How to Unlock AT&T, US Cellular and Verizon Phones for Free

hey guys James here from Wireless
Realities again figuring I would take a few minutes to show you how to unlock your device free
with AT&T U S Cellular and Verizon and you don’t need to be a customer a
customer in order to unlock them real quick Verizon they don’t lock their devices so you
don’t need to get a hold of him and do an unlock all you need to do is put your
SIM card and put your APN settings if you need to depending on the device and
you’re good to go then we have you US Cellular US Cellular doesn’t lock all
the devices most of them they unlock some of them can’t be unlocked as ours
CDMA they do lock iPhones so you do have to call them in order to get an iPhone
unlocked it usually takes about 72 hours or so they tell you they’re really easy
to deal with you just said to give him a call I’m gonna post a linked to their
unlocking policy in the description and other show you which devices are locked
and which ones are unlocked as you can see here and then the requirements for
unlocking devices that are locked and then we have AT&T AT&T other phones come locked
you have to request an unlock code in order to unlock them but they have a
great set up on their website which are also post a link for in the description
their general requirements you know the basic it can’t be lost or stolen can’t have
a bill or on it you know all this stuff right here in the first page and I’m
gonna go through this with you and show you how easy it is a mark especially for
a non AT&T customer so as you can see the requirements are right here for
postpaid prepaid and non AT&T customers it does state that if you request more
than a hundred unlock codes in a month they could cut you off and not let you get
anymore unlock codes so all you need to do is check mark here where it says
you’ve read and agree to the requirements you could continue your
choices up here on whether your current customer previous customer prepaid go
phones and non AT&T Mobility customer so if I click on the non AT&T Mobility
customer you can see all you have to do is put in your IMEI it’ll generate the
brand and model of itself your first and last name and your email address and of
course the captcha now after you click submit your receive an e-mail e-mail
will ask you to go to AT&T to confirm that you actually ordered that unlock
code and if you’re doing this Monday through Friday you’ll receive an unlock
code pretty much instantly usually I get mine within a couple seconds they could
take a few minutes they can take up to 48 hours but usually they don’t take that
long if you do do an unlock code late enough on a Friday you will not receive
it until Monday when your phone is unlocked you’ll receive an e-mail like
this just states your unlock request number that the devices are marked in
the directions on how to unlock it so I hope this helps today holds do a lot of
cool videos and help people out shows the product and obviously you know with
wireless realities were trying to improve the industry for consumers and
dealers so make sure you like subscribe to share you know let’s get some people
on board and then check out some of the cool stuff working on

28 Replies to “How to Unlock AT&T, US Cellular and Verizon Phones for Free

  1. they don't ask where you live so it should not matter. the device just needs to be clean with no bill owed on it and not reported lost or stolen

  2. Hi, I have the BB Q10 from Verizon so I was wondering if I need to unlock it or they are already unlocked??? Can you please provide the instructions on how to unlocked a Q10 from verizonThanks in advance!

  3. I am purchasing a Galaxy Note 4 under the Carrier US Cellular, This particular model is not mentioned among the other Note devices on the list Does this mean it can not be unlocked, or that it is a CDMA device ,or what gives, I do not want this carrier. I am confused because it appears to have a GSM slot on back, if there is anyone with answer or even help to point in right direction is appreciated.


  5. I bought a us cellular galaxy note 4 on ebay. Called us cellular and they said if it had the latest software update it would be unlocked. FYI, it's got the latest version and it is not unlocked. Closest us cellular store to me is over 2 hours away in another state. Verizon, tracfone and all other networks in my area refuse to take it even though it has a clean ESN and is out of contract. No bills owed or anything. It is compatible with Verizon and tracfone as far as the band frequency goes for 2g, 3g and 4G LTE. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  6. I have a US Celluar iPhone 5c. Could I just remove the US Celluar sim card and place a different company sim card in it to unlock it?

  7. Hi there, I'm planning on buying an iPhone 6s on US Cellular. I went on their website and it says "The following iPhone models are unlocked" and it lists a 6s. Would this mean I can pop in my AT&T sim and have it work just fine?

  8. Do not try to unlock a at&t phone at the store or from customer service.The agents must have been programed to JERK you around if you are changing to an affordable wireless competitor..Good luck AT&t suck dirt

  9. I got a brand new j1 as a gift inbox from Verizon but I have no luck with my network carrier as am living in jamaica

  10. Sir. Please do your research prior to making a silly video. Verizon and us cellular devices are unlocked straight out of the box.

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  12. Needs AT&T unlock code, go here

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