Intervista: Sirio Magliocca (Motorola Solutions) ad Aikom Partner Meeting 2019

What is the value of your collaboration With Aikom technology? How would you define this distributor? Aikom Technology is a distributor that Motorola Solutions defines a “value-added distributor”, is a company that, in addition to supplying goods and services produced by MtorolaSolutions, adds a contribution and substantial support to the sales network in order to offer final consumer an excellent service, needful in a mission critical sector in a highly professional sector like the one we follow. And what message did you want to send to people today? It was an important day because there was talk of technological evolution in the professional radio sector, a sector where the history is the master. Motorola Solutions has 90 years of history and the history of radio 100 years. It is therefore one of the first technological tools that has seen the world of electronics. Today we talked about what the technology of the future will be, how it will be used and how radio technology will evolve. Our partners, today, have been able to grasp the plus points of these new technological perspectives and have listened to the reasons, to be transmitted during their commercial negotiations, for which reasons, still today, a customer should choose Motorola Solutions: a guarantee of quality for its history, its performance and becouse it has innovated and continues to innovate, Motorola Solutions will continue to be a market leader. An innovative brand in a historic telecommunications sector.

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