing, mobile
experiences on Android to people around the world. Congratulations on the
launch of the Galaxy S20
and the Galaxy Z Flip. We’re proud of what
we’ve created together, and we’re even more excited
for what’s ahead. Thank you! [ APPLAUSE ] Thank you, Hiroshi!
I am so glad you joined us today. Before closing, there’s
one more important topic
I’d like to talk about. As always,
our mission is innovation, not just for innovation,
but innovation with purpose. This is why sustainability
is so important at Samsung. And it’s why we work with
the UNDP to support the UN’s
sustainable development goals. [ APPLAUSE ] So far, we believe
more than 15 million members of the Galaxy community have
the Samsung Global Goals app
on their devices, with all proceeds being
matched by Samsung. This year, we are also introducing
a new eco‑friendly Global Goals
cover and watch strap. From the first Galaxy phone
to the first Galaxy Fold, from the Infinity Display
to 5G and beyond, we have discovered new ways to use
technology to advance humanity. With the Galaxy S20 and Z
Flip, we are now changing the
shape of the mobile category. And in the decade ahead,
we will continue to lead
the growth of the industry and to change the way you
experience the world. Thank you! [ APPLAUSE ]

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