How to Use AirDrop on the iPhone

the release of iOS 7 beta we've got to look at some of the new features that's coming to iOS 7 and everybody else in fall one of those new features is called airdrop now with Android users being able to share stuff when in close proximity with each other through NFC and Android Beam one would imagine that Apple saw this and kind of went we want iOS users to be able to do that as well now airdrop doesn't quite work the same way that Android Beam does Android users can use Android Beam just by simply putting the back of their phones together and tapping the screen and then stuff is shared that way it's pretty quick and pretty easy airdrop requires a few more taps of the screen in order to get the same thing to happen but airdrop is also a software change and not a hardware one like Android Beam is Android Beam users actually have to have NFC built into their devices and a lot of Android devices don't have NFC whereas airdrop is a complete software change so any device that has iOS 7 is able to share ok now that we know what airdrop is let's show you how to use it first thing I do is actually turn on airdrop so we're going to pull from off of the screen onto it from the bottom bring up our command center and then you'll see airdrop tap that then it gives you three choices off obviously is off contacts only which means only people in your contacts will be able to see you or everyone now even if you select everyone it still asks you to accept when someone sends you a file so it's not really bad bad for privacy I'm going to do everyone just because you'll notice it automatically turns on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth because it uses those two things to actually send the files and then we can pull that down then just make sure the other person has done the same thing and look for whatever you want to share now you can share things like photos contacts an app from the app store you can share stuff like a location on the map so long as you use the Apple Maps and not say another maps like Google Maps won't you can also share website so long as you're in Safari not another browser etc anywhere that there is a share button which even some other apps third-party apps app this will automatically be put into that and you can share things through this so let's do a photo just to kind of show you so that share button down there is the one you're looking for in any of the apps in iOS 7 there's a little box with an arrow coming out of it so you find what you want you tap that share and then it gives you your list of options that you would normally share airdrop being the very top you just tap that starts to look for people and you'll see their icon pop up if they have it enabled so we have here going to tap on her and then you'll see what happens on the other device it pops up and asks if you want to accept it of course you do scared monkeys who wouldn't once it's done it'll automatically open that or save it to your camera roll or open the website whatever it may be and that's pretty much it and there you go so now come fall you'll be able to airdrop the crap out of everything

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  1. Can this work in sharing ringtones, my brother purchased a 2 dollar dope ringtone and I want it too, but don't how to share it

  2. When was this posted? I'm on Kindle FIRE; doesn't show dates or entire screen. Is APPLE's Air Drop like Drop Box which CAN email files as large as 5megabytes. Can Air Drop SEND VIDEO CLIPS? It's 2017 & I wonder what's changed.

  3. Video starts at 1:08.. Thank you, but could you get straight to the point and then start doing all that talking at the end.

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