How to Install Windows XP/7/8/10/Linux on Android Smartphone

Hi friends
I’m Seemab Akhter and today I’m showing you how to install Windows 10
on Android smartphone without root and risk
So first I’m telling you that it is a simple procedure and it works with all
Android smartphone even in Gingerbread Now you have to download two files limbo
and Windows File. So let’s start, open Google Play Store on your Android
smartphone search for limbo and install it in your phone.
Then press home key now. You have to download the file. I have pasted the link in the
description. I have already downloaded that file so I’m not downloading again
after downloading Open File Explorer in your phone and extract that file in your
SD card as I’m doing in this video [Music]
So here is the extracted file. Now press home key then open limbo
[Music] tap on I acknowledge then tap on okay
now tap on menu key and tap on install roms. After installation create a new
virtual machine and type a name of your choice and tap on ok I’m typing Windows [Music]
then tap on user interface and select it as SDL now scroll down and tap on cpu
model and select it as qemu 32 then tap on CPU cores and select 4 cores if
your phone has otherwise select 1 2 or 3 course. After that tap on RAM and
select 656 MB of RAM if your phone have otherwise select 512 MB of RAM [Music] Now scroll down take on hard-disk a
option and select your extracted file as hard
disk [Music]
there are four options for hard-disk if you want to increase space then you
should tick on them and if you want to select a folder as hard to disk then
tick on shared folder and select that folder [Music]
Now again scroll down there are a lot of option of storage and display cd-rom,
VGA display, sound card, network, network card, DNS server you can use them if you
want. Now scroll down again and tap on boot from device and select hard disk. You
can also use a custom kernel. Now in advanced tab tick on the fullscreen and
select orientation as landscape [Music] I’m again showing you my configuration
user interface SDL cpu model qemu 32 CPU cores 4, RAM 656 MB
[Music] boot from hard-disk full screen
orientation landscape. Then scroll up and launch virtual machine
[Music] By this method you can also run Win 7/8/10 on your phone To enable mousepad press back
button and tap on Mouse logo. Now your mouse pad is enable you can move it by
touching the screen thanks for watching please like share and don’t forget to
SUBSCRIBE and if you have a question please leave a comment. To shut down your
windows press back button and tap on Menu key and then on shutdown

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  1. This windows is working very fast. I have tried all methods but Windows runs very slowly in those method. But this is much faster than other.

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    help me

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