How to Install Android Studio on Windows 10, Windows 7

how are you today we are going to learn how to install android studio 2.3 on windows for this first we have to install java and our system for java we have to die download java enter it eat so every second link java SE downloads open in new tab over here java click on it download java or for downloading jihad you must have to accept the license agreement here and then after that you can you will be able to download java according to your systems configuration you have to download our here like my system is windows 64-bit so i will download this dedicate if you have system 32 bit then you have to download this job that is windows x86 oh here here download it down start download our down and it is start downloading you can see any time he’ll or downloading android we can type download as and developer developers dot click on it you can see here android studio 2.34 to get the android studio to 13 you can click on this link get in right 2.3 and you can start download our Android studio on the terms and conditions are air to North understood you you have to read it agree the terms and religion after that you can download it for reduce it is started okay so guys you can see our Java the dot exe file has been downloaded so we can now start download it install it on our system double click on it yes we can say next next start downloading so here it is asking some permission from us where to install java JRE so yes we will install it in our program files our resv can see next start downloading installing 3 billion devices are running on Java it’s a huge and friend turn our java installed in our system you know close it and no we have to do is click on your my computer or if you are using Windows 10 so click on this piece right click on this pc we open your systems property and then over here advanced system settings and vomit variables click on new just type your class pop and then put here in your bin see drive program files and the Java where you have installed java eddie kaye and then click on it copy the whole earth and then open your systems and over here is checked then ok again okay then okay now our class path for java has been set up then now we have to open our command prompt emd and over here type java and enter it so you can see you guys here or complete some uses of Java options and the server’s password has been shown to us that means our Java has been properly installed on our system close it exit and we can see check it out our application how much humans are application will be down loaded up so guys you can see our Android studio has been downloaded from the website so we can start and solve in a system right click on it open see it start some part of a nerd students are is nice and completed know we can start our Android studio so click finish is here as you can see here is the red should be asking you that you have you can you or your settings from your previous version of a nerd studio if you don’t have any previous version of Android studio you can click on I do not have a previous version of Android studio or I do being for my settings click on this and by clicking on okay it starts downloading so but now here i have my previous version of android studio so i will import my settings of my previous version of android studio and i will click on cocaine by clicking ok you can see my energy you will be started within a few movement android studio installation and has been completed if you enjoyed our video please Like us and subscribe is thank you

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  1. I m having Windows 10 I followed all the steps told by u I downloaded android studio and java and setted it in environment variable,I virtualised my device and installed but when I run ANDROID STUDIO it complete 100% and stops.

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