How to insert sim card into Honor 8X

I’m Ricky from Tech Talk and today is a
basic video on the honor 8X and today it’s just showing you how to insert your
SIM card which is a nano SIM cards and also offers a dual SIM option and a
micro SD card up to 400 gigabytes which is supported on this device which is
great – one thing you need to do first of all is power your device off pressing
the power button down the middle right-hand side power to give that a
couple of seconds to power off which it has done looking down the left-hand side
this is where you’re gonna find your SIM tray so taking your tool use the tools
provided I wasn’t provided with one as it is a review model push straight down
and you see the trade pop up use your fingernails so this does offer a dual
SIM option as you can see here it’s a triple trade setup so you’ve got your
magnetic card this side so let’s put that in now I said it offers up to 400
gigabytes which is amazing that just sits in there like so it’s very wobbly
so please be careful they’re taking the sim card next so run you’re gonna use a
single slim option here so there we go that is how your card setup will be if
you had a third sale that will sit in there like so returning to your device
make sure you hold level slowly just push it make sure you hold cards so they
don’t move at all okay make sure you push that all the way in power our
device back on so as this is powering back on if you do have any questions or
queries drop a comment down below and I’ll be more than happy to help as
always so now it’s going to ask you to choose is that a pay-as-you-go sim or a
pay monthly so it’s the top one and we’re ready to go at the top here you’ve
got Vodafone UK your signal bars are going to start coming through and it’s
gonna connect to the network you may receive some text messages as well that
just setting up and welcoming you to a new network
sometimes as well you may get a notification about the SD cards we
haven’t got one so let’s go into settings in settings go into storage
which is here an inside storage here you’ve got your internal storage options
and then you’ve got your SD card options here and with that option up to 450
gigabytes of extra storage will give you loads of extra room so you can take
loads of photos and videos have all the apps you want and all the music that you
can listen to and videos to watch as well so that was a quick basic video on
the honor 8x you have any questions or queries drop a comment down below please
give a like on the video as it does help or from
Ricki RC racing bye for now

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  1. Hi i need a place to buy a new SIM tray for Honor because my brock plz can you find me one website and why do some time people not get a case add me snap maaz_909 and can you go to a phone shop and can they fix the scratches on the side where the colour has gone of. Plz reply

  2. you are showing us very fast all the procedure so i can learn it from you. So your video is useless.. you ddin't tell us that we must press the pin little inside . but when i watch this video i i have learned it immediately

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