How To Screen Capture Your Mobile Devices For Video

Hi there, if you’d like to be able to record
your mobile phone or mobile device on to a video, then stay tuned, watch this video all
the way to the end as I show you how. Hi there. David Walsh here, once again, from part of your 5-a-day for your YouTube goodness.
Now in this video I am going to show you how you can record your mobile device whether
that is iOS Apple or an Android device, tablet, anything like that on Mac or Windows.
So, let us head on over to the computer as I show you how.
Ok. So, if you are on Android and you’re trying to record your screen, especially if it isn’t
for gaming, maybe you want to show how to do something on Android you’re going to have
to get an app for that. Now, the software that I use is Screen Stream
Mirroring. Now, this is a paid app but they do have a free option.
So, just type in Screen Stream Mirroring and check out the free one if you don’t want to
pay for it but I do recommend the paid version, that’s the one I use. It is quite inexpensive,
it’s 6 bucks, about £4 – £3.99 and it’s very well worth it.
So, what you do is when you install the app, you basically type this URL into chrome on
your computer making sure you are on the same Wi-Fi network and this video then will pop
up onto your computer and then you can record your screen from there.
You do have various options on the apps so you can actually send it to Twitch, Twitter,
YouTube, YouStream, other servers like that and you can even record to a local file on
your phone itself and, then, take that from your phone over to your computer to add to
your video. Now this will work on Windows and Macs, so
it doesn’t make a difference what operating system you’re using on your computer.
Now, if you’re on Mac and you happen to have a more recent iOS device, an iPhone 5 or 6
or recent iPad, then it will have the lightning connector.
Now, if you have this and you’re on Mac then you can easily record your devices. Just connect
your iOS device to your Mac with the USB lightning cable and you’re good to go.
Then, all you have to do is open up Quick Time Player. So, go File, Move New Recording.
Then from the drop down you select your iPhone from here, and you can, also, select the iPhone
for the audio, as well. And then once you do that, it brings up your phone, here.
So, you can open up any app that you want and of course you can bring up my videos-
why wouldn’t you?- and you can see them on there.
And when you turn your phone landscape it automatically turns with it. So, you can have
your phone portrait or landscape and the app will actually record the screen in that way.
Now, to record your screen, you simply, go down here, click on record and then you can
go through and watch anything that you want or record what you’re doing on your screen,
on there. So, you can show what’s happening on the screen, there, as you’re doing it.
And then when you’re done, click on stop. Now, one thing to make sure not to do is to
turn your phone when you’re recording because it will not like it and your recording will
stop automatically. Now, if you’re on an older iOS device, ie
one with the wider connector such as an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4 or older, then you will need
the software to be able to connect and record your screen.
So, what I recomend is Airserver. That’s at and the software will
work on Mac or PC. It’s $15 but it’s a one off licence and you don’t have to pay any
more for that. You can also, download a free 30-day licence which is the full software.
So, you can download that, then you open up your device, then swipe up on your device
and then you will then see that once you start Airserver on your computer, you will connect
on the same Wi-Fi. Again, you have to be on the same network
so you can connect to your computer from your iOS device. In this case I am using my iPad
2. So, you can connect there and, then, you will see that I am mirroring the iPad on here
and once that is connected, then I can go through and I can record anything on my iPad.
And, again, this is for any older devices that have the wide connector for your Apple
product. So, that’s how you can record your mobile
devices on your computer to add to a video. Ok. So, there you go, that’s how you record
your mobile device whether it’s Android or iOS onto your Windows or Mac’s computer.
As you can see, it does require a little bit of expenditure but it’s not that much for
what you get. So, if you are recording your mobile devices,
your phone or your tablet or anything like that on a regular basis it’s a one time investment
and it’s worth its money. And if you’re a gamer or you want to do some
other things, you can see the advantages of having that software to get your videos up
onto YouTube or other platforms. Now, if you are using YouTube for business
make sure to download my free record “The 10 Things You Need to Know About YouTube for
Business”. Inside I give you the tips you need to know
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I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it for you.
Once again, my name is David Walsh gluten and sugar free.

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