Idle Wizard School Review – Harry Potter-Like Game! (Mobile Gameplay) – GPV Reviews #1

ah yes after hours of traveling I
finally arrived at the idle wizard school I cannot wait to see what kind of
trouble we’re gonna get into this year let me just enter my dormitory here oh
okay the map says this is my room right hang
on what’s this at the bottom please turn over the mat okay must watch ads oh dear
well I can’t see an advertisement I there’s one beautiful oh there’s another
there’s another there’s another oh boy what have I done
oh jeez that was a disaster hello there ladies and gentlemen my name
is Vince welcome to my idle wizard school review for the Android let me get
up hey Lee sorry let me just start off by saying I went into this game with
high hopes okay I mean the whole premise of having a school where wizards and
witches can attend in the idle atmosphere would have been fantastic the
problem is the game falls short dramatically in my opinion essentially
it’s your job to turn this basic school into a thriving money-making machine and
the only way you can do that is by getting students to arrive by a boat or
train to complete your magical classes now gameplay wise the game is very
straightforward everyone as soon as your students arrive off a train or boat they
run straight towards the dormitories which are positioned at the front of
your school then your problem is if you don’t upgrade your dorms normal can
actually get into your school you can then upgrade your dormitories by the
coins you generate from the students completing and magical classes and can
also get money by collecting the money that your students spend at the stores
in your school within this game there are islands as well all these islands
are pretty much the same map with different little environmental changes
so it’s not really much tour guys I mean it’s kind of like a copy and paste of
each item but they change a little bit of the figurines here or a building here
do not I mean first Island might be the x one multiple which that means there’s
no bonus on second island might give you a 2 x 5 multiple then the third one
might give you a 50 times multiple it just keeps on going on and on and on
with multiples I got two around the 4th island I decide just to stop at that
point the reason is because I felt like the
game was completely putting me behind an ad pay wall now what I mean by that is
with these aisle games okay you’re gonna notice a trend they’ll let you do really
good the star but the game slows down dramatically towards the middle or the
end okay so then that forces you to watch advertisements now I got to a
point where I was watching advertisements on this harry potter idle game every minute every single
minute I was watching an advertisement to get the endgame bonuses because why
would you wait when there’s bonuses they give you like five hundred percent of
your total money back instantly think about it would you watch a one-minute
and or would you wait twenty minutes I mean these games are very smart on
forcing people to watch the ads and it’s very sad to me because I went into this
game with high hopes I was hoping I was gonna be fun it was fun for happens
thirty minutes of the game play forty minutes and then it really really went
to ad town guys so try it yourself if you don’t believe me try and play the
game with no ads and you let me know how you go because I just couldn’t do it I
was literally watching an ad every single minute at the end of the game
played I was recording it is crazy each of the classrooms do have their own
unique little icons when again to certain level brackets so level 25 would
have a different icon level 50 will have a different icon and it keeps going
going going but really none of that honestly matters because the whole point
of leveling up your classes in different brackets is that you get different
bonuses for each bracket so level 50 might be times 2 level 75 might be times
3 you know what I mean it just keeps them going on and on and on sound wise
there’s only one soundtrack what you’re hearing right now on this video that’s
all there is it’s just some loop essentially the whole way through so
probably not muting your sound at the end of the gameplay anyway because why
would you want to hear the same song over and over and over again now regards
to the in-game money and currency side guys there is an in-game currency but I
don’t think you can spend any real-life money on it so that’s pretty cool
I mean it seems you get the currency by completing quests or of course watching
ads being an currency itself looks like little purple gems kind of like amethyst
I’m pretty sure that’s where they are and you can spend those little gems on
the upgrade shop so you can actually upgrade how much of a percentage you
reduce on costs for upgrades for each class and there’s also you can upgrade
the amount of rewards you get from advertisements which I did I mean why
would you not boost the advertisement because the answer already overpowered
as will so you gonna think everyone I’m upgrading those ads do it I couldn’t
care less about anything else seriously if you watch ads in this game
you’re gonna run straight through to the end with no problems at all
so this seems like an idle supermarket tycoon copy I don’t know if you guys
have ever heard that idle supermarket swipe in game but this seems like a
complete ripoff of that game and it’s definitely not by the same developers
either from what I’ve seen so yeah it’s pretty interesting to me doing the
really fun thing about this game honestly would be the fact that you’re
always trying to chase that goal of beating your last score I mean that
seems to be any type of idle game anyway you like watching numbers go up
essentially that’s all it is dude honestly that’s all this game is it’s
fun leveling up your trains and you can get more carts and the train that bring
in the students but I’m pretty sure the game stops around 144 students what
I’ve seen now look coming down to the home stretch of this review everyone the
whole thing about this game that attracted me at the start was the fact
that it’s an idle game based around like the Harry Potter universe even if it
doesn’t officially state Harry Potter based the games are clearly copying or
taking references from Harry Potter ok like let’s just be real right now I’m
pretty sure there’s Harry Potter references in the game ok I went into it
with high hopes and I’ve come out feeling left short essentially at this
point so I want to give the game a 5 out of 10 and you guys may disagree or agree
you might even rate it lower but for a game that I thought was going to be
super super fun and lasts a long time with proper replayability not just
grinding adds it I mean it really let me down and that’s just how if it was
simple as that so guys do me a favor let me know what you think about this review
in the comment section below as it is the first I’ve ever done on this channel
like this and yeah hopefully you enjoyed it and I will post more obviously if you
did enjoy please be sure to subscribe like the video if you did enjoy it and
definitely the comment and try out idle wizard school you let me know what you
think okay but I’m giving it a 5 out of 10
and I’m sticking to that the game definitely could have been better it had
a great premise great star and it finished off terribly so that’s my final
review thank you very much for watching guys I’m of course gameplay bits 24/7
and I really appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to watch my
review see you next time I’ll catch you later see you around

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  1. Thank you all for watching! I hope you enjoy tonights review of Idle Wizard School!
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  2. that intro was amazing i was ready for u to actually go further with it but that unfortunate that you ended up not liking the game. i also don't like games that force ads like that you end up watching ads for most of your game play and by then are you even playing the game anymore.

  3. The new way of reviewing games is great, and you used the green screen in a really smart way.
    Edit: For your next video why dont you review a girl adrift? It's not an idle game but a really relaxing game with many stuff you can do.

  4. Very good. I like the effort. The "Must watch ads" joke was great. I feel like something of this quality should be on TV and not YouTube 😀

  5. Love the introduction! The review was, I would say, fair for an ad heavy mobile game. Someone who is interested in the magical theme of the game may rate it higher, but a game with advertisements as half of the gameplay does deserve a lower score. This review style is entertaining and informative as a review video should be. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see the games you find next!

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