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Hi my name’s Jake Kleiner I’m the
Technical Support Manager here at weBoost today I’m going to show you how to
register your booster with your cell phone provider first thing you’ll do is
visit our website at that takes you to our home page once you’re there scroll down to the very
bottom of the page until you see Support Center click on customer support and
scroll to the bottom of that support page you’ll see two registration links
one to register your product on the website and one to register your product
with your cell phone provider, click on “how to register with your carrier” and
that’ll provide you with five links of our major cell phone providers that will
allow you to register your booster with your carrier. Once you get to the carrier
registration page click your provider’s link in this case US Cellular and
you’ll see that there’s a number of fields that are required to be filled
out for instance your name, your street address of where the booster will be
used, the type of installation it is when you begin the installation and the
manufacturer which is weBoost your model number and serial number and FCC ID
all this information can be found on the label on your booster itself
once you have all this information filled out click the submit button it’s that easy thank you for watching today if you have
any questions feel free to comment below or contact us also please subscribe to our channel as we will be coming out with videos every week thank you and have a wonderful day

6 Replies to “How to register your signal booster with a carrier | weBoost

  1. You did not have a link for registering with MetroPCS
    1…I clicked on T-Mobile (T-M…since MetroPCS uses their towers), but nothing on the your link to the T-M registration page covers MetroPCS customers (their page thinks I'm with T-M)
    2…I can't register by going to the MetroPCS website, either on a PC or on their mobile app (their website and app is HOPELESS)
    3…When I go to my local MetroPCS store, they tell me it's unnecessary (they're CLUELESS)

    My WeBoost Eqo is finally getting good reception, but I can't register it with MetroPCS. And not even your video tells anybody how to register with any carrier other than those five carriers
    you have listed. HELP!

  2. The thing they don't tell you is that some carriers don't allow boosters and the ones that do will only let you boost the signal at your home address

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