How to Insert a SIM card on the Sony Xperia S Acro

HowTechs How to Insert a SIM card in an Xperia S Acro Use fingernail to pull out tray Insert SIM card into tray, metal down Press down to keep SIM card down when pushing in Please leave a comment in the section below HowTechs

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  1. just got one of these phones, i was staring at the slot trying to jam the sim card in before i went: "fuck it, google time"

    thanks heaps, you just saved me lots of money in damages and stupidity

  2. Thanks, lol.
    I have barely any fingernails so I was scratching my head trying to figure out how the tray came out. Ended up using a bobby pin to pull it out. 🙂

  3. Thank you SO much for your demonstration video – you are a lifesaver!! From Atherton Tablelands Queensland with love :))

  4. they should include these instructions in the manual, because i kept trying to push the slot IN instead of pulling it out, thinking it would pop out. I was so wrong.

  5. I don't good at English .. So, I don't understand clip .. But, .. I still lick like .. Because , It's really good for me .. I have got questions of How to Insert a SIM card on the Sony Xperia S Acro

  6. Indeed, put it in the manual that it shall be pulled out. I tried to push too. Lucky I searched on youtube and found this great tutorial, charging phone now and then it's time to useee it

  7. The phone is not ""broken"" just because the "SIM-tray" came out"  ((no matter what the "know it alls" claim))
    Just follow the simple steps below:

    1) Look at the video and look at Your "loose tray" and identify which side of Your tray should go "up" ((i.e towards the screen side of the phone)) and which side should go down
    (You do this so that You insert the "tray" the right side up when You "fix it"))

    2)Look into the and inspect the "hole" where the SIM-tray previously was. You should be able to see the "side" of the phones circuit board (You should see its "dark brown edge") it forms the "bottom" of the "SIM-slot"

    3) take Your "SIM tray",((only the flimsy plastic "tray" do not have the actual SIM-card inserted in the "tray")) make sure it is "right side up" and insert it in the "SIM-slot".

    4) Push it gently inward, into place, if it won't "go in" try to "wiggle it" from side to side, all while gently pushing it inward.
    NOTE!! You shouldn't have to push hard to do this. If You don't manage to "wiggle it into place" You can try to take it out again and "squeeze the two "legs" on the "SIM-tray" together (towards each other)  a tiny bit"  . Then try to insert it again (following the steps above).

    Unless You somehow have actually broken Your SIM-tray (which would take a bit of at least mild violence) this will work, it just takes patience.
    And be careful when You "extract" the SIM-tray since in the future, as it might "come out" even easier after having been fully out and reinserted. (But then again, now You know how to fix it 😉

  8. Thank you so much. The tray had come off but I got it back in and got the phone to work! I used like an hour to figure that shit out

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