49 Replies to “How does your mobile phone work?

  1. "The electromagnetic waved wouldn't travel far due to Earth's curved shape"?!…

    What a preposterous claim! It's 21st century and people still believe that Earth is round.

  2. Thank you so so much for this precious information, I enjoyed learning and watching… I work with a telecom operator.

  3. teacher I want to learing engineering becouse I like am student of university sofware engineering so what is the communication network

  4. cell towers can be connected over microwave relay link(those big round dishes) or satellite(not economical ) too

  5. When our voice is converted to 0 and 1
    Are there any specific calculations involved while converting or is it random?
    If it is random then the receiver’s phone may convert it in some other way and message will be disrupted…
    So how is voice converted to 0 and 1

  6. Thanks, it s a very interesting video, would you please help me on how can we estimate the direction of arrivals (DOA) for mobile signals ???

  7. Imagine if cell phones had "E-Ink" technology! It'd be black and white but the batteries would last very much longer!

  8. The old copper wire phones still the best 🙂 you get full duplex or simultaneous 2 way communication and not the one way only 1 person can speak at a time cell phone crap.

  9. In this you said that our mobile sends electro magnetic waves to towers… Is it really possible by mobile sending that strong waves?.… I mean the battery capacity of phone is very less right. With that small power consumption is it possible

  10. I thought, fiber optic cables are almost obsolete nowadays and satellites play a big role in wireless communication. This video is very informative!!!

  11. The internet has allowed us to be in communication with every other planet Earth in our universe that has not yet become a black hole.

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