How to Eavesdrop with Your Phone! (DIY Phone Bug) | D.I.SPY

– I’m Izzy. – And I’m Kaiden, and
you’re watching D.I.SPY. – Today’s episode is
all about surveillance. – And here’s our
message from HQ. – It says, plant a bug
in your neighbor’s house so you can hear
what they’re saying. – Why the neighbor’s house? – Because next door
lives the most evil, the most nefarious, the most
sneaky spy there ever was, Bobby. (dramatic bass) – Just the name
gives me shivers. – We’re gonna find out
all of Bobby’s secrets. The first hack is a simple way to turn any phone into
a listening device. Here’s what you’ll need. Two phones, a plugin headset, and the power cord to the phone. First, go to Settings and
scroll down to Sounds. Turn off Vibrate on Ring. Next, go back up to General and go to Accessibility,
then scroll down. Find Call Audio Routing
and turn on Auto-Answer. This way, when you
call the phone, it will automatically
answer the call and turn on, but no
one will hear it. To make sure that your phone
isn’t transmitting sound back, plug in a headset with a cord. The headset will still
have a microphone that can pick up sound, but should keep others
from hearing you on the other line. At this point, your
phone’s ready to use. Just call the phone
whenever you wanna listen in on what’s happening. (upbeat music) However, the battery might
get used up pretty quick, so attaching the power
cord will make sure you can use this
bug for a long time. And, here’s your
working phone bug. – Now that Izzy’s
made the phone bug, we need a clever way to hide it. Use old DVDs or games. Here’s what you’ll need, your phone bug, a DVD case, tape, scissors, sandpaper,
and a hand file. First, check to make
sure the phone bug fits inside the case. (upbeat music) Carefully use scissors to
remove the center bulge to make room for your phone. Use sandpaper to get rid of
smaller bits that stick up. Once it’s empty inside,
place your phone and headset and
tape them in place. Use the file to
make a small hole for the power cord
to run through. Then, you’re gonna wanna put
it where no one will notice it, maybe with other games or DVDs. Plug in the power
cord and you’ve got a hidden working phone bug. Nice job Izzy,
we’ve done it again. – Finally, all of Bobby’s
secrets will be mine, all mine. – Well, let’s hear what he said. – What? Did you hear what he just said? – [Kaiden] Yeah. – He’s not gonna
get away with that. – Okay, better end this episode.

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  1. #Notifactionsquad wow I might be a real spy with all these cool hacks thx for all the amazing hacks and ideas DreamWorks!!!love u dreamworks❤

  2. if you want to keep your food safe hide it in a place where no one will find it like the back of the cuburd or in a food so grose that no one would want to eat it

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