JotForm 4.0: How to build forms on mobile

Here’s a new feature from JotForm 4.0:
Mobile Compatibility. The newest form builder from JotForm was redesigned
with mobile in mind. That’s because we know you, our users, are
increasingly doing work away from your desks. With JotForm 4.0, you get the first
and only online form builder that lets you put together complex forms using a smartphone
or tablet. No need to download any apps. With access to every feature that you get
on the desktop version, you can build the perfect form for your business, even while
on the go. Don’t worry about being limited just because
you’re not at a computer or laptop. Whether you’re a realtor on your way to
an open house, or a teacher on a field trip, you can start, edit, and publish an online
form from wherever you are. With JotForm 4.0, you can create surveys,
job applications, order forms… anything you need to help you be more productive. JotForm: Build forms anywhere, anytime.

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