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welcome to gadget to you HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone called HTC you has been rumored a lot this month just this week the HTC you was leaked in images teasing a glass back and fingerprint scanner another report that suggested that the smartphone will come with ip57 certification and no three point five millimeters headphone jack now HTC has officially announced that the you will be unveiled on May 16 based on recent rumors the dual-sim HTC you will be running Android 7.1 nougat and sport a 55 inch qhd display with Gorilla Glass 5 on top the handset will be powered by the newest qualcomm snapdragon 835 sock double with either four gigabytes or six gigabytes of ram option the latest teaser also suggests a fairly slim form factor for the HTC you the HTC you is tipped to sport a 12 megapixel sony IMX 362 sensor at the back and a 16 megapixel ims 351 Center and we’re at the front suggesting a selfie focused smartphone additionally the HTC you will be offered with either 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of internal storage depending on the ramp the latest lease rate the battery at 3000 demo with cooked charged 3.0 connectivity options must-haves include Wi-Fi 802.11 and deleted the smartphone is said to come with dual speakers on the top and bottom and the USB type-c port will support HTC viewsonic earphone video and image capture is also tipped to get a boost with smart video zoom support and real-time HDR scene detection as well as for microphone embedded in the phone to record 3d audio or higher res audio please like share and subscribe our channel to get more up thank you you

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  1. I'm so waiting for the HTC U. I want to give HTC another shot. My last HTC phone was an m8 and it was GREAT! It was the best phone I ever owned. All the others have been Samsung and they all slowed down on me and had app crashes and were not the most stable. The m8 was GREAT!

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