Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new? In this video, we are going to show you the
new hero skins, for the 2nd round of the King of Fighters collaboration. Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new? In this video, we are going to show you the
new hero skins, for the 2nd round of the the King of Fighters
collaboration. Most of us humans remember King of Fighters
from our childhood. Moonton will be introducing another three
new skins from King of Fighters. Take note, these are new skins, and not new
heroes. Again, thanks to ML_Leak for these information. Check out his instagram for more advanced
release leaks. Anyway, let’s move on. First, we have K’, or also known as K Dash. The hero who will have this skin is Gusion. Oh indeed, the favorite of almost all assassin
users out there. Checking out his appearance, he definitely
looks like Gusion. But how about his skill effects? Let’s check it out! Well, as we know King of Fighters, most of
the characters are into martial arts. So definitely, Gusion’s basic attacks will
not be using his blade. Just like Karina’s King of Fighters skin,
she is not using her blades. This now makes him look like Chou. Now, let’s take a look on his blades. When he blinks towards the enemy using his
first skill, it looks like he is running in place. That’s kinda funny, but cool looking. Those spits of fire definitely looks painful. And do you hear those sound effects when he
releases those flame daggers? It definitely sounds like you are playing
King of Fighters will playing Mobile Legends. Now, who do you think would be next? Well, it’s Kula Diamond! And this skin will belong to the only Ice
Queen in the game, Aurora! Her appearance is definitely different from
the Aurora we know. But change is not something bad, isn’t it? As you see her walk, she is gliding on the
floor. On the King of Fighters game, she uses ice
to make the floor slippery, to make her slide on the floor. Let’s check her basic attacks. Well, as based from King of Fighters,
Kula Diamond deal ice attacks. So her basic attack consists of icicles. Her first skill looks like a bird made from
ice. It could be her ice projectiles. Take a look on her ultimate skill. It creates an ice spike to pierce the target. Her passive skill that freezes enemies really
looks cool. Lastly, the third one from King of Fighters
is Orochi Chris. This skin will belong to Dyrroth. His design is pretty slick, but kind of child-like. This collaboration with King of Fighters is
a game changer for Dyrroth users, since he was just introduced, and yet he is
gonna have a King of Fighters skin already. How sick is that? Well for Dyrroth users out there, it’s will
be awesome. This skin will cost 1299 diamonds. Let’s hope they make it cheaper on the release
date. I would appreciate it if they give 50% discount,
perhaps? Well anyway, let’s check out his basic attacks. As expected, martial arts are still involved
on their basic attacks. Now, for his first skill,
look at that 8-bit effects! Now, this captivates me! Look at his second skill,
he tumbles when he blinks towards the enemy. Now, this is what we call gymnastics. I really see Athena Azamiya in this skin. Well, for his ultimate, UGH!!! I didn’t see enough difference to distinguish
it from his first skill. But anyway, his tumbling on his second skill
is what made me a 100% sure buyer of this skin. What do you think of these new skins? Let us know on the comments section below. Now, don’t sell your internal organs for these
new skin, please! Why not try to wash the car of your neighbors
and ask for payment. I’m pretty sure most of you have lots of neighbors. Do not forget to like and share this video. Also, like our Facebook page and subscribe
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New?! Cheers!


  1. I just got Aurora from the Lucky Draw… :< Kula's skill effects are so good. Transformed from queen to teen. Hahahaha.

  2. I am guessing this is another money grab scheme by MLBB. you can get the Kula Diamond skin for Aurora FREE coz she is the "weakest" of the 3. The Orochi Chris skin for Dyrroth will be the middle tier where you spend some cash. and since Gusion is the meta hero, K' will be the ultra money grab via a lottery pick where you have to spend 14,000 diamonds, MINIMUM, just to get it, just like how people were duped into spending so much just to get IORI YAGAMI for Chou.

  3. maybe change the skill effects of dyrroth? because I see less to no different from its original effects.
    aurora kof skin is worth buying.

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