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what is the best role for Nana? Support or Mage? in this mobile legends guide I will show you how I maximize Nana as support and mage hero and the decision making that i did but before we start, every weekend I have a giveaway to join what you need to do is Like this video, subscribe then share this video to any social media platform then screenshot and send to master the basics facebook page also include your ID# and in game name it must be complete just like the example because it is required and also include #justmasterthebasics I will announce the winner every weekend so you need to finish this video and if you are not yet subscribe, hit subcribe and the notification bell shout out to guys, our shoutout is for the first 10 only, so hit the notification bell to be notified when I make a new video ok? let’s go why did I pick Nana in this game ? in this game I am last pick, if you can see our team composition we are lacking a mage that can poke it means that if the enemy team is pushing it will be hard for us to defend because no one can poke skills and when it comes to laning when if I choose to pick a mage hero I will be stealing the lane of Gusion that’s why I decided to go support who can poke. and Nana is the best for that here I taught that Hanabi will be in the bot lane, I wanted to join the marksman to make her farm faster but because Aldous went to bot lane and Hanabi went to top I don’t have a choice, I’ll just support Aldous and make him farm faster next, just like what I always say, in the start of the game check the lanes of your enemies as you can see, there are 3 heroes on mid it means that Kaja is solo here and we can harass him we can advance so he won’t be able to farm properly but Aldous is doing something wrong here if you are Aldous, to stack faster you should last hit the creeps and minions because it will stack faster if you use it to last hit and it’s easier to use it at low level because the enemies won’t be able to kill you and it will be easier to you to last hit the minions I also bought roaming items to make Aldous farm faster and also I plan to rotate because I can’t be with Aldous all the time I need to help the team on teamfights another advantage of Nana, you can use her 2nd skill to have vision just like this, we know that Kaja will come because of my 2nd skill but the problem is, Aldous didn’t last hit the crab and one more thing, if you are using Aldous, don’t use your 1st skill to do damage on the minions it’s better to do basic attack first and if it’s low health use your 1st skill here I plan to join the mid lane to rotate but because there are no enemies on the map, we don’t know where to rotate when 2 heroes advanced on bottom lane it was easier for us to rotate there after killing 2 heroes on bottom, we should’ve taken the turtle but because Gusion chose to take the buff, I just need to get back to lane next, because Aldous used his ultimate, we were able to see the enemies this is the advantage if you have map awareness so if you want to learn and improve your map awareness and also how to rotate I made a guide that can help you here, our priority is to take the turtle to be able to do that, we need to kill the enemies on a teamfight Harith was not moving here, so I think she was disconnected and that was an advantage for us here the enemies are already at low health mostly on lower ranks, if we saw enemies with low health we are chasing them even if we know we can’t kill them here I have low mana and know I can’t kill them that’s why I decided to just go back one more thing guys, if your teammate is taking a buff, specially assassins or mages just help them and don’t take it from them because they need it next, when it comes to choosing an item I decided to go for damage items because my job here is to poke my priority here is to poke my skills supports are also like tanks who should give vision of where the enemies are so you should also look for the enemies here Franco’s hook was so good, that’s why it was easy for us to kill Granger and because we were able to kill 2 of the enemies it means we can take the turtle if you are taking objectives, remeber that you need a vision so that enemies won’t be able to steal it here I put my 2nd skill so that we can see if the enemies are coming, and also I know that they will be coming from mid lane our next objective is to take turret but it’s also important to defend our towers here is another good hook from Franco but as you can see I didn’t cast my 2nd skill on Tigreal because I know that they will fight back and Harith will come to us if we are able to disable Tigreal and Harith was able to free hit it will be hard for us remember to not just click on your skills anywhere you must whom your skills should hit and because we were able to kill 3 of them, we can now take this tower one more advantage after we take this tower we can take the turtle when it respawns because it will be hard for them to go to the turtle if their first tower is already broken so if you are to choose which lane to push first always push the lane where the turtle will respawn after pushing we can just take the jungle creep and go back but because of another good hook by Franco we were able to catch the enemies the timing of Franco’s hook was really good here, Hanabi and Franco can already push top lane because the hereoes are at the bottom and Harith will be going back to base for me, I need to go back because I am low at HP and Mana I won’t be able to help if there will be a teamfight on top here we need to take another objective, we need to take a tower there will be a teamfight on mid lane and I want you to check my positioning on this teamfight if you would notice, as much as possible I am not getting close to the enemies because my job here is to poke that is also the role of a mage as much as possible don’t get caught by the enemies if you want to understand more about what the role of mage heroes are I made a Mage Guide that can help you here because the turtle already respawns, we can take it I will just fastforward on the boring parts guys don’t do that flicker, I just misclicked next, I can decide if I will join the teamfight or just split push but because my job is to poke, I need to join the teamfights a different hero should split push that’s why you really need to be aware of your map to know if there will be a teamfight and because my job is to poke, I need to distance myself from the enemies I just need to target who I can reach also you need to be aware of the skills of your enemies and your skills too just like here, because I know I still have my passive I decided to fight back agains Granger if I don’t have my passive that time, i might’ve got back here if you can see my score is 8-0-8 it means that on the 20 kill that we have, i was with the team on 16 of that that is the reason why I have a gold and item lead even if I’m not focused on farming here, there will be another teamfight my mistake here is I used my Ultimate too early and when we are not able to catch anyone I signalled my team to retreat and also becuase Gusion is not with us also but because it’s already there, we don’t have a choice but to fight back I really wanted to leave my teammates here but i taught we can still kill someone specially if I’ll be able to use my ultimate but because I was not able to use it and I just died Gusion did a good decision here to just split push instead of backing us up on lower ranks the teammates will blame you if you didn’t help on teamfights but here it’s ok even if he was not able to kill this two it’s ok that he just pushed because we can still have the farm but because the teamfight took so long he was able to push bot and kill the 2 heroes, it means we are really leading and because we are on lead, we can choose which tower to take we can also take the Lord but only after a teamfight so that enemies won’t be able to contest us here the ultimate of Aldous was nice, we were able to see where the enemies are and because their target is Gusion, they got separated when they knew that we are on top also here, we are just waiting for Franco’s hook or Kaja’s Ultimate but because X.borg throws here, he taught that he can use his ultimate but his passive was removed quickly and leads to his death Kaja even tried to use his ultimate here, to make a 1 for 1 trade but that instead of trading we were able to kill 3 of them here if you will notice my build, I decided to go for *Lightning Truncheon, Fleeting time then Holy crystal to deal more damage when poking if you really want to know how to build items, I made an item build guide that can help you now, we need to take the Lord to finish the game look at the positioning of Franco here that is how a tank should position himself he should be the one to give us vision but because we are too compressed, it’s to favorable for an X.borg that’s why the trade is 3 for 3, but it’s ok because we were able to take the Lord here Franco will do something to bait the enemies because it’s 2 on 1, the enemies taught Franco doesn’t have a teammate they didn’t know that Gusion just went home to regen and Franco just baiting himself so that when Gusion arrives they can kill the enemies Franco also has a good decision making here, so if you also want to understand how to use tank heroes I also made a Tank guide that can help you here we just need to catch an enemy to be able to destroy their base so when we are able to catch someone automatic we can push then end the game when it comes to this stage, most of the time your teammates are getting aggressive coz you are on lead just don’t get too aggressive because you can accidentally throw that may lead to your defeat and because you are able to reach the end of this video I want the winner of the giveaway to be the one who reaches the end of the video for me to know if you really reach the end of the video, you need to answer my question just message your answer on my facebook page my question in not about this video I want you to watch my Mage guide and tell my why the Tigreal called me a cheater I hope you learn a lot on this guide and if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell and always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out

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  1. Good content Sir. As a Nana user, all of your suggestions and guide to use Nana was accurate. E.g. is the importance of second skill for having sight with enemies in terms of farming and pushing turrets. Thumbs up Sir.👍

  2. nana expert ako pero ang galing galing nyo po mag nana😭😭😭..idol na idol ko na kayo sana more nana gameplay pa po pinaka paborito kong hero kasi

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  4. Nice video master hindi man ako user ng nana pero user pa rin ako ng gord gaya ng sabi nyo kapag mage ka dapat ang target mo ay ang mag palakas ng magic power gaya ng ginawa nyo kay gord,pinalakas nyo ung magic power ni gord at yon ang dahilan kung bakit nagalit si tigrel sa video na yon at sinabihan ka pong cheater😂😎

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