100 Replies to “HUGE Black Friday Unboxing!

  1. A bunch of dumb products that nobody needs with discounts. C’mon now we all know that what you really need/want won’t be discounted.

  2. Guys I know y’all won’t respond but I need some advise, I was thinking I wanted to get a Nintendo switch for Christmas but they are 400$ and my mom won’t get me something that expensive for Christmas so would it be worth it to have to pay for half of it?????

  3. This should inspire people to pay off their debt instead of racking up more unnecessary purchases like these. Materialism can do that to others. Have a safe Thanksgiving to everyone

  4. Carefull on the hover board
    My friend nearly died from a little malfunction from the hover board
    It almost fractured her skull and she was being super careful
    I do not want you to die

  5. The offset in the background music playback speed is hurting my head while the fries is being aired fried as she continues to speak throughout the video.

  6. IJustine hi 👋 loves ur vides💕 you get a lot of stuff there girl do u buy them or does someone send them to u?:) and your very smart person Justine

  7. Black Friday unboxing on Wednesday, 2 days before "Black Friday". Although I suppose, to be fair, the BF sales have been on for like 2 weeks now. I guess it's time to declare logic officially dead. In other news; I assume her parents are real live wizards, because clearly only some manner of sorcery could spawn an attractive blonde lady who knows tech stuff. The only other explanation is that iJustine isn't just a clever name on her part, but that she's actually an Apple-made synthetic human AI….I prefer the wizard idea :/

  8. Justine should make a Discord server for all of us female techies!!! I’m commenting on all the videos she posts from now on!

    Like or repost this comment so she can see!


    please tell me you wash your store bought items before using…all those chemicals :O

    also…that MK bundle was the old nintendo switch … walmart only sold the old bundles for this black friday

  10. The number when you got your first Apple watch and it was a really that much pairing you had to take a little long time that's staying with my Apple Watch series 3

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