Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Official Trailer 2 – Now Playing In Theaters

Hello? Is anyone there? I’m trying to reach… Everything is burning. Is anyone out there? Senators… we believe that these
Titans… are just the tip of
the iceberg. Which of these Titans are
here to protect us… and which of these Titans are
here to threaten us? So you’d want to make
Godzilla our pet? No. We would be his. You’re sure he’s gonna
be okay? They’re everywhere… battling for dominance. A rival alpha to Godzilla. You gotta be kidding. Oh, sh–

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  1. I realized the first few seconds of this trailer wasn't even in the movie, maybe it was originally but it was removed during the final realease

  2. The story of a feminist mother who poisons her daughter's thoughts towards her father. The mother, like all feminists, believes their position is the wisest with ZERO reasoning. She thinks that her decision will save the world…and in true feminist fashion it makes it worse. The mom needs a bullet in her head…5 more into her chest.

  3. If you haven't seen this movie, please see it! This was a fantastic movie! I will let you know some of the acting was cheesy, but the titans were well used! Awesome battles! And they used the original music from past Godzilla's movies. The music definitely made this movie into a masterpiece!
    They also gave tribute at the end, RIP guys 🙂
    Also, stay till the end and see the credits.

  4. I watched all Godzilla movie in Japan and so very satisfied this american Godzilla !
    Rodan, Mothrah and Gidlla were much more exciting monsters!

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  6. Godzilla is one badass movie. ignore the critics. It's a monster movie what do they expect. the 2014 Godzilla movie they were complaining that Godzilla did not have enough screen time, this theme and the sound track in DTS X atmos Digital surround sound is amazing, the composer McCREARY and sound designers for this film are outstanding

  7. When will the American movie industry just admit that it is completely out of ideas and they are not even bothering to pretend you are trying?

  8. Just saw this movie today 🙂 it was awesome. 2h long movie. The ending is pretty sad. I'm not a spoiler!! Just shared this Info of my experience. Have fun watching it 😄

  9. I just watched the movie yesterday and it is so good. If you are expecting a monster film with fights that leave you on the edge of your seat then you found the PERFECT movie

  10. Great movie! check out my short review if you get a chance 🙂


  11. Nobody:

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    oh and if you try to send me a link I will straight up beat you

  12. So you want to make Godzilla our pet?

    Well, yeah. Just throw some concrete and steel ball to him so he can play around with it and give him tons of meat, and he will be our good kaijou nuclear doggo

  13. This movie SUCKED. Godzilla 2014 was a decent popcorn flick. Kong: Skull Island was entertaining and overall good. Godzilla: KOTM was neither. The characters, writing, directing, and acting were garbage. The characters trot around the globe in minutes jumping into whatever military conveyance is available. They commandeer an Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear Sub, V-22 Aircraft, and a giant flying ship the size of the state of Delaware that at some points reaches the speeds of an F-16 and at other times appears to fly at 140 MPH.

    The Japanese characters were given the wooden "Toho Studios" style dialogue that no human would actually say. The monsters are well-rendered but the majority of them get seconds of screen time and don't get fully fleshed out. This movie is worth catching on Netflix. It's a waste of money and 2 hours otherwise. I don't know if this movie was a direct nod to Toho Studios who made entertaining but honestly horrible movies, but this movie lacked the magic that Toho had because it was 85% about the human actors and 15% about the monsters with 5% of it being fighting. Yawn.

  14. King Ghidorah:lol noobs this is so easy
    Me:(pulls out uno reverse card)is it (realizes it’s the wrong color)(run sound effect plays)

  15. Well, it's better than the previews. I was seriously impressed. It has real visions in it. I can only hark back to when Fantasia was first released, and audiences were shown the Night On Bald Mountain sequence. You have a three headed dragon thing unfurling it's wings, and the only lighting is a volcano erupting below it, and yoy have one hell of a money shot.

  16. If you’re still animating Godzilla vs Kong then please make Kong put a tree in Godzilla’s mouth

  17. This movie was better than I expected. Even my husband – who usually doesn't care for this genre – said so. It was EPIC!! Beautifully done!

  18. Critics in 2014: tHeRe’S nOt EnOuGh MoNsTeR fIgHtInG!
    Critics in 2019: ThErE’s ToO mUcH mOnStEr FiGhTiNg!

    Actual Godzilla fans: Oh how the tables have turned.
    Also, isn’t the point of a Godzilla to be a monster brawl?

  19. last time japan had some props in a godzilla movie : Jean reno was trying to have a conversation using a bloody lighter


  20. Amazing video! I have been a fan for a long time and you inspired me to do this video https://youtu.be/ZR-UcoR8VXQ

  21. 1:56 when we all thought ghidorah blew up that build but it was actually out favourite character suiciding to save godzilla😭😭😭

  22. All jokes aside and if you dont mind…can you make this longer , like 25 mins. Longer on the blu ray…i really would love to see the other monsters walking and destroying stuff with military trying stop'em…and the big fight…i need more led up to the moment….just for the home only on blu ray (kickass) version ijs…Thank you yours truly jtmoney216…it would be a beautiful thing to my 👀. ..lol ijs peace…look out 4yo GZMV…fams…

  23. My friend asked if I wish that Godzilla & his fellow Kaijus were real roaming the earth I looked at him & said hell to the fuck yea humanity in chains serving the true rulers of the earth enslaved to their master Godzilla the alpha .

  24. Not gonna lie when I started the trailer, I actually exited fullscreen cause I thought I accidentally clicked on stranger things trailer.

  25. Victory loves it alot .the movie and The I don't know that girl's name but she played on that one movie and she had powers Mickey love that one too I did not say Nikki I said Vicky

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