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( upbeat music ) Kevin: I’m with my girl,
my good friend. I’m with
Khloe Kardashian. How are you, first of all?
-I’m good, how are you? -I’m great. Congratulations to you and everything
you’ve been doing. -Thank you,
same with you. -Revenge Body. -Yup.
-Dope as hell. -Thank you.
-Okay, that’s the reason why you got
this phone call, first and foremost. -( laughing ) -A lot of newfound
passion for fitness. -Well, for me, it was something
that I was able to control, and I didn’t realize…
-Mmhm. …how good it felt to be
in control of your own body.-I like it.-And it’s an hour
I could zone everyone out.
I’m clearheaded,
I could listen to music, and I’m just like
by myself and I’m just allowed
to be me. -What I wanted to do
with you today is… some yoga,
but there’s like, it’s a different type
of yoga. It’s not just yoga.
Let’s embrace the weird. -Okay, what is the weird?
-So, they got… goat yoga. -( western music plays ) -Why would there be goats
in your yoga class? -I know that’s what
you’re gonna say. Because there’s something
about like the goats… -Okay. -being around you, and the baby goat
is like, -( laughing ). -Yo, it’s a thing,
like I’m not playing. -Khloe: Okay.
-It’s really a thing. -Yoga with goats. Like, I just don’t really get
how Zen we’re gonna be,
-( laughing ) -Like is it
gonna ( bleep ) everywhere, like piss on us?
-If a goat–if a goat pee on you while you’re on your–
while you’re on your pose. That’s disgusting, I don’t know.
-Is Peta gonna come like if we like…
-I don’t know.All right, what if–
what if we up the ante,
-Khloe:Okay.-Why don’t we get
a stranger to partake on our adventure with us?I say let’s go pick up
a random person
on the street to join us.This goat yoga class
could be weird
and there’s safety in numbers.-Okay. -Trader Joe’s.
-Very healthy. Their mind is right.
-Yeah, people like… -They might
wanna do yoga? Yeah.
-And you know what? Now
you get it. -Yup. -Now, you’re here with me. -We’re–you know,
we’re in tuned.
-Now you’re here with me. -Yeah, you can’t pull up
at a Ralphs. -No, nobody’s gonna take…
-Now you’re trying… -No, it’s all
the processed food. -Yeah, we’re gonna die.
-No one–yeah. -We’re gonna die.
-Right. -( upbeat music ) -Look at this guy.
-Khloe:You know you’re a douchewhen you wear your shirt
like that.
-Kevin:No, no, no,
that guy, no.
-I don’t like this guy.
-Like he went to Yale and he graduated
the top of his class. And he’s not happy with his…
-Look at his walk though,he is strutting his stuff.
-Kevin:He’s not happy with…his current life decision.-And she looks not happy.
Not at all. -Kevin:Boy, she’s having
trouble with the cart…
-Khloe:Yeah, she’s having
trouble with the cart.
She can’t handle goat yoga.
-No, no.Oh, look at her
in the workout tights.
Workout tights is a good sign.Excuse me, excuse me.Question,
I know this seems weird,
but I need you to embrace
this moment from one second. First of all,
what’s your name? -Cecelia.
-Kevin:Cecelia.Hi, I’m Kevin Hart.
-Khloe: Perfect name. -This is Khloe right here.
-Hi. -Cecelia, we’re going
on an adventure. -Okay.
-Kevin: And we’re nervous about the adventure
that we are partaking in. This is true, this is
total honesty right now. We are going to… take a yoga class now, right?
-Okay. -And you’re perfectly
dressed for.
-That’s why. We stopped you because
you had on tights. You had on headphones. You look like
you work out,and we said,“What if we got a person
that’s a stranger, a third person
takes some of the edge because our nervous energy
gets transferred to you, and now we got a thing.” -Yeah, why not.
-Kevin:You can do it?-Sure.
-Khloe: Goat Yoga. -Kevin: This will be goat yoga.
It’s gonna be goats and (bleep). -What? -It’s gonna be goats.
-Goats, like animals.
-Kevin:Goats.If you wanna go,
we can have our people come give you a release form.They’ll mic you up.
-Is that like right now? -Kevin: Yes.
-Right now. -Okay, sure, let’s do it.
-Kevin: Nice, nice, I did it.-We’re…
-What is it? -Man:( indistinct ) here.Okay, we’re gonna need back
to your spot here.
Whenever you’re ready, Kev.
first and foremost. Okay.
-Hello. -Hello.
-Hello. -Nice to meet you. Do you wanna sit
in the middle? -Kevin:Yeah, get in the middle,
that way we can both talk to.
Hey, guys, you know, I’m not big
with the whole fame thing, but now I’m really thinking back
on it. I feel like the reaction should have been a lot bigger when you saw me, like…
-Or both of us. -Yeah, like you were
just like, “wazzup?” -Hey, it’s LA. That’s the problem. -Yeah.Kevin: She was so like,
“Yo, what up?”

-( laughing ).-Kevin: You know what
you should do?
You should actually
call somebody. Call one of those relatives…
-Oh, my God, stop, what? -Call somebody, and so–
just so they know, give somebody a call,
hey, just wanna let you know, Kevin Hart,
Khloe Kardashian picked me up. I’m gonna go do some goat yoga,
if something happens to me… -It’s kind of like
how can you say no, you know. -Yeah, you can’t,
but still, let people know. -Or maybe just
make someone aware of where you are,
you are in a car with two strangers. -Cecelia:Yeah, I’ll call Z,
( phone rings )
-Z, this is
Khloe Kardashian. How are you? -Z, it is.
-No, it’s me, it’s Khloe. I’m with Kevin Hart. -Hi, Z. Hi, Z. -I did exactly
what you tell me not to do, so I completely jumped
into a stranger’s car. -So, we just picked up
your friend at Trader Joe’s, and she is going in the car
with us to do goat yoga. -No, she willingly came
in the car. -If Kevin Hart
and Khloe Kardashian are in a car,
and you’re going to Trader Joe’s after the gym,
do you say yes, and you get
in the (bleep) car, right? -You get in the car. -These girls aren’t
gonna make it to 40. They’re gonna be dead. -( Dance of the Hours plays ) ( goats bleating) -Meredith: (laughing). -Meredith: We’re gonna start. -Kevin: Hello. -Khloe:Hi.
-Kevin:Hey, right.-Meredith: Welcome.
-Hi, I’m Khloe. -Meredith ( indistinct ) nice to
meet you. -This is amazing.
-Kevin: This is it, hu? -Meredith:Come on in.
-Khloe:Hi, little goat.-All right, hello.
-Meredith: Hi.Welcome to goat yoga.-( goat bleating ) -Meredith:Have you ever
interacted with goats before?
-Kevin:Not one bit,
not one bit.
-Meredith:No? Oh, my God.-Kevin: No.
-You have dogs? -I do have dogs.
-Well, there you go.Just think of them
as little puppies.
Kevin: Well, they’re
a little different.Definitely a little different.
-Meredith: Come on in,
I’ll show you.
Okay, can I watch you all
for a little bit? -No, come on and… Kev, get your ass
over here. -Okay, okay.
-Yeah, come on.They have no boundaries,
the goats.
They do eat
whatever is around them.The little ones will come
and sit on your back.
The goats
might jump on you now,
might jump on you later,might come back to you now.-Here, Kev,
this one’s here for you. -Jesus Christ,
come on, Khloe. Okay. -Meredith:Would you like
to feed one?
They eat very fast, okay? -Okay.
-Well, don’t eat me. -Just as an understanding, guys, I don’t wanna
disrupt the class.I wanna embrace
what this is.
Oh, wait, what the (bleep)?
-Meredith: Okay. This segues us.This is the segue into
the next part of goat yoga,
which is
they are goats. ( goat bleats) – Ah! ( class laughs ) -I’m so sorry. -Meredith:
So they do pee and poop.
It happens,and the good news is
it’s like life. There comes a little poop
in your way and what do you do? You just move it over and keep on going
with your life. -Well, that’s not–
that’s not what I do. I normally go to the bathroom. I’m inside of a bathroom
when it happens, you know, -Meredith:Yeah, but the goats,
they go where they go.
-Oh, that one’s peeing
-Meredith: Yeah, see? -Kevin:Okay, guys,
what is–okay.
All right, okay.
-Yeah, that happens. -Yeah.
-Meredith: Yes, this happens. -Kevin: All right,
that one’s eating a paper towel. -Meredith:
Well why don’t you do this?
-Just sit down.
-Meredith:Yes, sit down.-Yeah, I’ll just sit down.
-Meredith:Sit down.-They eat anything. -They are savages. -There’s no respect
for anybody’s property or nothing with these goats. -Meredith: I’m gonna put
the paper towels here. -Kevin: Feeling all right?
-Meredith:Okay, now…-Glad you came,
you’re all right. -Meredith: Why don’t we
just roll over onto all fours. I would invite you to take
your shoes and socks off. -You know what, just in case
I got to get up and run. Uh-uh.
-Okay. -Kevin: I’m just gonna keep
mine on and not–and not, you know, no disrespect
to the process. -Meredith:
All right, so, you see? They jump on people’s backs. -Kevin: Oh, God.
-Khloe: Oh, my God. -Kevin:Oh, my God.
-Meredith:I’ll just to tell
They do like to eat hair.It reminds them of the farm.
-Kevin: Oh, oh.
Oh, he ate her hair.
-Yeah. -Kevin:Oh.I don’t wanna stop him
from that?
So, that’s some of the stuff
that happens in goat yoga.It’s like–call it like
a little goat massage.
-Oh, oh, Khloe,
he about to jump up on me. Come on, brother,
don’t bring it over here, man. Please don’t bring it
over here, man. -Meredith:
Okay, so take an inhale
and bring your right
leg up behind you. And then flex
your foot a lot. Bring your inner thigh
towards the sky.There’s a lot of things
to focus on
when you’re here in goat yoga,but the good news is,
if you’re conscious
and you’re present,
which you totally are. -Khloe: This big one
is peeing. -Kevin: Come on,
come on, come on.Come on, guys,
all right.
At some point,
we have to acknowledge
what’s going on, you know.-It’s about to ( bleep )
on your thing. -Come on,
come on, buddy. Come on, buddy.
-Meredith:He likes this spot.Yeah, I don’t– for some
reason, he likes you.
-Kevin: Y’all telling me
this is what it is?
-Everyone is ( bleep ) on
your thing. -Meredith:
Kevin, let me tell you.
This is part of goat yoga,because it resembles life, -Got you. -Meredith: –poop happens. Do we really wanna hang there? Or do we wanna take this
as an opportunity to move forward?
-Oh, I feel it now. -Meredith: Do you see that?
-Okay. – Hang in the ( bleep ).
-So, either you can hang
in the ( bleep ), Kevin, or you can take
the opportunity– -Khloe: Kevin, let’s rise above. -Meredith:–to rise above
and move forward.
-Cradle a goat.
-I just wanna bring some attention
to the fact that… there’s no ( bleep ) around
anybody else’s mat except mine. -Meredith:
Because when you resist, it persists, didn’t you
ever hear that in life? -Ooh.
-Kevin:Okay.-Meredith:How’s that?
-Okay. I hear you.
-Khloe:His ( bleep ) ass mat. Meredith:
And this is the good news,
it just comes right off.
-It’s ( bleep ).
-All right. -Meredith:
So, now just take yourself and push yourself back
into child’s pose. So, bring your sit bones
towards your ankles. -Kevin: Ah, ah, ah. -Let me call the goat over.
-Kevin: Oh, ( bleep ). Oh, ( bleep ). Meredith:
You’re the goat whisperer. -( suspenseful music ) -Meredith:
Just take a big inhale in.
-I want no problems, bruh. -Kevin:Khloe. -Meredith:
Just take a few breaths.
Come on, guys.
-What have you got me into? -Kevin: I don’t know,
but I’m looking through my situation
down here. And that’s why I’m peeking at
these goats. Oh, geez, they just hopping up on all these people
back there. -Khloe:Oh, oops, sorry goat.
-Meredith:There you go.-Kevin: There you go, Khloe,
and let’s see what he does.
Don’t resist. Persist.
-Meredith: It’s okay. Oh. -Khloe: Oh, oh, yeah. -Kevin:Right, there you go,
there you go, good, Khloe.
-If it ( bleep ) on me,
I’m ( bleep ) on you. -No, it’s not ( bleep ) on
you, he’s totally– he’s going
to the next back. He’s a back hopper,
he’s a back hopper. It’s basically about the ass. -Basically.
-Kevin:Yeah, that’s what they–oh, ah, ahh. -Okay, push yourself back
( indistinct ) and push. Oh. -They’re not even on yet.
-Okay. -Okay, ready? -Ahh.
-Meredith: You see? How about that–
there–look at. Can you even feel that? -Yup.
-Meredith: There you go. -Khloe: This is
a perfect fit for you. -Meredith:You know what,
everything you want
is on the other sideof fear, Kevin,
and look at it.
-Is he eating my hair?
-Meredith: No. -He likes sponge.
You don’t have a sponge. -Ahh, he’s eating my hair.
-Meredith: No, that’s me. -Kevin: All right, all right.
-Meredith: Okay. So now, Kevin,
from there, I want you to lift
your back leg up. -Oh, what? -Yup, come in
to tabletop. -What the (bleep)
is tabletop? -Move your–move your thighs
back a little bit so you’re in
tabletop position, so your knees are underneath…
-Kevin: Oh, oh, okay. And this is about balancing
while the goat is on me? -Yes, balance while the goat
is on–now, you got it. Now, lift your leg,
lift your arm. Yeah.
-There we go. -There you go.
-It’s–this is almost… -And just breathe.
-Kevin: I’m breathing so– and this is making me closer
with the earth. -It’s making you closer
with the earth.Well, you’re lifting them up.
-It’s about to ( bleep ) on
your head. -Kevin: No, yo, yo, yo,
he ( bleep ), Khloe? No, don’t let this doe
( bleep ) on me. -No, he’s not.
-Is he turtle heading? Is he turtle heading, Khloe? Is he turtle heading? This goat
will have a problem. Khloe, stop playing, man. Come on, come on. All right, all right. -Now allow your leg
to go down, back.
-You can put your leg down.-Meredith: Have your knee
connect, perfect.
-Oh, my God.
-Meredith:There you go.-Oh.
-Meredith:Good job.-They have names or no? -Meredith: Yes,
and that one’s name is Kevin. No wonder why
he likes you so much. -You guys look
the exact same.
-Kevin:That’s just–yeah.-Meredith:Yeah, see?
-I got it, brother. -Meredith: They say people
look like their dogs and so there you go. -Kevin:Yeah, that’s good,
one of the best compliments
I’ve ever received. -Meredith: Why don’t we have
everybody grab a goat? And when you pick up a goat, make sure you’re underneath. -Let’s have everybody
that comes here regularly grab
the goats first.Make sure you guys
all get a goat.
-Right underneath
his legs. Yeah, there you go. -What’s it eating?
-Meredith:Yeah.You got it. Now, turn towards me.Or face the platform,
-Kevin: Oh it stank.
-and then, we’re gonna balance
into tree pose.
-Khloe, don’t drop that goat.
-This is a big one. -Kevin:Khloe,
don’t drop that goat.
-Oh, my God.
-I gave Khloe the big one. -Khloe is strong. She’s got this,
we gave you Kevin. -Khloe’s goat,
that ate some goats. -Meredith:
Yes, finally ( indistinct )
-Kevin: Okay. Oh, I feel it. -( goat bleating ) -You know what he looking
for the rest of his friends.He’s, like, “Where the hell
all the goats go?”
-( laughs ) -Everybody just disappeared. All right. So guys,
what–you know what I think this is
a good time to do? Khloe, let me get to you because you got
to get to the thing. You got to get–and that
traffic gonna be a ( bleep ). Let me get you out of here. Cece, put the goat down. Put the goat down. Put the goat down, okay? Here you go, big guy.
There you go, you down. -Khloe:We’re gonna take it
back to Trader Joe’s.
-Okay. So let’s–you know, hey, I feel–
I feel stretched out, but more importantly, I feel like
I’m one with myself. -Don’t you feel relaxed?
-I do. -Khloe: You guys,
thank you so much. Namaste.
-Namaste. Yes. -Namaste. Namaste. -Kevin: My man.
-Khloe:Bye, guys.-Good to see you,
brother. -Khloe:Thank you
for having us.
-You don’t belong
here though. You don’t–you don’t
belong here, brother. Okay? I saw the movie Get Out. -( laughter ) -Kevin:If you wanna
watch more of me,
Kevin Hart, click the videos.And why not subscribe
to my comedy channel,
Laugh Out Loud.Click the logo, it’s free.Get clicking.

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  2. Are you kidding me!! I would have jumped in the car with Kevin & Khloe without knowing not one single detail LOL…they are 2 of my favorite celebrities!!!

  3. I have never laughed much in life my parents even came up running thinking I was dying
    WHO would of thought it was so funny to watch Khloe Kardashian and Kevin Hart doing goat yoga

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