Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

>>JOSH: Hi, I’m Josh.
I’m a software engineer at Google, and I’d like to tell you about two new features for
Google Maps for Mobile, Street View and walking directions.
Let’s say you’re enjoying a bike ride. Oh, no, a flat tire. [pause]>>Hello, there.>>Hey, Pegman.>>With this problem you’ve got, how about
you look up a bike shop with your phone on Google Maps for Mobile.>>That is a great idea.>>Hey, wait for me!
Here we are in Google Maps. So let’s search for bikes, and Google Maps
for Mobile will show results nearby. Here you go, Mike’s Bikes on El Camino in
Palo Alto. You can call, get directions, and using Street
View, even see the shop.>>Hmm, that place looks familiar.>>Let’s go full-screen and look around.>>Oh, yeah, I recognize the neighborhood.
Now, how do I get there again?>>Just click on walking directions, my friend. [pause]>>Nice.>>You can even see Street View at every step
along the way.>>Sweet! [pause]>> Thanks, Pegman.
Try Google Maps for Mobile next time you’re out and about.
Download Google Maps for your phone by going to

72 Replies to “Google Maps for mobile featuring Street View: Flat Tire

  1. One night for I drove for 1 hr around south san francisco and neighboring areas as listed on the map trying to locate "WALMART" which is either invisible to human eye or underground without a sign board !

    It was a cruel yet a funny experience of me discovering zones of darkness, stretches of ghosty houses and if it wasnt for street lights, I could have easily claimed that I drove around in Mars and saw some aliens!

  2. I can't download version 2.3.1 with Street view. I can only get 2.2.? to download In a Nokia E71 2.2.? works like a charm!! Great killer app. Ties in with GPS seamless ly. You need an unlimited data plan but for $15 a month I get a laptop in my hands with everything at my finger tips. GOOGLE ROCKS!!!

  3. ahh man, i miss my Helio, it had this application on it and i used it to the FULLEST!! everybody in america needs this on their phone.

  4. Using GMM for a while and it is useful/OK even on WM. But in Europe/Austria we will have to wait many years until StreetView is available for us 😉

  5. Peg-Man is my best friend. My only friend. 🙁
    When he jumps out of my phone and into my shirt pocket, I just melt inside. 🙂

  6. which version is this ? I'm running 3.2.0 on my HTC touch HD, but there's no such thing as streetview and I can't seem to use the same features as this video shows, anyone knows any answer to this? I'm running the swedish app maybe that has something to do with it?

  7. you need streetview to let google give you directions vis-a-vis what you literally see in front of you. from the screen, an arrow points you in the path you need to follow to get to the place you're looking for – some people like using maps, most people would appreciate streetview style directions

  8. You have to go through "Get Directions". Once your route is highlighted on the screen touch anywhere on it to get the street view option.
    Note: As on Google Earth this isn't available for all areas, though you're more likely to find the street view in cities and towns than in more rural areas.

  9. impossible!! on this video, it is just unique CGI animation they actually did! (probably for added entertainment or something)

  10. @IcanspeakEnglish If google have got street view for japan. All you need to do is search for something, i.e. Pizza. then double tap the little man icon that appears next to a fallen pin. If this isn't clear, do a search on youtube and you'll find the video.

  11. Street view on a Blackberry? They should show it on an iPhone. It works way better. You can use multitouch to pan around in images. And it's really fast.

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