Is The 2020 MOTO RAZR Worth $1,499? | Hands-On Review

(techno music) – Hey everyone, it’s Brenda, Tech Reporter with Mashable. And today, I’m here to talk
about the Motorola Razr. So the Razr cost $1500, and it’s also exclusive to Verizon, so those of you who
have a different carrier are probably out of luck. Let’s start with the front of the phone. Here you have a 2.7-inch display that shows you all of your
different notifications. It’s made of glass, so it
is a fingerprint magnet. I do like the secondary display
on the front of the phone because it makes it easy to just quickly see notifications, rather than constantly flipping open the device. On the back, you have plastic, which definitely makes it
easier to grip the phone, especially when it is this expensive, and just a touch fragile. You also have a fingerprint
sensor on the front, which I am not the biggest fan of, only because whenever
I flip open the device and navigate it, my finger
tends to hit the sensor a lot for some reason, and then it immediately recognizes my fingerprint, and just locks the phone. So that’s a minor observation, I’m sure that other people probably won’t be as bothered by it. Let’s talk about actually being able to flip open the device. So I don’t know if you
can hear this, (click) this thing is creepy. And let me tell you, it’s
really embarrassing to open in a quiet setting, because it’s the only thing that you can hear. But without the creak, flipping it open and closed is very, very satisfying and pretty easy. I mean, if you are familiar
with the previous Razr, it’s a lot heavier than the original. So lifting it up isn’t as easy, and it requires a little bit of force, but I did find myself randomly flipping it open and shut while watching TV, or, I don’t know, or even while just like, walking down the street. So when you flip open the device you have a 6.2 inch flexible display. It is plastic so I’m not gonna lie, for a 1500 dollar phone
it feels just a tad cheap. But it’s super responsive
and the quality is, you know, fairly bright,
I’d say the colors look pretty good and poppy. There is one thing that
really bothers me about it, and that is the crease. Depending on what you’re looking at, it is a little bit more visible at times. Especially when you’re scrolling through, I’d say Instagram or
Twitter, anything with lighter backgrounds, it’s
a little bit distracting. So in terms of battery life,
I was able to get 12 hours. I’m not going to say that this thing is great with battery life just yet, only because on the weekends I limit the amount of time I spend on my phone. I’d say the 12 hours I did
get was pretty impressive considering that early reviews have seen either less than that or a
little worse, so we’ll see. For, again, such an expensive phone, the camera sensors on here are probably what you’d find on a budget model. The selfie camera is 5 megapixels, and the rear camera is 16 megapixels. The cameras definitely
work better in the daytime than they do at night. And that’s even with
the night vision feature that comes with the Razr. It blurs the photos, I’ve noticed. So I’d rather take my nighttime
photos without the feature, but then they just come out really dark. So I still definitely
have to give the Razr more of a chance, I think
essentially with this phone, what you’re paying for
is the nostalgia of it. And unfortunately, I feel like Motorola should have just probably
left it at the original Razr. Throwing on a flexible
display doesn’t really make it any better, unfortunately. So I’d say that if you
do have just, you know, 1500 dollars laying
around, then go for it. Otherwise, I would keep your 1500 dollars, and maybe wait for another
iteration in the future. (techno music)

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  1. Mashable. Ey! Nice review content. Do you watch gym along with review? If you ever need some sound or background music just search for XimerTracks.

  2. I owned the original razor and loved it… don’t know how I’d feel with this phone but cool idea.

  3. Sorry but i will get the samsung galaxy z flip…. 1. Better camara 2. Bigger screen size. .. 6.7 in compare to 6.2 not gonna happen. Plus z is lot more cheaper than this phone

  4. Replace the word WORTH with the word COSTS.
    Then maybe stick a apostrophe at the end of the title and finish off with "lol".

  5. Sounds more like an expensive (!) accessory than an actual useful device 🥴 Blurry pictures, distracting crease in the middle of the screen and 12 hours of battery? Interesting …
    Thanks for the candid and informative review 😃

  6. I hate her tone of voice for some reason. It is like she hates the phone but did not want to commit to the feeling when I thought the point of a review was to convey what you thought about something. She sounds like she is asking a question when it should be a statement

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