How to Make a Cell Phone Holder : Beads for A Wire Cell Phone Holder

Hi! I’m Robin with and we’re
making a video today for We are making a cell phone holder is what
I call it, but there are several other things that you can use it for. We’re going to be
looking at the different types of beads and wire that you can use. This the 24 gage wire.
It’s just a regular craft wire from Wal-Mart. 25 yards to a spool. You order different colors
on the internet if you wanted to make it not gold or silver, but different colors. We are
using the gold seed beads to go with our gold wire. We have gold Victorian buttons and some
very special acrylic flower beads that I also purchased on the internet. These are going
to make it really pretty like a flower garden. We’re also going to be using pearls. The acrylic
beads have 2 parts to them. They’ll have the outer part, then the middle part, and then
we use a C bead for the center. That’ll be a little different than the other beads that
we have been using for our other projects.

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  1. Are you kidding? Wheres the "how to"? How about a shot of the finished product? Or a link to anything?

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