High school cracks down on cellphone use

They’re cracking down on cell phone use in the classroom at Des Moines Roosevelt high school. Because.. as Steve Karlin shows us.. some students would much rather text, talk or watch pay TV.. than pay attention. They look so innocent passing from class to class.But the kids here at Des Moines Roosevelt.Like the kids at every other high school across the country.And it’s because of the students incredible ingenuity.. that this year.. Roosevelt has installed a simple.. new.. cell phone policy.But kids can be on their phones during pass time.. before and after school.. at lunch.. and in class.. when a teacher wants to use smart- phones as an instructional tool.The policy is not meant as punishment. It’s designed to do-away with one very big classroom distraction.A huge.. hand-held.. battery- powered distraction.. that could prevent any of these kids from reaching their full potential.Steve Karlin KCCI 8 News… Iowa’s News Leader. If a Roosevelt parent really needs to get in touch with a student… they can do it the old-fashioned way.. call the main office … and they will go

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  1. When I was in highschool we had a lot of incidents with phones I thought they were gonna be banned before i knew it the office put 5 out of the many incidents in the newsletter to let parents know how much trouble it was causing I brought mine all the time but never caused any trouble. Like if you want to hear the 5 incidents that were put in the newsletter they could be good example

  2. Trust me, there is no learning in American public schools. Public schools are designed to create a docile slave class.

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