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are you trying to learn how to start yes
emolia salon business stick with me Israel once again from Injibs Cosmets
and I hope that you stay tuned to my beauty tips today we’re going to talk
about how to run a mobile business alone how do you set around how to start
running a mobile nestled in my previous video we spoke about how to run a warm a
hair salon at home this video will be how to run a mobile hair salon how do
you start running a mobile hair salon mobile hair salons are very tricky they
are very they are very tricky and they’re very creative you need to be
very creative and you first of all you need to know exactly what you need to do
and what the clients need what clients need and what client really wants from a
stylist who’s running a mobile hair salon Mobile Hair Salons can be very
interesting can be very very adventurous it’s adventurous you do you get towards
you get to go places you get to go different places you don’t get to be
bored in just one place it’s like you’re running a salon in wild premises so
mobile hair salons are can be very very interesting one thing I love about
mobile as allowances you get to see all the they say if in case you go to you
get to go to different houses you get you do see different decoys you see
different places you go to different places that you don’t actually even get
to drive yourself and go to you don’t get you don’t get time or even space to
go to such places so that’s one thing with mobile here salads mobile hair
salons get to they they get to expose you you get exposed to areas that you
never thought you would go clients drive you call you to go to places what places
and you get to enter departments what departments offices that you never
thought you would show is what actually adventurous
what do you need in order to run a saloon running a malware mobile saloon
requires you to be to be creative be creative you need to be creative you
need to be what I learned open to learn you must still have to be quick to learn
one thing I love other thing I love about mobile excellence
besides traveling to new places is I get to see new decor nice decor new things
ideas I get decor ideas I look at how people have designed warehouses how
people have put colors put colors together combined colors these are
professionals you go to professional people you go to sell you go to sign
clients who who work with decor oh who are professional zone of designing and
all that kind of department so if I learn a lot I learned you get to learn a
lot another thing that requires you to do if you’re running a mobile hair salon
is you need to be very patient you need to be patient because one thing is when
you go to a client’s place or client’s house she’s in our space she’s in her
space she’s a nut she gets to go and freshen up like she wants to she gets up
in us for a break go make lunch go get take a break go she can even ask
you to go take her take a nap if she wants to she can ask you she gets up and
go and attend to – guess who were coming in she gets up and attend to the kids
she gets up in she can even ask you to go fix the kids around around the school
where they go to school so you you need to be patient you need to have patience
if you do not have patience then mobile hair salon is not for you first of all
the fact that you do here hair requires patience that’s one thing you know we
all know if you’re a stylist so you know it here requires patience you need to be
patient spiritually if you do embrace they require you to sit for hours and
hours you need pressures so what you need to
know really is that you need to be very very very patient you need to be patient
about everything you need to be the other thing is
you do not have to have long fingers if you have a habit of stealing if you have
a habit of stealing stuff you cannot see something that that that catches your
eye and leave it then you can you will not be able to do mobile hey Sandra
mobileasl on what’s going to people’s houses you do not they have to trust you
you need to build that trust with them you need to build trust with your client
they need to look at you and know that they can trust you they can bring you to
their houses they can they can invite you over they can leave you with their
cell phones with their laptops in the lounge they cannot leave you with
anything of this in their lounge they have to collect everything and collect
everything because they do not trust you they think you’re gonna you they do they
don’t trust you you need to build trust you need to build trust another thing is
you have looked at but you need to look the part you have to look you have to
look the part smell good dress good but I knew by good
clothes have a taste habitus plants need to associate with
someone who they can show to their friends
someone who can they can show to their colleagues someone they can show to to
their partners and and someone they can be proud of look the part smell good
put put together take your cheap clothes but put have a taste learn to put them
together learn to dress up nice because those high-class people don’t they want
to be able to show you to their friends they want to be proud of you you need
they need to look at you and and even recommend you to their friends it’s like
it’s like when you when you come in from the unless you having your clientele is
is the clients around around the corner from downtown but if you’re looking for
VIP clients if you looking for clients who a VIP that will give you good money
then you need to up your game you have to map your game you need to make sure
that you need to look the part in order to get a high VIP client if you do not
have you your you if you if you do not up your game you you class people
stylist usual Lu’s plans because of that the other
thing that you need to keep in check is speak in English do not speak in your
native language if the client doesn’t understand it
Alliance people you people lose clients simply because they speak in some
language they’re making noise you’re pulling her hair you’re making noise in
in some language she doesn’t understand you she walks away with headache she
walks away with a strong headed you need to up your game make sure that
you do not speak metal loud noise with your maybe abroad to help the stylist
help finish down the brains the brains finished down the brains while you’re
starting them in someone to help but you’re busy making noise in her ears
busy giving her headache so may do not make do not make noise customers hate to
listening to the other thing is do not of Lord when you show that on your
shoulders clay do not cry on you on your clients your
clients come to salons to offload they come to saloons to run away from issues
they are already carrying packages they ran to salons to offload you is supposed
to be her stylist ah gynecology our therapists are psychologists are
everything she is supposed to relax way too much she’s supposed to forget the
outside world but if she comes to you and then you you reminder you from the
guilt of Lauren are you yes you could be nice you could be asking use it would be
ask them unless if she’s a psychology which is professionally a social worker
then she could professionally help you out as a friend or something but if they
have a floor to assign it to a client glance Hey to believe you need to be the
listener of the client never let never met never make the glad listen to your
problems never of Lord only never cry on our clients shoulders class the clients
walk away most people lose glance in that way in that matter will never come
if all you do is uploading on her plan needs to relax but forget about the real world where
she when she leaves and forget she comes to forget not to fuck put the noise down
know that miss that TV loud music loud TV put it down that it’s playing in your
language music that but saloons have the tendency of playing music that we don’t
even understand music that people don’t even plants don’t even associate play
music that is this is not about you the saloon business places are not about you
it’s about the client there is this say that client is always the most client is
always right play music everything in the saloons
should be about the client so if you’re running a mobile saloon and you go then
don’t don’t play loud music when your phone your music just to make sure this
is not about you music to keep you company while you’re
breathing five good hours that you’re braving and play it myself
there may be interested in that loud music loud noise music in your language
so if you’re not if you don’t play music on your phone if you’re if a class is
gonna take you to places mountains looks a little bit so I don’t if you going
mobile mobile layers alone to people’s houses make sure that you keep it quiet
done if it no it don’t be noisy you receive a phone call and you’re so loud
on the phone over the phone you’re so loud you over the roof making loud
speaking for almost an hour be on the quantitative music braiding my hair was
so loud and pulling my hair you need to have class if you wanna run here oh man
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