Is Lenovo Killing Motorola Brand

IS LENOVO KILLING MOTOROLA BRAND? Hello, and a warm welcome to the new episode of bhooP. Today our topic of discussion is whether Lenovo is slowing killing the Motorola brand or not? Ever since the Lenovo bought Motorola, there were talks around that Lenovo would use the Moto brand to sell their own products. Well! we don’t know whether this is true
or not but one thing is for sure, that Motorola’s popularity has went down or has been negative
ever since. There is a huge outrage among the users regarding
the software updates. Motorola’s major selling point was that
it provided timely OS and security updates to their devices. Almost, a year back Motorola made a blog post
saying that Oreo update to the select Moto devices would be available soon. In June 2018, there were rumors that the
Motorola is doing SOAK test for the Oreo update on MOTO G5 series phones and the update might
be available in July or August. It is mid of September and users have still
not received the Oreo updates to their Moto G5 devices. What is peculiar about these rumors is that
there was some new device launch nearing when these news’ came out. On Lenovo’s forum for MOTO G5s plus,
there is long discussion on the topic. I am leaving the link to the forum page in
the description section of the video. Few of the Motorola’s moderators have
tried to answer, but users are not satisfied by their reply. According to moderators, Motorola has started
a phased roll out of the Oreo update on Moto G5s plus devices in select regions around
India and Brazil. As, lot of users have still not received the
updates, the outrage is building over time. One thing to note is that Motorola has recently
launched Moto G6 plus in India so the software team might be busy with that. Also, the Moto G5 series phone are OK to use without the updates. And, there’s is no need to push out a software
update full of bugs. But, being said that we wish that Motorola
goes back to what it was in providing timely updates. What are your opinions on this topic? Do leave them in comment section of the video
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