How To Add Your Name & Mobile Number On Lock Screen(Display Owner Info)

Hello guys and welcome back to my
youtube channel “Teconz”. Today I will show you how to put your names on your
mobile lock screen and there is possible to add your address or phone numbers in
this section and this information will help you if you’re in struggle like accident, or any other situations and this feature is also called as “Owner info”. So how to enable this feature in your device?. Here i using mi redmi mobile, so this method only works for mi devices, but other user’s don’t get panic, because
this feature is available but the setting location is may varrying. So let’s go to our tutorial… First of all open your android mobile settings, now in this
setting section you can go to “Lock screen & password” and then click to open it, so here it shows lot’s of options, but you can go to
“Advanced settings” and then click to open it. Finally I get this “owner info” feature and it is mentioned as “Lock screen owner info”, so just click to open it. But before going to enter your name or address, first of all enable this option “Show signature on lock screen”, so you can click to enable it. Now in bottom it shows one text column, so here you can enter your name or address. So once your name is entered successfully, finally you can click to save this changes by simply press that arrow mark and it is placed at almost top of right side corner. Once your changes are saved successfully, then how to check it if my name is visible or not?. Just turn off your display by simply press that power button and after the few seconds once
again press that same power button to wakeup your display. Now you can see in bottom of time it shows my name, finally this trick works very smoothly. So this is the way you can easily put your name or address in your mobile lock screen. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel
“Teconz” and thanks for watching…

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