HiBy R5 Detailed Review – From Software To Hardware – Almost Smartphone With Hi-Fi Sound

Hiby do know how to make a nice
software because of that whole lotta Chinese digital audio players are
working nice but there’s always a story about hardware products of this company.
Even their top players look really questionable in reviews their most
advanced Bluetooth receiver w5 plays juicy but they paired codec UAT which is
ultra audio transmission still refuses to work properly even on medium settings.
Among their product line audio player models R3, R6 and R6 Pro escaped from
my side but Hiby R5 has been in our hands for a pretty long
to create a certain impression. Mine is Bohdan welcome to Tech Fellas so now you’ll
find out how good or bad that impression is. Before I turn on an audiophile mode
just take a look on its body. The player isn’t so eye-catching, it’s bulky but also
compact and incredibly easy to use. All buttons are scattered along the sides
and I personally feel tactile pleasure pressing them. There’s no volume dial and
the power buttons got a damn bright LED that thanks to engineering sanity can be
turned off in settings. The body itself is an aluminum frame with glass panels
glued on the front and back. Oleophobic coating is only in the front
one and it’s pretty mediocre. Top and bottom frame inserts are distinctive
especially in profile and attractive in their own way. They are made of fairly
solid and wear resistant but still plastic and therefore it’s only a matter
of time when they lose their attractiveness. Although the only digital
port here is Type C it helps to manage everything you need which is memory
access by USB 2.0 unfortunately, signal output and receiving in USB DAC mode and
essentially device charging. In particular the system supports quick
charge 3.0. Why there’s no charging block at all from the box with audio player
for 400 bucks I think on the Apple can answer these after all iPhone 11 supports
quick charging but it’s charging brick comes in 5 watt. By the way check out
this one if you want to see more hidden stuff from Apple iPhone 11 recent
presentation. Thank you and have a great day.
There are two analog outputs: 3.5 headphone jack that supports playback
control via headset button and balance pentagon for those who like thick hips.
By the way both can be used like line outputs as well as headphone outputs.
I found this quite extraordinary but anyway it’s said – it’s set. The screen
here is 4 inches IPS one with resolution too painful for my reviewer mouth. It’s 540 by 1080 for you understanding even iPhone 5 with the same diagonal had
more pixels inside. If stop being nasty the screen is actually good enough and
isn’t too scratchy. Colors are classic for LCD, viewing angles are okay for that class
even upon the strong tilt contrasting objects do not lose their details although colors distort a bit. Unfortunately the brightness range is abstract and almost
useless here. As for the performance this digital audio player is one of the
fastest I’ve ever used. To be frank I would play games here only for making
fun of owners of DX 220 but in general snappy response and smooth work in both
player and streaming clients is a big advantage of these DAP because not a
lot of players can easily run even such low load tasks. Hiby R5 obtained
Bluetooth 4.2 – that works in two ways and by programming means understands
almost any modern codec. How strong is its signal I’d define by the worlds “Fair
enough” because W5 receiver’s signal transfer is weaker than expected but
still manageable. So to say DX150 doesn’t know how to deal with it at all.
Wi-Fi in the player comes with 5 gigahertz support but it doesn’t bring
really worth results. One of the reasons why our DAP is bulky is its battery for
3500 mAh. If you connect your headphones through regular output,
it will play music for about 20 hours. In case of the balanced one 12 hours is
players maximum. At least with my earphones with 20 ohm impedance. When
it’s in standby mode the battery will discharge by 5 percent in a day. Getting
closer to the sound the main engine here is dual Cirrus logic CS 43 198 with two
crystal oscillators low-pass filter OPA 1612 and an amplifier DP 8397. For
you to know such DAC you can see Norma SR 15 and upcoming ibasso DX160. And
now start in the audiophile madness – the sound from this DAP is sassy pleasurable
and fairly not dull at all. Hiby R5 will bring any recording with
flows to the maximum stage of comfort and delicacy almost without the
influence of headphones. Such effect is brought by wise treating of high
frequencies not killing them but noticeably clamping. This makes the sound
a bit darker so for example jazz gets somewhat constrained flavor. What
surprises me the most is that hardly noticeable cymbals on the background
don’t become a noise and I can even hear them somehow. Considering that explicit sounds are frankly crushed in amplitude and what
used to bite our ears doesn’t do that anymore,
that makes me think that not everything is so simple in R5 tuning. The same
thing applies to overtones if the highs were roughly cut the
players sound would be artificial muddy and too defective by the way how it’s
realized here is some kind of a magic. Mids are emotional expressive and not
waxed, if I had to talk with allegories imagine a big flashy Hedgehog it’s like
a hedgehog but not prickly a big one but it won’t hurt you by any means. There are
no issues the reflection of the contrast between sounds of different volume but
the soundstage I wish would be better. After all hiby R5 it’s not so analytical
and subtle source so why is there need to limit yourself in soundstage. I cannot
call mids very crisp and sharp. They’re mostly fluid and musical. You will clearly
feel how massive become acoustic instruments and male vocals. Literally
after 10 minutes of listening you stop caring about that slight lack of air and
begin enjoy the sound from R5 kinda like
from the expressed taste of matured whiskey. With all the picture bass here
is certainly not dry it’s raised slightly crawling into the middle that
makes drumming shock really noticeable even at not high-volume. The texture of
lows and deep bass are not easily reproduced by a player but they could
the feeling that no one was going to focus on them.
Well engineers see better! The main goal of local bass is to add some Drive and
make you dance in a music with the most delicious sound. Like any player
with its own character hiby R5 has its own preferences. Such styles like
instrumental jazz soul and close to them I would prefer to listen on something else.
Absence of blooming and sparkling treble might ruin the whole picture for you,
however electronic, pop, not very fast metal and rock these are the main bros
of the hero of our review. The choice of headphones is as simple as possible –
R5 will gladly work with everything that the same person will
plug to DAP. The fact is when connected by the pentacon with the standard load
of 35 ohms the maximum power per channel is just some kind of miserable 564 milli
watt. At the same time there’s very low background noise and an insanely quiet
click on the relay that you can slightly hear every time pressing the pause. As
for the firmware it’s Android with almost perfectly working and so
familiar to us Hiby music app and Play Store with Google services. The system is
frankly naked you won’t find what you won’t need but some necessary things
have been added like bypassing the sample rate converter that prevents the
Android beast from spoiling the sound. The system is well set I didn’t notice
any glitches and crashes during the usage. Summarizing the stuff hiby R5 is
one of the finest audio players that I had a chance to try out, it’s pleasing by
many reasons ergonomics comfort hold stable work
response and most importantly the sound Some better players will have
significantly higher costs. For instance DX150 will cost you 150 bucks more
when SR15 will ask you twice as much as price of Hiby R5. I’m personally
waiting for DX160 and what do you think which device will beat Hiby R5 and if you
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thanks for watching and Cheers!

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