How to turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot

Today I wanted to take a couple minutes and
show you how to make your Android smartphone a mobile hotspot.
I find this feature extremely convenient when I want my wife and kids to be able to connect
to the internet while on a long car trip, or when I’m in the airport and I want to
connect my laptop through a secure internet connection. If you want your smartphone to
be a Wi-Fi hotspot, the first thing you need to do is contact your carrier to make sure
that your current data plan supports the hotspot function and to ask if there’s any additional
charges that might apply. For this video, I’m using a Samsung Galaxy
S III running Android 4.1. If you’re using a different phone or you’re running a different
version of Android, your screen might look slightly different, but it should be close
enough to follow along. Now I’m going to walk you through how to
turn your hotspot feature on and connect to it. From the home screen, you’re going to
want to select the Apps icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your phone. That’ll
bring up the view of all the applications that are available on your smartphone. Scroll
‘til you see the Settings icon and select it.
Now you’ll be looking at the Settings menu. If your hotspot feature is off, you want to
tap the On/Off tab to turn it on. When you turn on the hotspot, it’ll prompt you to
turn off your connection to Wi-Fi to help conserve your battery. Your mobile hotspot
feature is now on. You can manage who connects to your hotspot, and get information on how
to connect devices to your hotspot, by tapping on the text that says Mobile Hotspot.
One thing that I recommend when using a mobile hotspot is to change the preset password that
comes with your phone. You can easily do this by tapping on Configure in the bottom left-hand
corner. In this menu, you can change the name of your hotspot and the password. Unless you’re
a more advanced user, it’s best to leave the security settings alone and just change
the name and the password in this menu. After changing the name and the password for your
hotspot, tap Save, and it’ll take you back to the previous screen.
Now, to connect to your hotspot, follow the three easy steps listed on the display. Step
1, activate Wi-Fi on the device you want to connect. Step 2, connect to the hotspot by
looking for the name that you gave it. Step 3, enter the password.
You can see how many devices are connected, and their names, in the Mobile Hotspot menu.
You can also manage your mobile hotspot from the home screen by looking at the top of the
display, and it will tell you how many devices are connected.
And that’s how you turn your Android smartphone into a mobile hotspot. Thanks for watching.

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  1. i haveade one on samsung galaxy young and my dsi found it and had good signal but wouldnot connect can you help me with this

  2. grazie tante, anche se è in inglese siete stati d'aiuto. Per la cronaca: il modello DOOGEE X5 il hotspot wifi non è visibile immediatemetente all'interno della pagine impostazioni, come fa vedere il video, ma bisogna accedere a : IMPOSTAZIONI (l'icona come una rotellina), cercare la voce ALTRO, scegliere cliccando la voce: TETHERING/HOTSPOT PORTATILE e poi ATTIVARLO. Importante sapere che su questo modello (DOOGEE X5) la configurazione con altri dispositivi non è immediata ma occorre inserire all'interno del proprio cell. una PASSWORD cliccnado sulla voce: CONFIGURA HOTSPOT wifi che si può tranquillamente trascrivere su quella esistente, successivamente da inserire ad ogni utenza che si vuole collegare alla rete hotspot wifi. ciao cioooo.

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