Learn How to View Transaction Details: Amex Mobile App | American Express

– [Narrator] If you want
more time in your life, it helps to know a few shortcuts. That’s why we’ve created easy to use tools that let you manage most
of your account tasks quickly and easily. Here’s how to view transaction
details on your smartphone. Be sure you have the American
Express app downloaded to your smartphone. Open the app and log in to your account. Right on the homepage you’ll see pending and recent charges. To get more details about
an individual charge, simply tap on the charge. You can also see a complete
list of transactions for a specific time period by tapping on statements, then choosing
transactions and statements, and selecting the time
period you want to review. You can view the statement
here, or open a PDF which looks like a paper
version of your statement. The PDF can then be downland if you like. Now you know how to view
your card transaction details using your smartphone. Want to know more? Check out our other videos about managing your American Express account
from your phone or the web.

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