How To Talk To A Girl On The Phone

Tripp Kramer here from What I want to talk to you about on today’s video is how to talk to girls on the phone. In this scenario, what I’m going to be talking about is one of the first types of interactions you guys are having. This is going to be a phone call that you might make after you met her on an app or after you met online or even after you met her at a bar or somewhere else. Which brings me to the first question. Why should you be calling a girl? Well like I just said, the phone is a great way to build rapport with someone, get comfortable with someone. I wouldn’t use the phone as a means of attraction. Attraction is something that’s built in person. This is something that needs to be communication right in front of you. This is not something over the phone. That’s because we are wired as human beings to be attracted to someone when you are seeing them, when you are in their physical presence, when you’re feeling their energy. I want you to use the phone not to build attraction, but to build rapport and rapport is going to lead to trust. One of the reasons why I want you to use the phone call before a date and after you meet her on an app or online dating is to build that trust. Let’s talk about that for a second. Let’s say that you met a girl, you swiped right, she swiped right on you, you got her phone number and maybe you already even set up a date or this is something from online. You guys messaged each other a couple times on one of the websites Ok Cupid or Match or whatever and you got her phone number and maybe you set a date. Maybe you didn’t even set a date quite yet. Well the phone is a great way to seal that date. First of all, most guys are not calling girls. They’re not even the ones that are getting on the phone. This is going to make you stand out, but also this is a way to get to know each other on a little bit more of a comfortable level because you’re talking to each other than waiting for the in-person date. I highly suggest you use the phone after you meet them online or off an app. You can also use the phone to gain rapport, build that comfort and build that trust after you meet a girl in person as well. This still works. Whether you met on the sidewalk, grocery store, a bar somewhere in person, this cold approach technique. After you’ve done that and you get her number, you can also get her on the phone. One of the best ways to do this is you end up texting her to get a conversation going and you guys are texting back and forth but you don’t want to use texting to be just building comfort. You want be texting to meet up with her. Now what if you’re texting her and she doesn’t respond? This is the case in which you can use the phone. You can be texting her and she doesn’t respond or she’s too busy to meet up with you or she’s giving you some excuse that she doesn’t want to meet up with you. You can call her get her on the phone to remind her of who you are and remind her of your personality. Remind her of how cool a guy you are and this can help seal the deal to get a date. That’s really the main point here. I want you to use the phone as a tool to get the date when you guys are talking, whether it be in the middle or at the end, you need to be using that to say hey we should hang out sometime, let’s grab some dinner, let’s grab a drink, let’s go do this, whatever it is. The phone is similar to texting in the sense that it is a tool to be able to meet up with her. But it’s a little bit different than texting because you guys are able to actually chat with each other and get on that more comfortable level so you’re probably wondering now what do you say on the phone call. What’s a conversation on the phone actually look like and how can you get it to the point where you build some trust and build some comfort there. Well really it’s very simple you just got to go on the phone and start a conversation and the conversation does not have to be a mind-blowing of course it shouldn’t be boring and just asking her like hey so what you up to and what are you doing today and how is your reach bit right I’m going to teach you a little technique to get off of that boring topic but either way the phone call is just a way for you guys to talk there’s already an initial attraction there if you better run an app in person or on an online dating site right so it’s already there right this is just a way to be like hey I’m a cool guy I’m normal I talk normal I am normal right decision to get her to feel safe and comfortable that you’re not going to sort of creep so really general conversation is shit fine dr. completely confused on where do I begin a phone call what am I supposed to say here’s a little technique for you okay I want you to pick one thing one thing that’s happened or something that you’ve done in the past two weeks that’s been interesting or something that you’ve been thinking about or something that’s been on your mind and I want you to communicate that with her the second you get on the phone okay so it does again it does have to be anything crazy you might be thinking like trip I’ve really done anything the past couple weeks I just go to work like I’m how I’m going to work and come home that’s a separate problem in itself you should probably be working on that and having a more fun lifestyle but beyond that i’m sure something interesting or something just a little bit different has happened to you in the past two weeks I want you to bring it that up to her did something weird happen at work did you go see an interesting movie did you have an argument with one of your friends? Are you reading a new book? Did you see something funny online? Did you travel somewhere or go somewhere interesting? Did you eat some sort of good food? Whatever this is, just bring it up and start talking about it. Then you can flow the conversation from there. We don’t want to get her on the phone asking her a bunch of questions, making her do all the work. You offer something and then let her respond and then you can go into general conversation where it’s back and forth, back and forth. Again, just showing her that you’re a cool, normal chill guy and then you go for the close which is going to get her to meet up on a date. Now if you have trouble with conversation then I have a brand spanking new video for you and it’s one hundred percent free. It’s called Chick Crack where I go over some of the most hard hitting conversation topics that women can’t resist. I’m going to put a link to that in the description below. This is brand new, if you’re watching this video first time in March of 2017. I want you to go check that out. It is going to teach you some amazing conversation topics that you can use on the phone or you can use in person. Pretty much anywhere where you’re meeting girls and this sucks girls in and they really love it. Go get that video. It’s called Chick Crack. I put that in the description below. I want you to comment right now down below this video. Let’s have a conversation about the phone. Do you have any questions? Write them down below. I’ll be in there answering and I’ll see you on the next video.

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  1. Hey tripp, it'll be much appreciated if you make a video about a holding hands tutorial or how to hold hands with a girl. Thanks in advance ☺

  2. So Tripp that means I should call her if i had already texted her. But I should use texting as a meeting up with her?

  3. Do girls know how to talk to MEN? Never seen videos on that topic from women or men, or men just need OPEN LEGS???

  4. Tripp my classmates are like little bit crazy or somehow confident smacking girls ass and talking little bit unwisely, and i've seen girls kind of like it, specially my cruch, but i am like normal guy who is not slaping girls ass and stuff like it. So why shes kind of liking it or not giving one of my classmate a slap? Should I not be like him or i should?

  5. Tripp how can I create better conversations with a girl I can never think of anything interesting to say to her

  6. Hey +trippadvice the ex situation hasn't changed much since the other day when she messaged me because we were both at a conference, but I ignored it (I know I'm sorry but it was a very friendly text with no Xs).

    I thought of two possibilities for what to do now:

    •Call her, be like I'm in a band now, so much to catch-up on, let's meet up.


    •Just re-read the diary entry from that great night we kissed, what did that mean?

    Which one sounds better?

  7. Hey Tripp, is it better to have the phone calls be quick early on in the relationship? Sort of to get straight to the point and leave rapport?

  8. By taking risks. Do what feels right. Nothing to loose. Don't talk on phone to much because you want to get together. It's very easy. You do it by doing it.

  9. Hey tripp…I've been a constant follower of your channel..and your videos have certainly made a lot of changes..but still I feel..I'm getting enough what I should be getting..can you send me an email..regarding the personal training and all those ??
    email ID – [email protected]
    I would really appreciate if I got a response from..having the fact that your videos had a huge impact on my social life

  10. Tripp – I agree with you! the phone adds a great deal of versatility to the relationships and unlike texting, you have a better chance of reading and expressing emotions through voice modulation and laughter. I am 24 and I liked a fitness trainer milf who is 42. I'm from India and over here, the social dynamics are such that older women might not feel comfortable openly going out for coffee with guys half their age, but she was open to phone calls and we used to have hour long phone calls. I felt a different kind of connection with her. I used this on a few other older women as well (age > 35). Thank you for just reminding me of those times and letting me know that I have yet another tool at my disposal!

    I regularly watch your dating playlist and it has been really helpful! thank you! The style you adopt is really scientific! Thats cool! After watching your videos, I have developed my personal algorithm for commenting on a girl's facebook wall and the algorithm has had success, so thanks again!

    I also want to thank you for the advice you recently gave me in the form of a comment on your blog about the confusion I had regarding a girl I met on the street and spoke to on facebook! I continued the conversation with her to test your hypothesis! It was true!

  11. i need a fucking role model man help!!!.i met this hot girl on a dating app and she gets 300 likes on instagram and i dont know how the fuck i got her attention.

  12. Thanks bro, you're the best!!
    Hey I met a girl in one of my classes couple months ago and I went out with her once we had a great time together, she let me took her pictures because I do photography and also touch her hair. But after a week she doesn't want to answer my text. What should I do bro? Should I keep texting her?

  13. hey tripp, this girl i like is into somebody else, any tips on how i can compete with the guy for her attention??

  14. my girlfriend has messenger and I text her also I'm shy but like I want to call her and invite her to hang out

  15. I don't have anything to talk on text but I'll be the best flirt in personal …plz advice me on text skills …..

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  17. Agreed! I’d much rather talk instead of texting a girl because you can at keep a conversation going versus a stop n go text conversation

  18. HOLY SNAP.
    Usually I stink on the phone but listened to your advice and ended up having an over 3 hours nice and interesting conversation.
    Thanks man!

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