Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr: no contest

– Hey, we are here at
Samsung’s Unpacked Event looking at the Galaxy Z
Flip, but I decided to be sneaky and bring in the Motorola Razr and I want to compare these
two phones real quick. So the first thing is both of these phones are basically the same idea. They are folding phones that fold into a portrait mode so it fits
in fits in your pocket a little bit better then
folds out to a very tall narrow screen. However, the Galaxy Z
Flip does a bunch of stuff that the Motorola Razr
kinda didn’t get right. So the first thing is that
it has a glass screen, instead of a plastic
screen, like on the Razr, and like on other phones. And that glass screen
means that you are much less likely to scratch it. That’s what Samsung claims
and I kinda believe them, because I’ve run my
fingernail over this thing and I haven’t managed to scratch it, in a way where if I were
doing it on the Razr, I totally would have scratched it. However, there are a
couple of other differences to pay attention to, so because it’s glass and because it’s the
way Samsung does hinges, there is a tiny little
gap here that you can see when you fold it closed, whereas on the Motorola Razr, it folds completely flat. And that’s because,
with the plastic screen, Motorola was able to make the sort of teardrop inside the
hinge when you close it so that the thing can
fold completely flat. What that means though
for Motorola is that you can really feel a lot of more bumps and grooves and weird
things on it’s screen, whereas on the Z Flip,
you can feel the crease but it’s a lot less prominent
than it is on the Razr. The other thing I’ll say
is they have different ideas on how the hinge should work, beyond being gapless when they’re closed. So the Razr has a pretty loose hinge. You can kinda flip it open with one hand, it’s a little bit nerve wracking to do it, but you can pull it off. The Z Flip however, has
a much stiffer hinge. It is a lot harder to open with one hand, and it doesn’t like, flip out. The reason that Samsung does that is they want you to be able
to look at it at an angle, set it on a table and
see, if you want to like, watch a video or something. But, you know, I think
there’s benefits and drawbacks to both. On the whole though, I think
I prefer Samsung’s hinge. Samsung has a fingerprint sensor, so does the Motorola Razr. Samsung’s is on the side
where the power button is, and that maybe is a
little bit more convenient because it’s sort of one action to open it and hit the thing, whereas on the Razr, you’ve got to flip it open and hit the fingerprint sensor on the bottom, but the main difference here to me beyond the glass screen is the Z Flip has just way more impressive specs. Motorola, in order to get the
battery life that it wanted on this thing, went with a relatively slow Snapdragon processor, I think it’s the 710 and this doesn’t feel all that pokey, but it’s not as impressive
as what’s in this thing, which is a Snapdragon 855 plus. It is also paired to
256 gigs of storage and 8 gigs of RAM. The other spec that’s better on this phone and frankly the one that’s
way more important to me than the processor, are the cameras. This has two cameras and
they’re Samsung’s 12 megapixel cameras, one of them is an ultrawide. And, Motorola just has one,
it’s a 16 megapixel sensor. And, we’ve got the review
for the Razr coming, but I’m just going to tell you right now, that, Motorola is not as
good at cameras as Samsung is so I have way more faith
that the Z Flip is going to have a better camera than Motorola does. Last and maybe not least is they both have different philosophies
for what the screen on the outside should be, so Motorola has this really big thing
they call peek display. You can look at notifications on it, you can take selfies with it of course, so it can get the little
selfie camera up there going. And so it’s like a big
relatively usable display, but it’s mostly sort of like a smartwatch. Samsung took the same idea,
but theirs is just itty bitty. It’s this little tiny display here. You can swipe over to see notifications, you can answer calls and
do a bunch of other stuff. You can even take selfies
with it with that insanely tiny little viewfinder there. It’s just a different
idea and it’s not quite as useful as Motorola’s, but for me, I think that trade might
be worth it because instead of having a whole bunch of screen real estate here, they
have battery real estate, and the Z Flip has I think, on the whole, a bigger battery than the Moto Razr, which is again, another
thing that you might want. So on the whole, what do I think? Well, we gotta get full reviews of these things out, so don’t take
this as final judgment, but the thing that Motorola
managed to do is be first. It got out the door first. If you could find one, they
got out the door first, and good on them, but
this is much more refined, and I think makes way more
sense if you’re interested in a folding phone. The other reason this thing
is a little bit nicer, it costs less. This is $1499, this is $1380. Hey everybody, thanks for
watching, like I said, we’ve got a review of the Razr coming, and we’ve already shot it. We’re working on it right now and we are definitely looking forward to reviewing this thing, it
comes out on February 14th and we’re going to get our hands
on one as soon as possible.

100 Replies to “Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr: no contest

  1. ok but like what’s the point in a vertical folding phone? when you unfold it, its the same size as a standard smartphone. when you unfold the Galaxy Fold it’s like a tiny tablet… to me it just seems like you’re paying extra for a feature that doesn’t even have a purpose or practical use.

  2. No I don't agree on this one with you and I give u may reason
    I don't buy any of this for making any sense
    I buy Moto just bcoz it has better looks
    And u know what I mean

  3. I'm sorry but theres no PURPOSE for the galaxy z flip. At all. So you mean to tell me in order to use my phone, I have to open it? No second screen on the outside? Why would they leave that out?

  4. IMO, Motorola has executed their product better. for one, the screen when it's closed has more utility than Samsung's. you can't nick them for having a slower processor, smaller battery, and inferior camera spec because those can be replaced with better spec without changing the overall design of the phone. the only thing that's going for the Samsung is the "glass" screen, but that's debatable because to have good comparison on that feature one needs to hold the phones in person.

  5. I prefer the Motorola. Might not be as good a phone but it looks better and Motorola is a less popular brand it's less likely someone else in a room even has a Motorola. Kinda like my HTCs and weirdly enough my google phone.

  6. Its just like we day traders say, " past repeats itself or history repeats itself". Look at all the flippy phones from the past. In 2020 we are again back with flippy phones.

  7. As far as the chipset goes, with the Moto running pretty much pure Android, the 710 should be fine. Samsung has their skin so 855+ probably works just as fine. But yeah when you look at their prices, the Moto comes short

  8. Mark 11:17
    He was teaching and saying to them: “Is it not written, ‘Samsung will be called a house of phones for all the nations’? But you have made it a cave of robbers.”

    Why is Samsung a cave of robbers? They demand exorbitant prices from those who have to buy a new smartphone needed for sacrifice. Jesus views their dealings as extortion, or robbery.

    When you sell anything and ask beyond what you KNOW is reasonable, you are stealing from the consumer. Samsung and Apple are the most greedy companies on the planet. Right now Apple is even being sued $40 million for deliberately making old iPhones go slow, this forcing people with older models to upgrade.

  9. This is so exciting!!! I miss the flip phones! It's going to be so satisfying to hang up on people!!! Next up is bringing back the Sidekick!!!! OMG

  10. I think flipping the phone to use the screen is a bit, redundant. Why don't we just make one without the hinges and slap a hard glass on it? Then I can use the phone without flipping.

  11. Seriously even though I'm sure it isn't true, I feel like Samsung has payed a bunch of reviewers to bash on the Motorola. Stop it, it angers a lot of people.

  12. Razr does well in some areas but can't compare on overall value. Motorola just took too long to get the Razr to market. Might've sold half respectable numbers if released as planned in Nov-December.

  13. The Razr design is much superior, the Z Flip only has better specifications. For the user who does not use the cell phone for games the difference will not be noticed. I think the 'time' will be the judge to see the good functionality of the two devices. Personally I would keep the Razr for the design, android stock and the moto actions.

  14. I think Samsung's flip phone makes 0 sense. I don't see how a flip phone would benefit you without having a screen on the back like Razr. You'd buy this phone instead of a regular model with the same specs (and obviously a cheaper price) just to flex. So it's like an iPhone in that sense

  15. So… It's just a folding smart phone?!… No thank you but I just prefer just the original razr and a modern flip phone, like the cool pad flip phone. I have a smart phone and had it for a few years but now, I'm getting tired of it already.

  16. Razr started it so I’m going stay with Razr but they needed to upgrade specs it’s 2020 don’t know why they didn’t to compete with others!!

  17. Motorola basically gave us a mid range phone that happens to fold. What's the point of making a phone with the newest cutting edge form factor but giving it weak specs?

  18. $1300+ for each of them and no comment on how expensive that is?? Is that the new “normal”?
    No thanks. I’m way to cheap. I’ll stick with my iPhone SE I got for $249 brand new last year. LOL!!
    …then again, the SE successor is coming next month. Maybe I’ll give it a look.

  19. I really don't see a reason why would you get these over normal bar phones. Galaxy fold at least is a phone and a tablet

  20. This is cool and all that but I dont have any faith in the screens of either of them.
    Im sure they will work fine at first but I think that after a few months there will definitely be problems where the screens fold.
    I would say wait another year so these problems can be identified and addressed before you wast your hard earned money.

  21. The Razr is definitely the nicer looking of the two.

    Neither are worth buying.

    But if I was buying it would definitely not be for practicality.

  22. Regardless of which is better (and the Z Flip is better), only Samsung have the money to spend on R&D and the better tech (since they're the number one screen manufacturer) to make a success of Foldables on Android. The only one who could compete is Apple, but Apple being Apple. – they won't make one until 2022 at the earliest

  23. RAZR is a classic case of form over function, very disappointed tbh. It could have been utterly fantastic but compromised everything by created nothing more than a £250 spec phone that folds.

  24. Imagine an app for the the Samsung folding phone where you fold the screen 90 degrees and the bottom of the screen are the gameboy buttons and of course the screen which would be like Pokémon emerald or something is on the top half…


  26. just enjoying them competing over each other to launch a new, a better, and a refined phone rather than thinking of buying it. now waiting for Apple to launch a more refined one and putting both of them to the grave. However, I still don't understand why isn't Samsung and other android companies not wait for Apple to launch a new thing and start copying him and launch a new refined one, just like how Apple does with their products.

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