Hi, I’m Erwin, the channel is TechDaddy. And today we will talk about a new mid-range smartphone presented by Google at its latest conference. This is the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. I saw that everyone on YouTube was eager to make a video the day of its release. And when we go a little too fast to be the first one to release a video, we tend to say things that are not quite right. Today, we will try to fix this. I must also say that I have the advantage of being sick for a week so I really could not make the video before. And so I was able to take a step back on this Pixel 3a and here are my conclusions. You probably already know the Pixel 3 is the high-end smartphone from Google. And it’s even more than that, it is the best smartphone to take pictures. This is by far the one who makes the most beautiful pictures and that’s really what it’s known for, apart from that, there is nothing really special about it, apart from the fact, perhaps, that it runs Android Stock. But otherwise the Pixel 3 is by far the best photophone. For those who take a lot of pictures, this is the ideal smartphone. The problem is that it costs 850 euros and there is no real mid-range options to make beautiful pictures. When a manufacturer offers a mid-range smartphone, it must compromise somewhere and usually, these compromises are made on the photo sensors. So that brings us to the little brother of Pixel 3 which has just been released: The Pixel 3a has exactly the same photo sensor, the same image processing software and costs a little less than half the price. So we will talk about Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. The only difference between the 3a and the 3a XL is the size of the screen. The screen of the 3a is 5.6 inches and that of the 3a XL is 6 inches. Google’s proposal on this smartphone is: to have the best camera on the market in a smartphone (it’s the same as its predecessor, the Pixel 3) in a device that costs only 399 euros, half the price of the Pixel 3. This is a very nice proposal from Google in my opinion. The problem is that since it had to reduce the cost of the smartphone while keeping the same sensor quality, it was necessary to make compromises elsewhere to lower the price. That’s what we’re going to talk about now. The processor inside the smartphone is a Snapdragon 670, it’s a very mid-range processor. In terms of touch and appearance, we can feel it’s not a high-end smartphone. It’s relatively ugly and it’s all plastic … well, sorry, polycarbonate … it’s plastic! So we find a little bit the traditional look of Pixel phones with its two tones on the back, some people like it, some don’t, me personally I’m not a big fan. But I give very little importance to the look of my smartphone. The Pixel 3 XL was very mocked when it launched because of its very huge notch. For this one, they took the opposite direction, they tried not to put a notch at all but as a result the borders are big. The ratio of the screen to the total area of ​​smartphones is really bad, it’s almost two years late, it’s a bit unfortunate. Then there is no seal so do not drop it into water. The capacity of the batteries is not low but it is not amazing either, it is less than most 2019 smartphones. The Pixel 3a has a battery of 3000 mAh while the Pixel 3a XL has a battery of 3700 mAh. So it will be enough to hold the day but do not expect much more. There is also no wireless charging so you will still have to use the good old USB-C cable. For me it is not an issue but for those who are used to wirelessly charge their phones, it may be a problem. Moreover, in general if you want to know if there is wireless charging on a smartphone, if you see that the smartphone is plastic, you can tell that there is probably no wireless charging because plastic is a very bad conductor of electricity. In general they put a glass back when they offer wireless charging, that’s why more and more smartphones today are made of glass. So just by having it in my hand, I could have guessed it. So they also removed the wide-angle selfie sensor so we still have the normal selfie sensor but the wide-angle disappears. In my opinion it’s really the most damaging compromise they made but not everyone uses wide-angle. I mostly don’t. Unfortunately, the photo sensor is an expensive part of a smartphone. The other compromise is that the size of the devices is relatively small. Even if you take the 3a XL, the screen is only 6 inches, it’s not huge. The XL models are usually at least 6.5 inches while here even the largest model is only 6 inches. And then there is only 64 GB of storage, this is the only option available and you do not have the possibility to increase the capacity with an SD card. Some say that the 4 GB of RAM is a compromise made by Google to reduce the price of its smartphone because 4 GB of RAM, it costs less than 6 or 8 GB, it makes sense. But the Pixel 3 also had 4 GB of RAM and yet it is the high end of Google. It should be known that for most uses, 4 GB of RAM is more than enough. That’s what I have on my smartphone and I rarely exceed 2 to 3 GB. So I don’t game, I do not do video editing or complex photo processing, but I never really exceed 2.5 GB. In general, I recommend 6 GB of RAM but that’s really to have a safety margin, 4 is more than enough for most people. Then when you see 8, 10 or 12 GB of RAM, it’s just clever marketing. On a PC, it makes sense. It does not make sense to have 8, 10 or 12 GB of RAM on a smartphone. Your smartphone will never use them, except of course if you have 50 apps opened in the background including Chrome with 200 tabs. But then you really have a problem and it’s not the extra RAM you need, it’s a therapy. I also saw Romain Lanery’s latest video from TechNews&Tests and he was very critical of Google reintroducing the headphone jack. Yes, the connector for the headphones that tends to disappear from all new smartphones. But I disagree with his opinion. For me, it is a very good thing that they reintroduced it, especially on this model. So there is no beef between us, he has never even heard of me, I watch all his videos and I love his channel. There is really no beef between us, it’s just a difference of opinion. So his point, summarized, is that it’s unfortunate to bring back a technology from the past when smartphone manufacturers should encourage people to go wireless. And he believes that Google regresses technologically. So I perfectly understand where it is coming from. But you should take into consideration that the Pixel 3a is a 400 euros smartphone. People who buy a smartphone at this price range are not going to buy Bluetooth headphones at 100, 120 or 150 euros. Bluetooth headphones are just for a different target. In my opinion, Google has done very well to bring the headphone jack on this model specifically. It was really the thing to do. As a result, people will be able to use their old headphones and will not have to spend more than 100 euros to get a new pair. And as I said in a previous video, for me the wired ones still have some advantages over wireless. Less latency and better audio quality. Unfortunately, Bluetooth still has limitations and for the most audiophile of us, I think wired headphones always have advantages. But it’s less convenient. Then a jack on a smartphone, it costs nothing. If you do not want to use it, if you prefer to use Bluetooth headphones, there is no problem, do it. And those who want to use the jack, they have the option available. I do not think it’s a problem, it does not cost anything, it’s there, better for those who want it. And for those who do not want it, it shouldn’t bother them. And the reason why these headphone jacks have been removed from most current smartphones is not to push people to new technologies. This is because we thinner and thinner smartphones with bigger and bigger batteries and there is simply no room. There is a lot of technology inside smartphones. The first to have removed the jack is Apple and the reason they did it is simply that they wanted to have a screen that really goes to the bottom of the smartphone. And so, what they had to do is have a screen a little longer and fold it down so that it can really go to the bottom without the connector interfering. And then there is a whole part of the screen, the folded part, which is totally unusable, that was the goal. And so, impossible to put a jack down there because there is the fold of the screen already. Well, they could have put the jack on the side, it would have been a perfect solution. But it was also the moment they wanted to launch the AirPods, these 180 euros headphones with huge margins. And besides it was an incredible success for them so, retrospectively, they made the right choice for the company. But that the main reason why the headphone jack disappeared, nothing else. So if there is room to put it and there is no technological barrier, why not do it? But we’ve talked enough about the compromises made by Google to reduce the price of Pixel 3a. Now we will talk about the benefits, because there are a lot of them. For me, Google made a very nice proposal with this device. And it would be a pity to stop on the negative points while it has so many positives. First of all, we have already talked about its price. This is really one of the two big strengths of the smartphone, its price, 399 euros for the 3a and 479 euros for the 3a XL. So, it’s a 80 euros difference between the two for a screen that is 0.4 inches bigger. You must decide for yourself if it’s worth the difference or not but it’s really the only difference between these two devices. Its second strong point, and it’s a big one, is its camera. So in reality it is not really its photo sensor strictly speaking but more all that Google is able to do software-wise to take a picture from its sensor, treat it and produce the most beautiful image possible. The Pixel smartphones camera is simply amazing, it’s the best on the market and it’s the one that will make the most beautiful pictures and all that in a 400 euros device. It’s pretty amazing! To have an equivalent camera, you need to spend at least 850 euros to get the Pixel 3 or otherwise you will have to pay more than 1000 euros for high-end smartphones that will not even make photos as beautiful. So if you take a lot of pictures, it is by far the best value for the money. The third advantage, and that’s one that speaks to me a lot but that will not necessarily interest others, it is that Pixel smartphones all run on Stock Android. This is the pure Android as it was thought by Google, without the software overlay implemented by smartphone manufacturers. So you do not have applications from Huawei, Samsung or OnePlus that are installed on your smartphone. You just have Android with Google apps. And then you do what you want from your smartphone, you do not have apps that will be impossible to delete. And me personally, I really like this Stock Android experience. It speaks to me, it will not necessarily speak to you. But for me it’s really a big advantage too. And also with Stock Android, you’ll be first in line for the updates. Because if you have a Samsung or Huawei phone, the problem is that you’ll have to wait for Samsung or Huawei to update itself after they were provided the update by Google because they have to rebuild their software overlay on it . And some updates are important, there are security updates. It’s important to update quickly. And also, if you want to get Android 10, having a pixel is nice because now, at most, your smartphone runs Android 9. With Pixelphones, you already have access to the beta of Android 10 (Android Q) which I will talk about in the next video, it has really nice features. Again, this smartphone is a very nice proposal from Google, it is just not for everyone and you need to understand who it is for. There is not a single smartphone at less than 850 euros with a camera that can compete with any high-end smartphones. There is only the Pixel 3a and it costs less than half the price. And so if you take a lot of pictures, if photo quality is important to you and you have a budget of 500, 600 or 800 euros, I could suggest you buy the Pixel 3a. It will only cost you 400 euros and you keep 400 euros in your pocket. If your thing is to do video editing, photo processing or gaming it may not be the best smartphone for you. It will miss a bit of power and so you may need to choose to a recent smartphone with a Snapdragon 855 processor and a little more RAM. There are compromises that have been made, it’s for some people, it’s not for everyone. In Europe, you have the choice between two colors: white and black. In the USA, they have an extra color, a pink-ish white. I will put you links in the description. I do not earn money if you buy through these links because simply for the moment it is not available on Amazon. It’s only available on the Google Store. When it becomes available on Amazon, I will put a link to Amazon. So you can order it now, it’s directly on the Google store. Google did not present only the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL during its conference. He showed a lot of other things so I have other videos that will come out after this one. There is the new version of Android Q and the Google Nest Hub Max. There are several things that Google has presented, which are really very interesting. I’m not going to talk about everything, I think I selected only three topics. Subscribe to the channel so you won’t miss these videos when they go out. And Like the video. And also tell me, in the comments, what you think of my videos. I think it’s the sixth so you have to get a feel for my style already. I think I have evolved a lot since the first but I still have a huge progression margin. I had a lot of trouble with the sound, I had a lot of trouble with the scenery, problems of brightness, … I have hardware issues, I must unfortunately do with the hardware constraints that I have because I just can not afford today to buy a new camera and buy new lights. So today I benefit from the daylight. Usually I film at night, that’s why the picture quality is not always the best. Here I think the picture is a bit better because I have the daylight coming from the window next to me but I see on my screen that I always have brightness issues and that’s problematic. At the content level, my videos tend to be 10 to 15 minutes, maybe it’s a bit long. Do you think I have to summarize a little more? I always have a lot of things to say because these are topics that fascinate me, I have a lot of things to say but maybe I should learn to synthesize a little more. Tell me in the comments if you prefer short 5 minutes videos that go straight to the point. Or if you prefer to have a conversation of ten to fifteen minutes as I tend to do but in which you will have more information. Your opinion really interests me a lot because after all, it is for you that I make these videos so tell me below in comment what you think of my videos. So subscribe, comment, like … Happy Tech week to you!


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