How to Insert a Sim Card in Galaxy J2

what’s up guys. It’s Anna Fan here from
TechAply, welcome back to my channel, hope you guys have a wonderful day. Today, this video shows you guys how to open and insert the SIM card into the
samsung galaxy J2. Power off the phone Remove the back cover of the
phone. Use your nail, you can nail it up a little bit from here. Samsung Galaxy J 2 will
have 2 SIM card slots. The SIM card slot number 1 is here
number 2 is here. Ok, let me tell you the SIM card slot number 1 includes
one SIM card slot and micro SD slot with the SIM card number 2 is quite easy
guys, you just put the SIM card in here and that’s all done you don’t have to do
anything with the battery, but with a sim card number 1 then what you need to
do is remove the battery. You’re going to use your nail to nail it up from here. under part of it, ok nail it up like this
and get it out. What you need to do is to use the SIM card, remember that you need
to use the Nano SIM or very small SIM like micro SIM card ok. So, you’re gonna put it in this way. After that, you’re gonna go and put the battery
again, put it in again okay. You gonna restart the phone and you’ll see a
notification here showing that it’s the number 1 SIM card is activated right
ok, and then put it inside by move it in like that. So, that’s it guys. Thank you so
much for watching this video I’m Anna Fan from TechAply and don’t
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on. Bye for now

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