How to Use Text Message Slang : Understanding Leet Speech for Cell Phones

Hi, I’m Mark Emily here on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I’m going to teach you how to use leet speak and geek speak on your cell
phone in your text phone messages. To start off I’d like to talk about the differences
between leet speak and geek speak. Leet speak or elite speak was created by a programmers
and hackers to communicate with each other using numbers and symbols instead of letters.
Geeks speak on the other hand is more of a short hand and has become commonly adopted
within text messages. Leet speak is frequently used now a days to buy past spam filters as
most of the filters do not pick up the alpha numeric combinations used to represent the
letters. The rest of this segment will focus on how to use leet speak in your cell phone
with text messages. Okay, Let’s get started. Well different phone manufacturers will have
different processes to get to basic functions of using text messages we are going to go
through mine. First I am going to go into the menu, go into messaging, then I am going
to go send text. Now I am going to send it to a phone number 555-555-5555, okay. Now
I am going to go into the message section. This is where you are going to do you typing
using just whatever letters you want. From important notice with leet speak you are going
to want to be able to use symbols, you are probably going to need to look in your menu
for your symbol functions and now you can go through this and pick out all your different
symbols that you’re going to use. For example, I am going to make K really quick so I am
going to make a K just like that after that little CL I’ve got a K. Now we are going to
take a close up look at an alphabet as represented by leet speak. So on this screen I have already
pre programmed in all of the entry’s for the alphabet in characters in which are not
represented by any letters at all. This is one of the more extreme versions of leet speak.
So you can see we have a ABCDEFGH and it continues on and on. You can pause this video now and
look at the different representations. This is the most complex version that you can do
or actually there are more complex representations however, this takes it to a very extreme level.
Now I have a version of leet speak here which has simply replace a couple of the characters
such as A E G S with numbers and the rest of the characters it just alternates between
lowercase and uppercase. Now you should have everything you need to know to start using
leet speak in your text messages. So on that note I have written Thanks on the first line
in pure leet speak and See You Later in kind of hybrid between leet speak and geek speak
which we will be getting to in our next segment.

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