How to get better wifi signal from neighbor, diy phone holder

Hello friends I will summarize as follows: The content of the video: is to improve the wifi signal when you are far away. Wifi more powerful for the phone It will improve your WIfi tuning signal to your phone within a range of over 30m. That means your phone is still in range. But this time, your phone caught the weak wifi signal. signal is not stable The wifi signal will flicker, at some time. You can not watch movies or play games in the best way. So you need something to boost the wifi signal for your phone. The simplest is that you need a CD, any CD or DVD. You do not have to interfere with your phone. You use the CD as a shield. The CD has a silver coating that reflects back light, and it also reflects the wifi signal. All the Wifi signals coming to the phone have been weakened. So CDs have the effect of gathering those signals. Then it will reflect the phone. It will give the phone the Wifi signal it receives. Your phone should come close to the CD, At this point the phone is on the inside of the CD, which is in the reflected wave of the CD. You need to design your phone stand to be effective. You can not just use your hand to hold the CD, it will not work This is 100% true, I invented myself. After researching from electronics sites. It will apply to all types of smartphones. Make sure you sign up for fun

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