How to Send Pictures from a Computer to a Cellphone

How to Send Pictures from a Computer to a
Cellphone. It’s a snap to send pics from your PC to a
cell if you follow these tips. You will need Recipient’s cellphone number
and carrier MMS extensions and internet access. Step 1. Know the cellphone carrier the recipient is
using. Step 2. Learn the MMS extensions of the popular carriers
by searching for them on the companies’ websites. The e-mail address of the cell phone is the
10-digit cellphone number followed by the at sign, and then the carrier’s MMS extension. Step 3. Open your e-mail program and create a new
message. Insert the picture you would like to send
along with your message. Make sure the picture does not exceed 480
by 640 pixels. Step 4. Enter the cellphone’s e-mail address, which
is the 10-digit cellphone number followed by the carrier’s MMS extension. Step 5. Know that these messages are free for you
to send but will come through to the recipient as MMS messages, so text-messaging charges
will apply. Did you know A 2009 survey found that 83 percent
of adults in the U.S. have cellphones.

42 Replies to “How to Send Pictures from a Computer to a Cellphone

  1. @Darkteen75 That's what I do. Even to my own email to save them to my phone. Later to be used for sending to others via MMS.

  2. why would you spend time doing that if you can simply connect the phone with the computer and put the pic on it FOR FREE… -.-

  3. @a7xcoreya7z isn't it cheaper to just buy an usb cable than to pay for an mms everytime you want one picture on your phone?? i have like a hundred photos on my phone…

  4. @xxliiiiiiaxx For some reason, my phone wasn't sold with the cable to connect the phone to the computer so I can't get pictures from the internet. This is why I'm using this.

  5. @DILAVNI2009 Lol it's suppose to be a joke. How the hell would I be able to watch this video without internet?

  6. @xxliiiiiiaxx but if the person lives in Texas and you live in California .. oh i'm going to spend time money just to connect over there ….

  7. @alex199273 yeah cuz i send to texas a phone but i don't have 1 so i send them trough email lol and that person doesn't have a computer only the phone that i send

  8. Thanks a lot! This worked perfectly for those of us whom want to send pictures from our computer to someone phone besides our own.

  9. You mean Burger King. And holy fuck, I wasn`t expecting you to reply. I thought you were dead. 7 months ago is death.

  10. Total PITA that was over complicated, and way too hard to follow. "MMS Extension"? Why can't you simply send it to the phone number? "Open your E-Mail Program"… What E-Mail Program? I can't even find that. I'm calling NASA and ask them how to launch the Space Shuttle, as I'm sure it's less complicated.

  11. you did not answer my question.I wanted to know how to send a photo from a phone text message to my photos on my computer and send to my photos on om phone

  12. I wish I'd seen this before I struggled to do it myself. But thank you, because you confirmed that I was doing it right. 🙂

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