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  2. Hello….i don't think this your stuff work.i have gotten all kinds of SIM and nothing work.you said that your contact is below but I can not find it.how can I contact you for personal info

  3. I like your videos I think there interesting but could you tell where to scratch on the sim card and my phone is only able to hold one sim at a time so what am i going to do with the others?

  4. There are some confusion of scratching 6 sim cards , explain please , the all 6 sim cards need be scratched how??? I think 6 sim cards means 6 sim number. Those 6 sim cards do they call each other Freerry ???? Thanks. Any one can help

  5. Ppl his made his easy money, he making these videos as he would makw money off our views his channel reached over 6 million on his channel his made decent money right there, its all a hoax he has never showed him inserting the proposed scratched sims and showed it to us its all about the youtube p money

  6. If you believe this guy…you must believe ANYTHING…he is a con man do not waste your time doing anything in these videos….

  7. Do I really need to scratch the portion out or just cut off the tiny wire connected to the center of sim card ? Pls help !

  8. why dont you test for us and put in your phone fast check data balance and we see that it doesnt have any mbs and then you do it proffessionally after doing your method en u put in the phone so that we believe you bt yo jst spoiling pipoz simcards stupid sheet

  9. After scratching the SIM card just insert it in your mobile phone and simply show us your account balance and then you can go further by showing us how it works

  10. hi. after scratching sim card and insert in phone the network company will display in my phone or not

  11. But you talk a lot instead of going direct to the point. The other thing is that, whenever any potion is tempered with, sim card cannot be detected by phone

  12. Hey negrito el internet se acede y se controla atravez de un IP que es un numral asi ejemplo con puertos 80 o 8080 ,443,53,1293 etc. Si no lo sabes aprende deja de alucinar huevadas y as algo que valga la pena con videos se iran tudos tus suscritores

  13. Hmmmmm.. 😎😎😎 A new Technology.. I used only one sim card and it worked…… follow me. 🙌🙋🙌🙋🙌 Tongo boi

  14. Please sir I have tried it but it doesn't work, please can you help me I only need the one that send free SMS I will pay you for it sir. My number is 08104090373 thanks sir

  15. Thanks for the info.. I tried the one you talked about using masking tape to cover the panels.. When covered, only on one of the six portions is the sim recognized by the phone.. That could be the one you're saying to be the one to give free internet, calls and sms.
    Unfortunately, its not doing that. How do I g about it?

  16. Hi there is this free internet connection with sim card soldered lan cable i think is fake or real it will not work on laptops or computers but maybe it will work or not

  17. it's brilliant.
    now if you carry out the operation on a wrong sim that can't let you archive the goal, so can that sim work or not

  18. Am using mtn am in ghana it works for me only free internet .thank you very much for helping us for this free internet connection .thank you very much.god bless you

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