Hands On With The NEW Foldable Moto RAZR | CES 2020

(upbeat electronic pop music) – Hey, it’s Krista from Mashable. Today, really cool. Looking at Motorola Razr, if you remember flip phones. This is the new version of that. It’s a foldable phone. So it has one big display that folds in half like this. And then a second display on the front. It’s pretty cool. Motorola announced this
a couple months ago. (upbeat electronic pop music) Unlike other foldable phones, that kind of fold horizontally, maybe they open like a book or something, this one stayed true to the
original kind of Razr design. So it has that front screen, which you can use a few different apps on, you can take selfies,
you can do video calls, you can do a few shortcuts
for single music playback, stuff like that. Then you open it up and it’s like a normal smartphone screen. (upbeat electronic pop music) They have a pretty
interesting hinge mechanism that’s a little bit different. So when it folds, it’s actually
almost completely flat. Unlike some of the other phones we’ve seen where there’s a little bit more of a gap. If you look really
closely, you can kinda see, it has this plate here that sort of shifts as you open it. (chattering in the background) (upbeat electronic pop music) So this is a really fun Easter Egg. If you remember the
original Motorola Razr, the flip phone design, they’ve emulated that in
the actual UI of this phone. So you can open up a shortcut and then it looks exactly
like the original. And you can even navigate it like you would the original Razr phone. Where you use these buttons here to go to your shortcuts, you know, enter a phone number just like the old flip phone. So if you really want that
nostalgic factor, it’s there. (upbeat electronic pop music) So if you want this phone we’re gonna have to wait
a little bit longer. Motorola still hasn’t said
exactly when it’s coming out. It’s going to be in 2020. It costs $1499. (upbeat electronic pop music)

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