How to Clear your Android Phone Cache

Time to do some Spring cleaning on your phone! Today I’m going to show you how to clear
your app cache and get rid of unnecessary files. This is Jordan Carey, your friendly neighborhood
Republic Wireless Community Ambassador and today and I’m going to show you how to clear
the app cache on your phone. Now the app cache is where all your temporary
files from your apps are stored. Over time this can build up and really eat
up a lot of the memory on your phone, so let’s learn how to clean it up. Right here I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 so
this will show you how to do it on all the Samsung devices and here is the Nexus 5X so
this will show you how to do it on all the Nexus and Moto devices. So first thing we need to do is go into Settings. Scroll down, and click on Storage. So, now we have our Storage right here, so
if we scroll down further you’ll see Cached data. In order to clear, all you have to do is click,
and click Delete. On the Nexus, click, click OK. Now that’s cleaning that up and deleting
all those files, so you increased your memory which is really good, because eventually over
time you can get several hundred megabytes built up in cached data. Now I’m going to show you guys how to deep
clean your phone. You can do this by clearing your Android system
cache. Now in order to do that, the first thing you
need to do is power off your phone. On the Nexus and Moto phones, press the power
button and volume down button at the same time. Okay, now you’ll see Start. Press the volume down button until you come
to Recovery Mode, then click the power button. Once you see this, press and hold the power
button and then click volume up. Scroll down to Wipe cache partition. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GO TO “WIPE DATA AND
FACTORY RESET” as that will factory reset your phone. Then click the power button, then click yes. Once completed, you’ll see this screen,
then press the power button to select Reboot system now. Now the Samsung is very different, so you
need to make sure to press the volume UP button, power button, and home button at the same
time. If you press the volume down button you will
end in download or Odin mode, and order to get out of that mode you need to press every
single button on the phone until the phone restarts. Let’s power it on. You’ll see this loading. Okay, now once that is completed, scroll down
to Wipe cache partition. Press the power button, scroll down to Yes,
and press the power button. Once completed, click Reboot system now. There you go! You just cleared the Android system cache
on your phone. I hope you guys enjoyed this video on how
to clean up that memory on your phone and save some storage. Join me again next time so you can learn how
to make your smartphone, smarter. Thank you.

85 Replies to “How to Clear your Android Phone Cache

  1. Omg I did this on my Droid turbo and my push notifications returned. I stopped getting them 3 years ago. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  2. When I tap cached data it doesn't do anything how do I fix this pls reply fast and immidietly cause my tablet always lag

  3. So can you teach me how to clear mix file?
    It take so much memori on my phone and i dont even know where the location is
    My phone samsung galaxy J2

  4. This was very helpful. It took me a few minutes because my phone is set up a little bit differently, but compared to the other videos and websites I visited this was the most helpful.

  5. 0:40 why my phone don't stop calculating..i wait for half an hour and its still calculating..what should i do..i need to clear the cache

  6. Watch and listen carefully before trying this on your own. Key words Watch and Listen before trying on your own twice. I almost deleted all my memory because I thought I knew what he said and I was wrong on which button to push. ALMOST. Thanks it works when you follow directions.

  7. Can I ASK..If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna lose my all files or just free up space and nothing gonna lose files? Please reply..asap

  8. When i switched off my phone after clearing the coached data.. and do the next steps, my phone language is in Chinese but i can't understand the language and hence I can't press the correctly suggested button and my phone switched off……. And again it does not on…. What I have to do… Please reply fast bro.


  10. What about Valid Phone Numbers for Facebook, Will that Get rid of them So it will be fixed? or Will it still work on Facebook with Phone Numbers?

  11. I'm just trying to figure out how to clean everywhere on an android phone. Because I have the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime and it could be a struggle for me to keep it clean.

  12. abhi mujhe solution pta chlgya hai 24 hours k baad unmute .. kaise krte hain … hume apna whtsap uninstall krke ..fir se install krna pdta hai or fir apne ap status hojta hai show

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