iSkysoft Toolbox for Android – How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phones

hi there guys comment here with I sky soft Android data recovery and today we're going to be looking at how to recover pictures from a Samsung device so the first thing you want to be doing is opening the software and then plug in your phone or tablet as eatable work so this is going to bring up the connecting screen hopefully although you will need to enable USB debugging so the way to do that in Android 4.2 or above is to go settings about phone and then just tap the build number 7 times this as you can see I've already done it there's no way to undo that so as you can see I've already got USB debugging enabled and mock locations i'm just going to switch those off and turn off the developer options just to show you the prompts that you do get so you get allow development settings allow USB debugging and you might need allow mock locations for the software to do its job properly so once that's all done ah please note this is for android 4.2 and above and other methods are detailed in the software when you plug it in if you can't get to USB debugging on your phone so that's now fully connected and it brings up the types of files that i would like to recover in this case I'm just going to select everything although I could click on the select although it would select none and I would be able to go through and pick and choose what I would like however in this case on this phone I'm just going to be taking all of the things they're so as you can see contacts messaging call history etc are all there now to select the storage scanning mode you either choose to scan for deleted files scan for all files or go to Advanced Mode if you are having some trouble getting through all the data so in this case I'm just going to choose to scan for all files as there aren't too many deleted files on the phone now you will get through this information here as the phone begins to scan so it analyzes the device getting the device information completed and it analyzes typically quite quickly although depending on your device it may take a little bit longer once this section is complete the software will move on to the actual scanning page which can take a lot of time depending again on the size of the storage that you have on the phone as it does require several passes to scan for all the delete data so this is just continuing to analyze the device bear in mind this will work on almost every type of phone or tablet and if it doesn't the software will try and work its way through anyway so I'm just going to skip through most of this process to save you guys the time and I'll come back to you there we go with everything finished so now that's all completed you can see all of the files there in the gallery you can choose just to select the deleted files or as you can see there's none there or just view them in a list as I'm doing now so you can pick as many files as you would like nano all or just select the ones that you're after and then all you need to do is click on recover to recover those photos from your Samsung device so now I'm just going to go to my documents there and save all of the pictures in there just by again clicking on the recover button that's going to then save one of those and open them into a folder which has files categorized by the file type which is very helpful anyways as you can see there's all the pictures there thank you very much for watching I've been home at 4i sky soft and speak to you next time liar

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