How to get a SIM Card and Data in Medellin, Colombia – Best Price and Process

Come visit Medellin What’s going on guys I just hopped out the Uber I’ll go ahead and put the price right here How much it cost It was like a 15 minute ride, it was super cheap Anyways, I just came to Avantel Which is a cell phone internet provider So I’m gonna cop a SIM card I’ll show you guys how much it costs And we’ll see about getting data in Medellin Alright real quick guys I’m editing this video right now and I remembered that I didn’t do a lot of talking During the filming of this video because We were in like It was like a really quiet room I just didn’t feel quite comfortable Exactly my interaction with the guy helping me out I’m gonna kinda explain to you guys What you wanna ask for What plan you’re looking for We have right here, it’s called “prepago” Which is Spanish for prepaid And here I’m just gonna show you the different plans that they have Well, the different plans that they have Okay so, more than likely You’re in the situation like me And you just want data, right? So this is “Data Plans” basically that they got here And the one that I asked for is right here It’s this one 5 gigabytes of data for $30,000 Colombia Pesos A month And they have different ones Whatever suits your needs Let’s say 2.7 gigs for the month will be enough for you You can pay $20,000 pesos a month If you want a gig and a half It’ll be ten thousand But honestly, like If you’re gonna drop 20 thousand I mean why not drop fucking $3 dollars more and get You know Double the data So, this is the plan that I got This is the plan I recommend This is the plan you’re probably gonna wanna get It’s 5 GB of data for $30,000 COP That’s like $10 dollars Like a little over $10 USD I’ll put exactly how much it is right there There it is Guys, we just copped 5 GB of data For $30,000 pesos For 30 days And that is roughly That’s roughly 10 dollars and 60 cents That is absolutely unreal 5 GB of data, 10 dollars Amazing Alright so now I’m pretty hungry it’s like 3 pm That whole process took about 45 minutes, by the way I’m just gonna walk around here I don’t know where I am, but I’m gonna find some food And Uh We’ll see what it’s like After long pondering, I’ve decided I’m gonna go with the ñoquis fucking Bolognese Alright, so while we’re waiting for the food to arrive Um I’ll let you guys know I did a bunch of research On what data plan I wanted, what cell service to go with And there’s many Theres, uh A company called Claro A company called Tigo A company called, I think, Movistar Um There’s a bunch I decided to go with Avantel because I pretty much only need data I’m not gonna be making phone calls Or anything like that 5 GB of data for $30,000 pesos Is the best price that I could find online I checked every single one So far, it’s working great I’m getting on I’m hotspotting to my other phone So that I can iMessage from my American phone number Um But yeah you get a little SIM card You stick it in your phone And you’re good to go as long as your phone’s unlocked One more thing though Claro is probably the biggest cell provider here in Colombia From all the research that I’ve done So If you’re not just staying in Medellin or big cities If you are going to be traveling around Colombia Um Which I might do I don’t know yet You might want to go with Claro Anyways Thanks for watching Hope you guys enjoyed Make sure to subscribe If you haven’t already Uh So you can follow along With my whole trip to Medellin And make sure to like this video Like I said before It does help me a lot Thanks a lot Holy sheeeet This looks fire Alright once again Thank you guys for watching See you guys next time I’m sitting here in the Uber My guy just told me that Uber apparently Is still illegal In Colombia, I didn’t know that But Apparently I’m sitting in the front because If I sit in the back It looks like he’s a fucking Uber driver And if they catch him They’ll take his license they’ll take his car away So, that why I’m sitting in the front So, heads up, if you’re coming to Colombia Hop in an Uber It’s way cheaper I’ll put the price right here again But Um Yeah you gotta If you’re alone You gotta sit in the front Sombody’s gotta sit in the front So that it looks low-key And uh Nobody gets in trouble

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  1. Just came across your video and I was worried on how to get a sim card. How long will you be staying there in Medellin? I will be arriving there tomorrow, traveling solo for the first time in Medellin and first thing I wanna do is to get a sim card and data on my phone which is already unlocked. If you want we can link up, I'm coming from United States

  2. Hey bro do they have this at the mall too ? How far was this frim Poblado? Im staying at the torre Poblado

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