Is the Samsung Z Flip Worth It?

– Hello, and welcome to This Is. Matt, phones are folding
now and I like it. – Yeah, technology never
creases to amaze me. – Creases? (ken laughing) Creases, you…
(Matt laughs) (beeps) So I just got back from spending some time with the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which for the record, can
I say is a terrible name? I keep wanting to call
it the Galaxy Z fold. – But there was already a Fold. – Yes, it doesn’t fold, it flips. So, essentially what you’re getting here is a folding display. With the Z Fold it’s
actually a glass display, and we’ll get into your
crease in a minute, but I think there’s a
legitimately really good use case for folding phones. And specifically with the Z Flip, I think it’s the best folding phone yet. – How do you think it
stacks up to the Moto Razr, because that’s really the
only one-to-one comparison we have right now. – So, I went to the
launch event of the Razr, what, two or three months ago, and on top of it being, by far, the worst launch event I have ever gone to with terrible lighting and
Diplo playing 10 feet away from where I was trying
to record my video, the Razr itself, hardware
wise I like the design, but the execution isn’t as good, and the specs and the performance are nowhere near on the same level. – Just looking at the
image of the two of them, I like the Razr more than
the flip, just, again, looking at specs aside
and everything like that. – Well the thing is, with the Razr, it has the nostalgia, right? I mean, I dunno about you,
but I grew up wanting a Razr. – [Matt] Again, the Moto is the only one that actually looks different. – Just before we go really deep into this, there are essentially two styles of folding phones right now. There is what Samsung has done with the Galaxy Fold last year, which is–
– With the hotdog. The hotdog.
– Okay. Essentially, it’s a phone
which is roughly the same size as a standard smart
phone except it opens up to be essentially a small tablet. Or there’s the Razr or the Z
Flip, which is essentially, when you open it up, it’s the same size as
a normal smart phone, but when you fold it, it’s
roughly half the size, which, can I just–
– Hamburger, hotdog. – Okay, I actually like that. My biggest takeaway with the
Z Flip and the Razr as well, but mostly with the Z Flip, is that is a more useful form factor. And now, I know that I’m very much probably in the minority here, I think a lot of people prefer
to have something different with the Fold with that huge screen, but for me, I actually like
having a phone which is smaller. – I’m with ya on that train of thought. I mean, me being, I draw a
lot and everything like that, as soon as the Fold was announced, I wanted an S Pen with it. And I thought this is a place where they can kinda
differentiate the S line and the Note line again, because how long has it been since there’s really been a difference between the two lines? – Yeah, yeah, my main
thoughts going into this, just so we’re purely
from having hands-on time with all three of these
phones, but more recently, of course, with the Z Flip, it is the best folding phone yet. Now, it is also $1,400,
but it’s the cheapest because the Razr is $1,500
and the Galaxy Fold is $2,000. – Are we really gonna award them a point for being the cheapest of the most expensive
phones on the market? – No, but it is coming down. I can see a year from now, folding phones hitting the,
maybe 1,000 to $1,200 market, which is very much in
the same sort of realm as a lot of major flagships. In fact, what they also
announced yesterday or the day before, depending
on when you’re watching this, is the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra, which is the super high end
standard form factor flagship. And that is also starting at $1,400. So, we’re in that sort of same ballpark, even though, and I’ll get
into this a little bit later, but the Z Flip actually does
lose out on some features. Looking at the Z Flip
versus the new Galaxy S20s, it does not have the same processor, it doesn’t have as much memory,
it does not have 5G support. It also does not have as big of a battery, and it does not have the same cameras. You are making some sacrifices
for the form factor. – I get that there’s,
it’s a new technology. With how much you’re not getting, the Flip should be the
same as maybe the S20. – Like $1,000.
– But for 1,400 bucks, it’s already obsolete. – Well, I mean, yeah, it depends on your perspective.
– Everything right now is 5G, 5G, 5G, and you’re buying a phone that’s not the current
technology just for a novelty. – So, one of the things with
all of these folding phones is that you actually have
to split the battery, especially with the ones like
the Razr and with the Z Flip, because you have two fairly
small component areas where you can put things in, so it has a pair of batteries which combined are 3,300 milliamp hours. I’m curious to see, I actually think that that should be okay. I don’t this screen or
anything about this thing is gonna be crazy power
hungry, but it won’t be great. It’ll be fine, and if you add 5G, I just don’t think it would
be able to hold up as well. – Well, I mean, yeah, that 3,300, because if you’re closing the phone, the screen is turned off, correct? – Yeah, yeah.
– So, your screen on-time is what kills your battery. – Look at the Razr, the Razr has a much larger
screen on the front. And obviously, if you
look at the Galaxy Fold, it had a proper, actual
real smartphone screen. You can use the Galaxy Fold closed, mind you, it’s a very weird, small screen, but you actually can
use it properly closed, whereas the Z Flip is
not like that at all. – It’s interesting with the Fold, because last generation of phone was, everything was how can we get the bezels to be smaller, smaller, smaller, and now you have the fold, which has the largest
bezels of any smartphone, I think, period. – I like the look of the Razr. And in fact, the way they do
the hinge is pretty clever if you’re not Jerry-rig everything, and that the entire
screen, because obviously, if you have something
which opens and closes, there has to be a little bit
of tension with the display. So essentially with the Razr, the screen actually goes
in and out a little bit, so if you look on the bottom of the phone, it actually moves.
– It actually lifts up, and you could see to the
other side from underneath. – Which helps when you
open it all the way up, the hinge kinda pulls it
taught, so it’s pretty, I mean, there’s a little bit
of a crease, there’s not much. This does not happen on the Z Flip. In fact, I think, actually, Samsung has a much better sort of hinge in that not only does
it have little fibers to keep dirt and dust from coming in, there’s essentially no real area for the screen to kinda lift up. But on the downside, it means
that you do have a crease. Kinda feels like you’ve
got a screen protector which is slightly bubbly
or whatever in the middle, but it’s not bad. – So, the biggest complaint right now about any of the folding
phones is how fragile they are. – So, in addition to those
little fibers inside the hinge, the hinge is also much, much more durable, and it’s very well enclosed. So looking at it, I don’t think you’re gonna
have a lot of issues. Mind you, it still
probably won’t be as good as a standard sort of, what do we call it, candy bar style phone or whatever? The normal, the Galaxy S 20.
– The slab. The slab, but it feels way
better than the Galaxy Fold, and especially the Razr. With the Z Flip, I’m actually not super
concerned with durability, first of all, because
it has the best hinge of any of these folding phones, it has the most durable display. But also, think about it, a normal smartphone sits in your pocket with the screen exposed always,
whereas with these phones, unless you’re actively using them, as soon as you close them up, the screen actually has some pretty decent level of protection. So, while yes, I do have some concerns, any time you have moving parts you’re introducing some risk of failure, but I actually feel reasonably confident that these phones will at
least last for a while. – Jerry-rigged makes the joke like, make sure you vacuum out your
pockets for dust, whatever, but there’s still the things like lint or your keys in your pocket. If they were, for whatever,
’cause they’re not full seals, there’s still a gap there.
– The Z Flip is close to a full seal.
– It’s close. – Not quite, but it’s pretty close. – But lint could get in
there, stuff like that. And if that’s in there, in your pocket, grinding around on the screen,
that could be a real problem. – Now obviously, I have not
spent enough time with it. I just got 30 minutes of the hands-on. It feels significantly better than any other folding
phone that I’ve tried, it seems to be, while not super up-to-date with 5G and all the specs of
the Galaxy S20 for example, it is the most up-to-date spec. I mean, the Razr, for
all the things I give it for it looks so cool and everything, the spec is terrible,
the camera’s garbage. There are major, major issues with it just fundamentally working as a phone. The Z Flip, while yes, you’re
losing out on some things, still has Snapdragon
855, still has Android, still has wireless charging,
fingerprint sensor. It still is a pretty up-to-date phone if maybe not quite cutting edge, but it’s still completely usable and it has good cameras which I think is a complete
deal breaker for any phone, folding or not. So, while I don’t wanna
completely just say, “Hey, go out and spend $1,400 “on the Galaxy Z Flip right now,” if this an interesting form factor to you, I think this is, by far,
the best way to get into it, and really kind of experience something which is significantly different than any other smartphone out there. – If you’re wholeheartedly endorsing… – I’m not, no, no, no, I
am tentatively endorsing it to people who are interested
in this form factor. It is the best version of this
phone, not for everyone yet. – So then, what happens
to the Galaxy Fold? Is that,
– Oh, it’s old. – is that even a thing that
people should consider now? – No, you should not buy
then gen one Galaxy Fold, but I say that more so because I think the gen two is coming. – Ignoring even gen one, what do you think is
the better form factor? Is it hamburger or hotdog? – I like hamburger right now. I like Z Fold right now, Z Flip, flip. – Flip.
– Flip, flip. (beeps) I think the Galaxy Fold and
phones that actually have that sort of full tablet style experience, there’s definitely advantages there, and I do think that we’ll
see that continue to evolve. Who knows, at the end of the day, that may actually win out
as the ultimate form factor. For me though, I’m not a
big fan of huge phones, and I think that the Galaxy Fold is kind of a little unwieldy already. If they can kinda slim it
down and gen two, gen three kind of gets to become a little
bit of a better compromise, I’m totally down with it. We’ll see how this goes
over the next couple years, but as of right now, beginning of 2020, I’m a big fan of the
hamburger, not the hotdog. This is gonna be a really
confusing metaphor. – Is a hotdog a sandwich? – We should make an entire
episode all about that, and if you wanted to find out more about not only sandwiches,
hotdogs, and tech news, make sure to subscribe to This Is so you’ll be always kept up-to-date with Matt’s weirdest ideas
that we decide to shoot in the early morning hours. Thank you very much for watching, and until next time, don’t forget…

100 Replies to “Is the Samsung Z Flip Worth It?

  1. To me it is worth it, just not at this point in time. Down the line, once it is much more cheaper and affordable even if the specs is slightly dated compared to their flagships I wouldn't mind. All I really need is it has Messaging, Calling, Internet Browsing and the usual knick knacks Smartphones offer.

  2. This is first gen tech with first gen prices. I wouldn't mind a phone like the Z-flip in a few years time when the tech has matured and the prices are more realistic and the issues have been ironed out. We've already seen a big improvement from the fold to the flip with the glass screen and improved hinge, and this will continue to improve.

    It will be nice when every phone on the market won't look like every other phone on the market.

  3. No one really NEEDS 5G to the point that somehow makes a phone obsolete. Especially when 5G in any meaningful form is rare in most parts of the world.

  4. That's an easy one.. considering the average above 1200 USD price .. no, none of them is worth that kind of money … Try in 2 or 3 generations..

  5. Dont forget they all plastic screens & folds save the z flip ! It has a durable screen !
    Still agreed should only be $999 though lol

  6. When Apple makes it they'll probably have an issue where it cracks or some shit in 2023 or 2024 since apple is always so far behind and shit.

  7. I really hope that neither form factor wins out as the ultimate version of a folding phone. I truly hope that we end up getting much more improved versions of both hamburger and hotdog foldables because people deserve to have a choice.

  8. If you are going from Larger than pocket size to pocket size, then a fold is worth. If the phone is pocket sized unflipped, then it's pointless. All it does is add a break point, limit the enternal components (as they can't overlay where the hinge is) and raise the price of phone. The point of protecting the screen is mute when to have the fold they have to degrade to plastic or softer glass. Cause of the price increase they could have just including a Saphire screen protector in the box.

  9. Quick way to get people to admit a Hotdog is a Sandwich. Just ask them if they can buy Sandwiches at Subway. As most Sub and Hoagie shops don't slice the bread completely in two.

  10. I really really like the way Razr is made, I want something like that. Sad that specs suck, but that design is what I call something different. Well I rarely use phones outside, so maybe I'll go for that later, and go back to future (if you know what I mean)

  11. The real budget folding phone is my ZTE Flip Phone by Verizon. It folds, it works, and it is the most durable thing ever. Even if it is a relic of the past.

  12. Love how we're going back to flip phones… late noughties I had a sony ericcson flip phone with a screen when it was closed… Just the next version of this…

  13. Am I the only one who DNGAF about the camera on smartphones? I barely use it and the one I have on my 4 and a half year old phone is good enough for me

  14. The razoer is garbage, the flip is garbage, the point of the folding is to have more screen that can be folded up whenever, not to have a normal ass phone that folds at the middle and that's it, that's stupid and not innovative.

  15. I think the Z Flip design is boring, I like the most razer's design not only because it looks like past generations but because it's different. Of course Samsung's device is a lot powerful but it has nothing special on aesthetics…

  16. Honestly the switch from 3G to 4G felt way more substantial than the 4G to 5G move does. If I could buy the S20 4G only version, I would and use it for 3+ years. Don't give a single fuck about 5G right now tbh.

  17. The argument for it being outdated because it doesnt have 5G is just dumb because 5G isn't actually good or available in most places

  18. I love the dumb xtra pc ad with the dude saying he is running the computer without a hard drive but he’s holding a optical drive

  19. I'll pass 1400 bucks is just to much for me to spend i can't justify that I have bills to pay that's more important than a phone

  20. If it's "made of glass". Then why does it have a crease in the middle when open? Glass structurally retains it's shape no matter what. As long as a bend doesn't surpass it's failure point. I don't think it's made of actual glass. I think it's a mixture of materials with glass like properties. It's definitely better than what we got right now though.

  21. 3 years later Samsung will merge 'cheese'and 'hamburger' with S and Note series. Like:
    Galaxy S50 Flip
    Galaxy Note 10 Fold

  22. So the chubby guy really needs some work on how he looks before going in front of the camera. I cannot take him seriously looking like a hobo like that.

  23. Why spent $1380 for a folding phone?
    I folded my Samsung A30, it only cost $198

    However it ain't working any more though…

  24. Now I understand why Samsung put the Z in the name. How many times do us gonna confused between the Fold and Flip name if they didn't put the Z in it? Like for example 8:52

  25. I still don't understand the desire for a folding phone. It seems more of a hassle to solve a problem that I don't have and I'm not even sure what it would be

  26. I like the hot dog form factor, honestly, but I'm waiting until they make one that when folded is similar dimensions to a standard phone [similar width and height at least], but has a large usable screen on the front, close to the screen of current standard phones, and then also opens into a tablet-like screen. That way you get full functions like a standard phone when folded, but then all the multitasking and big screen stuff when unfolded. Hamburger style ones are cool, but I'd rather just have a thicker, taller, non-folding phone with more battery.

    Also, no, hot dogs are NOT sandwiches, you monster.

  27. I know you guys are stuck on the 5g bandwagon but that technology isn’t reliable and consistent so why consider it a point? Samsung and Motorola are doing too much and these flip phones are such an outdated concept. There’s not reason for folding phones. That’s why they got rid of them 10 years ago.

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