Kok Keren Sih? MOTOROLA ONE ZOOM, Test Kamera OIS + Game CODM & PUBGM

Yo guys, Back again with me as Dhiar… This is a Motorola One Zoom… Have you known about this, guys? I bought this Motorola One Zoom with the variant of RAM capacity of 4 GB and internal storage of 128 GB The color that I bought is black… Let’s take a look at that, guys… The appearance looks like this, guys… There are main features here As we can see here… There are 48 MP Sensor Quad Pixel + OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Wow, that’s great… High-Res Optical Zoom + OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Wow, it means the camera lenses are already support the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)… Everything is supported here so it’s not just only the main camera but the long lens too… Wow, that’s great… This is 117 ° ( degrees) Ultra-wide Camera It means it’s wide… The front camera is 25 MP… The camera is looking fierce here Okay, let’s just open it… Yes, Wow… Okay, let’s just peel it… As we can see here, guys We’ve already mentioned these 4 points before… There is additional info about the capacity of the battery is 4000 mAh TurboPower… There is 6.4″ (inches) Full HD+ and a fingerprint sensor on the screen… That’s great… Let’s see what’s in this box… I will put the smartphone aside first… Yes, we get a… It’s thick… The manual instruction book is so thick, guys… It’s using the English language… Okay, and what’s this… Okay and this is… The charging cable… It’s already using USB type C… Yes, it’s already modern… And we got these earphones with this cool shapes on it… And here we got these additional buds with different kinds of sizes And we got this head charger… Wow, the writtings are so small hence it makes me so hard to read it… The output for this head charger is 5v and 3A… Hmm, that’s great It’s a quick charging… There’s nothing else here in this box… Let’s head towards the smartphone… Here it is, Motorola One Zoom… It’s so cool, guys… The position of the rear cameras is in the middle not on the edges here… It’s in the middle here with 4 rear cameras and dual LED flashes on the sides… And there’s the logo and it can shine, guys… We will try to test it later… And there’s the writing of Motorola One… This is using really good material, guys… It’s not made of plastic… It’s more like made of glass here… There is an effect of color gradations in the middle, guys… And the sides are black… The middle has the combination colors of gray and a bit of green color… It’s cool actually… Btw, there is no SIM tray ejector here? I will try to open the SIM tray using the other SIM tray ejector… I am going to see what kind of SIM tray model does this Motorola One Zoom is using? Okay… The SIM tray model is using Hybrid… It has 2 NANO SIMs but the second NANO SIMs could be changed into Micro SD… That’s great… On the right side as you can see there is an on/off power button and volume buttons… There is two antenna lines here… Where this on/off power button has serration on it, guys… It has a serration and it’s cool, guys… Up here, you will see a… Wow… It turns out that there is a speaker up here normally smartphones have their speakers on the bottom part but this one is on the upper part, guys… And also there are mic and slot SIM tray that we’ve already opened just now… There is nothing else here on the left side, it’s only two antenna lines up and below… As you can see here… There are two antenna lines, mic, USB Port Type C, and Jack audio 3.5 mm… There are 4 rear cameras on the backside… There is a logo of Motorola too in the middle… It says here that 48 MP | 1.6 mm Quad Pixel 13.6 mm + DUAL OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization) Motorola makes the writtings are so small… It makes me so hard to read just like the head charger before… Hmm, I think you need to fix that… You need to make the writtings a bit bigger so that I can see it well… If the head charger is fine… This is the selling point Why is the selling point doesn’t look bigger… That’s weird… It’s so hard to read… Only 48 MP that looks bigger… Mostly all smartphones are like that… Okay, let’s just turn this on… The logo looks so cool, guys… The background is blue not black… That’s great… (6x) I really like the booting screen… It’s blue and not black… There is an animation of Hello Motorola and it’s cool… I really like it, guys… Okay, so this is the appearance of the lock screen… And let’s go to the home screen… Hmm, it’s cool… Why this isn’t a full circle? Ohh, it means this circle represents the current battery life which is now 89% So, it looks like that… Okay, that’s great… Hmm, it’s cool… Let see, how much is the score for this Motorola One Zoom at Antutu Benchmark? Here it is, the score reaches to… Yes, it reaches to 183.794 I think the processor for this phone is not so high… It’s like a mid-range phone… The RAM is 4 GB only… I am curious about what kind of processor is used… Okay… It’s using the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 675… Oh, I see The GPU is Adreno (TM) 612… The resolution of the screen is 1080 x 2340 pixels There are a total of 4 rear cameras and it detects it correctly… Starting from 48 MP for the main camera, 16 MP for the ultra-wide camera… 8 MP for the long lens and the 5 MP for the depth sensor… And as for the capacity of the RAM which is 4 GB and Internal Storage of 128 GB… The front camera is 25 MP… The capacity of the battery is 4000 mAh… Okay, it’s standard… The OS is using Android 9.0 Hmm, okay… It has NFC here Okay, it means that this smartphone is a mid-range that has NFC on it… Seldom, that mid-range smartphone has an NFC on it But Motorola One Zoom has it, okay? Okay, we can see for the complete specification of this Motorola One Zoom at the column description box below this video or you can see the next slide is given… I’ve already tidied up the table… After, we see the specification and the score of the Antutu Benchmark… Let see, how much is the score at GPU Mark Benchmark? Here it is, the score reaches to… It’s 615.600 It’s okay for the mid-range… Mid-range smartphone by Motorola… We can see here, guys… The frame rate is 342 which is so high… Okay, let’s see here… It’s true that there is no lag at all… Hmm, interesting… Okay, let’s just test play games here… CODM… We’re already in the main menu of CODM, guys… But before I play, let’s see the graphic settings first… This… The graphics and the frame rate can be both sets to very high… That’s great and I really like it… I haven’t activated the gyroscope yet… Okay and let’s start playing… We’re now in the battlefield at CODM… Hmm, let’s see here… The gyroscope is quite responsive… I haven’t shoot anything yet and it’s already shocking… Oh no… Usually, enemies like to hang around here… There are a lot of enemies here, it’s because it’s their territory… Okay, my friend, I will help you don’t you worry… Woah, I got shot from the back… Because we step into the enemy’s territory… And I think there are a lot of enemies there… I’ve already prepared my drone weapon… Where is it? Why it’s missed… It’s so fun playing CODM using this Motorola One Zoom… We’re already in the main menu of PUBG Mobile… But before I play, I want to see the graphic settings first… Wow… It can’t set it to HDR… So, it only can set to HD… If we set to smooth then the frame rate could be ultra… Okay… The gyroscope is on… Now, let’s play… We’re now in the battlefield at the crowded Pochinki… So, that we can shoot it directly… If I am not mistaken that the graphic settings is smooth and the frame rate is ultra… Ohh yes it’s true… It looks like this… And for the gyroscope is quite responsive… It doesn’t take much time… What makes me weird with this Motorola One Zoom is that it’s good for playing games and the sounds are stereo…… In terms of the score of Antutu Benchmark that it’s just value It’s not that high… In terms of the score of GPU Mark Benchmark too… Hmm, the score is below 1 mil but it’s smooth, the sounds are stereo, and it’s good for playing games… Next, I want to change the settings… I will turn the graphic into HD… See, it’s more detailing… And this feels no heavy and lag at all… It’s very cool tho… That’s great… Okay, let’s discussed the camera… Where this Motorola One Zoom has a total of 4 rear cameras… Starting from 48 MP, 8 MP, 16 MP, and 5 MP… And the front camera is 25 MP… Next, Let’s see the results of the photos taken and video recording using this Motorola One Zoom… Currently, I am recording using this Motorola One Zoom’s rear camera… As I can see from the screen, guys… Do you want to guess it? It’s so smooth… Why is it so smooth? Because it didn’t use EIS ( Electronic Image Stabilization) but it rather uses OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization) That’s great… That’s so cool… Let’s get a closer look at this plant here… What do you think of the color? Is it good? The times are towards to Maghrib… So, the sunlight is not that bright… On the condition of recording, I want to change the lens to Ultra-wide… Ohh, it can, guys… That’s great tho… That’s great tho… Wow… It’s cool… This is cool and I really like it… Even though I was walking Now let’s try this while I am running… Now let’s walk slowly again… Okay, it looks good… That’s great… Currently, I am recording using this Motorola One Zoom’s front camera… And again If I see on the screen, it looks smooth… Even though my hands are shaking here… The sun is not bright now because the time is heading towards Maghrib… Okay, this looks clear… What do you think, guys? The colors are good… What I am saluted about it is that it’s smooth… Woah, cool… That’s great… Okay now, I am going to test the fingerprint sensor on the screen… This is the process of registering the fingerprint It takes a lot of time here… Yep a little bit more… Okay, it’s done… It’s just once… Now let’s try… There’s the icon of fingerprint and press it… Is there “Always On Display” for the fingerprint… Ohh, it has it… Hmm, that’s great… Now, I am going to test the face unlock Let me set up first… This is the process of registering our faces is quick tho rather than the fingerprint… Let’s swipe up, it rejects and let’s peek it… That’s quick and cool… This is so cool… Peek it That’s great… That’s cool, I really like the face unlock rather than the fingerprint sensor I forgot to mention to you about this logo of Motorola can shine If the screen is on… But now this is off… See… It’s on right… Let me turn off… It also turns off… If I turn on the screen, it’s shine… When I turn it off… So and so forth… That’s cool, right? I will give you a closer look… Turn off Turn on Turn off Turn on It’s good… That’s all for the unboxing and a bit of performance review of this Motorola One Zoom… You’ve already seen the gaming performance for playing CODM and PUBGM The score of the Antutu Benchmark and GPU Mark Benchmark is complete right… And for the camera, we’ve already tested it before… For the photos and videos taken and also testing their lenses… It’s really cool… What makes it cool is that the lenses are equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that is so cool… It’s not EIS ( Electronic Image Stabilization) but OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) And when it comes to playing games, It’s so fast and no lag at all, guys… The sounds are loud because the speakers are here… So the position is right up here… The speakers are up here and that’s cool right… Thanks for watching this video! Don’t forget to subscribe to those who haven’t Turn on the notification bell to know about the next update on this channel… Don’t forget to follow my Instagram @Dhiarcom for the updates about the newest gadgets See you in the next video… Bye-Bye, See you, Zai Jian, Annyeong, Sayonara, Daa Daa… Greetings Indonesia… Subs by: @Whitchai DM my IG for request subs for Youtube

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  1. Gimana mau masuk Indonesia.. daya beli kalah, belum lagi kemakan brand dan paha SPG Samsung.. lagian design & inovasi Motorola rata rata udah kelihatan exclusivenya.. material buildnya juga mantap.. kayak nokia..

  2. Hrha 7jtaan men…
    Beponi pula kyk merk yg itu itu tu.
    Designer ndk bs kasi belah kiri kek apa.
    Jd bosen liat hp jaman now

  3. salam motolover
    logo M nya itu lho. legend,classic,simple keren
    dan 1 hal yg bagus dr motorola. michrophonenya.
    lu coba nonton konser d depan dekat speaker dan subwoofernya
    gk bakalan pecah suara record videonya. kaya ada limiter otomatis.
    bandigin sama hp dr tiongkok lu coba ndiri suaranya

    Devices : Moto G6 +

  4. Mohon dicek ulang bang dhiar, untuk slot nya. Biasanya motorola pakai triple slot. Terlihat 2 slot,tapi posisi dibaliknya pada slotnya juga difungsikan. Seperti motorola moto z play

  5. bang buat hp anak kalngan pas2 an..!! buat main games pubgm…!! termasuk saya…anak miskin….!!! yg ram 4..harga sebulan gajih..honor bang…!! please…

  6. Temen : hp lu apa ?
    Gw : ga punya hp, punyanya motor
    Temen : motor apa ?
    Gw : Motorola
    Temen : itu hp bangsat
    Gw : bodoh 😆

  7. Om ,gmn sih harga Motorola one Zoom brp blm dicantumkan ,bikin kantong bolong nggak sih ,help dijawab ya Om oke ditngu

  8. Assalamualaikum. Sy jga suka aneh Bang SMA Motorola sy kebetulan pake yang tipe Moto z2 force klw PUBGM bisa Ampe HDR bang grafiknya pokoknya Mantap pake Motorola hape tipis tapi ajaib batere awet dan gak panas seperti model hp tipis lainnya,,

  9. Pernah punya Motorola moto G.
    Motorola brand legendaris, HP nya keren.
    Good luck untuk channel nya.

    Untuk yg ingin tau tentang CUCI HELM silahkan kunjungi channel kami.

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