Hello, everyone! For today’s video, I will be sharing a mobile application Where we can earn free PayPal money. Before we start this video tutorial, Welcome back again to my channel. If you’re new to this channel, Click on the subscribe button and hit the notification bell To keep you updated on my new uploads on how to earn my money online. I share videos on how to earn money online, free Paypal money, free Gcash money, Free earning apps, free earning websites, How to earn cryptocurrency, legit home-based jobs. We can earn using our cellphones, laptops, desktop and internet. Don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook page and Telegram channel. You can also join my Facebook group, where you can share your extra income online platforms. I will put all the links in my description box. Just tap or click those links to join or follow me on social media. This is the mobile application where we can earn free Paypal money By typing or solving captcha. This is Grab Bucks. Its developer is also the developer of Grappler and Math Cash. Good thing here, this time we’re going to solve captcha instead of math problems. Let’s open the app. By the way, you can register here using your email address. It’s very convenient. This is my dashboard, You will see, it has multiplayer where we can join To earn points and tickets. You can use my code to earn 10 free tickets. You will also get 1,000 points You can use my code — 822E4N if you don’t know anyone yet that has this application. You can also share your referral code on the comment section below. Here, we race to type captcha. Let’s join this Multiplayer This is for 40 points. We need 1 ticket to enter this game. Let’s continue. So, when you win 2nd place, you will earn 20 points. For 3rd place, you will earn 10 points. Then just wait for the timer to stop to start the game. And these are the rules of the game, just read it. We will be given 20 sets of captcha to solve. This game and so easy. You don’t have to think much, it’s just numbers. You shouldn’t make a mistake. To perfect the game It’s not like Math Cash. That you need to solve before you answer. Here, you just need to type and type. There it is. You just have to type the numbers you see. And it’s easy to play by just using a phone. Just wait for it. Just keep on typing and solving the captcha. Then.. 1..0..5..3 4…8…9…7 Timer will soon stop. 3..9…6…1
5…0…2…1 3…5…3…7 We have finished the game. Just wait for this ad to end. This time, we won. So, my score is 20. You can see your results here. You can check it. I answered it all correctly. Let’s go back to Home. And we have earned 50 points in a single set of the game. Games we have here are: Multiplayer
and 1 versus 1 match. So win against your opponent. I tried this 1v1 match So let’s find an opponent. This has sets of captcha composed of lowercase letters. It’s not numbers It’s a bit confusing because sets of numbers are easier. These are all letters. It’s also a speed typing challenge. So, if you can type fast on cellphone,
this app game is perfect for you. y..g…z…r d…m…x…p x…b..u…p i already made a mistake.
r..e..n..r p..f..x..m k..x..o..v It’s a little hard because there are lots of letters. compared to when using keyboard. I’m not used to typing on cellphone. q…p…q..f I think, we’re going to lose. Again, let’s just wait for this ad to end. then we can go back to our Home. These tickets are used to join their competitions/games How can you get tickets? For example, you ran out of ticket. They will give you 10 tickets once you sign up here in Grab Bucks. Then, another 10 tickets when you enter a referral code. Here, you can claim a free ticket,
you will just watch a short ad. to claim tickets. Another way to earn tickets and points, We can refer/invite friends here. For every invite, you will get 500 points and 10 tickets. This is a limited-time offer only. You will also get 10% commission for every completed task and every winning of referral. So, every time your referral wins a game, You will earn 10% commission. That’s the other way to get tickets and points To payout, tap this ‘Claim’ Here’s my balance. This is the equivalent of my 2,630 points — $0.26 Actually, I just played a few times here. I just tried it a couple of times
then I already earned that. Of course, I entered an invite code for additional points. That’s why I have 2, 630 points. Minimum withdrawal here is 50,000.
And payout is thru Paypal. All games (apps) by Phil Techie are legit. Games (Apps) by Phil Techie mostly gives payout. So, grab this chance to earn Paypal money here in Grab Bucks. I will put the link in my description box
if you want to try this application.

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