How to Move Photos and Videos to SD Card on Android Phone – Free Up Space and Increase Storage

Android phones are great for taking pictures
but the photos can easily fill up the internal hard drive. In this video I’ll show you how to move your
photos to a SD memory card inside an Android phone. With the memory card mounted, I’ll go to the
Gallery. If your photos are in an Album tap on the
Album like this. Now tap on the bottom right button with the
lines on it. Now you can move or copy the photos but I
highly recommend copying them in case something happens in the transfer. So I’ll tap on Copy. And I can tap on any pictures I want to copy
to the SD card individually or I can just tap on Select All. Now I’ll select Copy here at the bottom. Now I’ll tap on the New Album button here. At this point you can name the new album and
select the SD card as the destination for the photos. The last step is to tap on Save and the photos
are copied to the SD card. If you have a lot of photos, it will take
more time to copy or move but the process is virtually the same. Again, I chose to copy my photos first so
that I’ll still have the original photos on my phone which I can delete later to free
up space. Using a SD card in your Android phone is an
efficient way to expand the storage for more pictures and video. I hope you found this video helpful and if
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100 Replies to “How to Move Photos and Videos to SD Card on Android Phone – Free Up Space and Increase Storage

  1. When i click new album,there is no option for device storage/sd card.btw i m using android me buddy.

  2. Hi How about deleting SD card already transfered pictures from your device,I can transfer but when I delete pictures from my device it automatically delete them from SD card as well?

  3. ive tried so many times..but it says fail to move files..i just bought a 16 GB memory card..i put it in and all i see on the screen is storage is full..what going on..whats the problem…n was wondering if u have any idea..please

  4. I moved the image from device to sd card but after i moved the images on the sd card i cant freakin open all the images what to do now? Im freakin out because if my mom know she would kill me

  5. Hi, I don't have an option to move to SD card on my phone. I have a samsung galaxy grand prime, and I follow the same steps but the only thing that shows up is the album name, not where to move it to.

  6. while copying or moving items from device storage to sd card storage I get error " unable to move/copy" it used to allow to move or copy earlier but not anymore. I have Samsung J max fablet.
    Any advice?

  7. I've had an sd card for many years with all my photos. my photos are all gone…i did back them up on my pc and external hard drive. my pictures and my music are gone from my sd card and my phone no longer has it as an option for storage. I don't know what happened. Will I be able to transfer my photos from my pc on to a new sd card? I like having my photos in my phone.

  8. My phone decreases mb everytime i delete something and if i download it just does the same. Please help me. Cause i wanna fucking destroy my phone

  9. Thanks so much for the tip. Been living in IOS land since the beginning but am captivated by the potential of the Huawei P20 Pro. Now trying to bring it into my workflow. Thanks again!

  10. It's not as complicated. I think you switch the photos to SD card from from the cara via some sort of files. Your video is not complete.

  11. I moved a video to my sd card to have it stored in the SD card. However the video appeared in both my sd card and Google Photo app. I then deleted it on the Google app but it was also automatically deleted on my sd card. What do I do to keep it on the SD and not Google?

  12. What if I have photos in vault and then put a SD card in were will my vault photos and videoz be r will they be deleted?

  13. I have Android Samsung Note4 and this doesn't work. Can you tell me for Note4? (last time I brought it to the AT&T store where I bought it and the girl working there said, 'Oh, I'll do that for you!' and then she proceeded to FORMAT the SD card – well, you know what happened .. BYE BYE 7,000 photos 🙁 Thanks AT&T expert.

  14. I can't use gallery. I have to use a "file manager". Instead of selecting the files and having the luxury of copy or move built in, I need to use the share button and then select the software app I intend to share with. I happen to own ES file explorer however my phone will only let me select up to 500 images. So I was able to move my smaller albums. The next step is to plug the phone into a laptop with a usb cable "OTG cable". Now in windows I can go to "this PC" double click my phone and observe the SD card and the phone. Windows allows me to make files and copy between these two devices. I can also back up to my laptop or an external drive.

  15. I'm going to give it a shot!! I HOPE SO !! My phone because of low or no space internally 🙄.. I'll check this
    .and you WILL BE In MY TOP Favorites on YouTube !!! You made it so so simple.Thanks'..
    Here I go…😁

  16. If this doesn't work I'm going to be mad …. I been asking everybody this … I guess I not asking the right questions… SMH ☹️

  17. I am wanting to set up one of those as seen on t.v cop cams ,to see what really goes on when we are at wrk I know rebel is a very busy Boston terrier we would really like to catch him in action .so there is a SD card in the camera do I take it and put it in my phone? Or what,if anyone has any ideas please help

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