How To Connect Smartphone via MirrorLink / Peugeot 3008 / EN SUBS

Good evening, we are inside the 3008 and we will show you how to connect your phone via the MirrorLink. Go to the screen. Therein, go to Connectivity and category, MirrorLink. It tells you how to connect a device via MirrorLink, by means of a USB. With a cable, put it here, in the USB
and we connect your mobile with this cable. After you are connected, go back to the option, MirrorLink and start the process to connect via MirrorLink. Once it is connected, you understand why
the mobile phone screen switches off and proceed. Press Yes and select the options
you want. Telephone, you see all
your telephones here. Then stream what’s on the mobile
phone on the screen. And to have mobile internet
in the car. Then you click OK. Yes, and now normally your
mobile phone is connected. Normally connect the mobile phone,
as you see, to the car. Here normally, if you have downloaded the applications
which the car supports, you will see them here. On the Peugeot site you can find the applications
which are supported by the car in order to
download them onto your mobile phone. If you liked this and want more video,
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15 Replies to “How To Connect Smartphone via MirrorLink / Peugeot 3008 / EN SUBS

  1. I can't get this to work with Sony Z3 Compact. The error reads "to launch mirrorlink use connect radio phone settings"

  2. Pegeot 2008 (2017), the same problem, can not connect phones that should be compatible. I tried to connect HTC One, Xperia Z, Samsung S6 failed with other MirrorLink compatible devices.

  3. The latest (full) MirrorLink and Floating Apps for Auto can be seen in the following video!
    Automatic translations in 148 languages!

  4. καλησπερα, συνδεσα το note 8 και δεν προχώρησε, μήπως χρειάζεται κάποια ρύθμιση?

  5. Κανείς που κάνεις το καλό να το δείξεις… Ε κατέβασε και κάποιες εφαρμογές που αναφέρεις στο βίντεο να δούμε όντως τι προσφέρει αυτή η λειτουργία.

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