38 Replies to “Hack T-Mobile 2017 For Unlimited Data And Tether – Stream Full HD

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  4. Using this method perceptibly made my Pixel XL faster to load up websites. Even if it does nothing for data caps, this absolutely works to speed up loading of regular websites. Thanks

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  6. I've spent over 200 hours on the phone and over 60 hours in show rooms at T-Mobile trying to get my rebate from September of 2017 every two weeks I get promises that'll be here. They're unable to provide a tracking number because they reorder it every time. It appears they'll actually have to mail me my rebate before they have a tracking number and they don't know have anyone who does that.

  7. I don't know if this will work since I haven't reached my limits yet, but at first glance it shows 4g LTE connected and is much faster than the old 4g LTE connection.

  8. This is untrue. it changes nothing. the same result as default setting "T-Mobile US LTE". I need to speed up Hotspot tethering speed on connected devices.

  9. Use TurboVpn from the Android store. They have free and paid versions. I use the free and I can play 1080 and 1440 p vids on my LG G5 without a problem. Most likely this VPN collects your data, as nearly all do, so if you're ok with that then just download it. If you're privacy conscious then pay for a cheap but private VPN and overcome the throttle limit. VPN is the way to go, whether free or not.

  10. It dint work on my phone… I have a LG ARISTO… Fuck t-mobile dude! I don't want to pay more… But that is my life lol

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  13. Shouldn't you be doing the speed test on the device that's connected to the hotspot? This didn't work on my unlocked Moto G4.

  14. If you get an unlocked phone with tethering capabilities, TMobile can't slow your tether speed. I tested my tethering with a TMobile tablet vs an unlocked cellphone. The tablets tether speed was terrible. But my unlocked phone tethered full speed.

  15. Works great for Galaxy s7 Edge! Thanks! Tethering is still way slower than the phone itself gets but it's a lot better.

  16. My upload is much faster than my download speed? wtf??? It doesn't seem to work at all. My download speed is 2 mbps and my upload 20 mpbs?? DAFUQ

  17. This worked perfectly , I was throttled after 6 gb plan on my hotspot device and now I'm back to high speeds with this apn

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