How to Enter Cricket APN Settings on Any Android Phone!

hey how's it going in this video I'm going over how to enter cricket APN settings on any Android phone these are the settings you need to get things like group and picture messaging working properly as well as cellular data so I'm using the Galaxy S 9 here and I my cricket SIM card installed if I pop it on you can see it says cricket in the top left hand corner unlocking the phone you know I just put the SIM card in recently and set it up as a fresh new device and it appears everything does work properly and I can demonstrate so if we go into chrome and we search for Speed desk looks like that it's there we can quickly run an internet speed test and verify that our internet connectivity is working properly I do have a few bars of LTE service and like you'd expect I'm getting around that 8 megabit per second speed cap that cricket does have on their plans and you know in my opinion this is totally fine my usage has been totally fine so as you can see cellular data is working perfectly here with this speed test I got 7.11 megabits per second down looks like my upload speed isn't quite so good but you know I don't notice that too much so that's fine again internet looks like it's working I have a test message precomposed to my US Noble u.s. mobile number so I can send that along and just get my other phone here and see if this goes through there it is yep so that totally worked and what we can try sending a picture and see if that works again with the MMS settings you are configuring your device for sending and receiving group and picture messages so I don't know if this will work right off the bat yet looks like it is working so there you go it looks like everything is working right off the bat with cricket on the Galaxy S nine no setup required however this doesn't mean it's not a good idea to check and verify you have the correct APN settings and with some Android phones you may not have everything working right off the bat and it may be a good idea to check just to make sure you have everything correct or you may have to enter some things manually so there are two ways to enter the cricket APN settings one is quick it will send you a message and I'll show you that eventually when I get and the second way is to go online and enter these settings manually so first let's go through the manual steps again you're just gonna go into the Internet if you google cricket APN settings the first result will have everything you are looking for so I'll type in cricket APM BAM there you go named Internet APN and do the mms proxy the multimedia message ports the MCC the MNC the APN type in the APN protocol if you tap on this article cricket has a great write-up on kind of how everything works again you can see here the device requirements they have one automatic configuration and I'll show you this in a bit basically what happens is cricket will send you a text message and it'll have a button you can tap in your notification shade that just says configure and then if you scroll down you can see how to enter everything manually so I'll show you how to enter the settings manually and then I'll show you how to enter the settings with the super easy automatic setup when you get the message so again here is everything Google was displaying in terms of the name the APN and all that stuff and to find this we're gonna want to do is hop in to your settings so I'm just going to tap the Settings tile I'm gonna go to connections on the samsung galaxy phone this may be a little different different excuse me depending on which device you have I'm gonna go to mobile networks I'm gonna go to access point names so here you can see it looks like everything was automatically configured and it looks like this information while it's super greyed out and you probably can't see it it looks like it does match what is displayed on the cricket website but if for some reason your device didn't have this or your information was not correct you can easily edit it so I could discard this if I wanted to or I could add an access point name and here you would just follow the steps that are listed on the website and I'll leave crickets article linked in this video description so be sure to check that out but basically what they're saying is to make this titled internet Thank You autocorrect I'm just jumping back there Internet the APN is n do the MF SC and yet basically you can go through and enter all this information in the settings and you can fill all of these out there's a section here that doesn't have information like they don't specify the information here just leave it blank and you should be good I'm not gonna actually yeah I'll go through all enter everything and then I'll jump back okay so I have all the information entered correctly here the name is Internet the APN is nd o all lowercase the MM SC is this URL right there the multimedia proxy the message port is 80 the MCC is 310 n NC is 150 authentication type nun APN default the APN protocol and the APN roaming protocol are both ipv4 the APN is on and the bearers unspecified and the mobile virtual network operator type is none so that is pretty much it I can tap save in the top right and there we go so that would be how you manually add the correct APN settings to make sure everything is working properly on Cricut again this applies for group and picture messaging as well as the internet access so that is how you enter everything manually however in a bit I should receive an automatic text from Cricut with the setup instructions so I'm going to put the phone down wait for that to show up and come back and show you the simple and easy automatic setup that you should get again within a few minutes of popping your Cricut SIM card into your new Android device so basically when you swipe down from the notification tray you will see a message from Cricut and it reads configuration message so if you just tap on that you'll be brought to a window that has two configuration messages one is for app and then s the second is for app internet and to install them you just tap on them and then at the bottom you can see there's a button that says install you just tap that tap ok and you're done and you can do this again for the internet one again simple as that and you're done anyway that wraps up this video on how to enter crickets APN settings on any Android device hopefully you found this video helpful if you did feel free to give it a thumbs up down below also consider subscribing for more videos like this one I'm Stetson thank you for watching and I'll see you next time you

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  1. I inserted my cricket sim and I never got any text messages or notifications, it's a new samsung s9 plus unlocked phone.

  2. Yeah I have at&t samsung galaxy s 6 put cricket sim card in i did what was told no bars just Internet no service

  3. Will this work with a SIM I’m already currently using via cricket, into my new redmi note 7? I know u say it will do texts pics and data by doing this stuff but does this also activate phone calls by default? My phone comes in tomorrow and I won’t get it till after work and id really hate to drive to town just to have this stuff done to swap from one phone to another that’s all I’m doing really. Already have the SIM card in use just wanna put it into another phone is all. Thx

  4. Hi! I recently switched a Verizon Galaxy S7 to Cricket. at the Cricket store they put the SIM card and everything but they forgot to do this part so thank goodness for videos like yours that helped me fix the problem. Now the issue I have is, whenever I have my Wi-Fi on the little icon with a 4G LTE goes blank and I can't receive texts. When I take off the Wi-Fi it comes back on. Why is this happening? It's like I have to pick one or the other and I don't want to use up all my data but at the same time I don't want to miss text. Or have to switch back and forth in order to receive them. anyways if you can help me I would really appreciate it and sorry for the long message.

  5. Could you do a review on TextNow's service? I feel like switching to them, but want to know the experience.

  6. for some reason when I tired to use my cricket wireless in my galaxy s9 or Moto g6 the texts don't want to send but I can get them, make calls and use data

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