Learn to use GRAVITY SPIKES in call of duty mobile

that’s outside what’s up random and this
video we’re gonna learn how to use the gravity spike for my purse
dad sorry I used to do that do you want hold on I was using go sir we’re going
to use vote room you like scouting here then we’re going to do lightweight
together we move fast to get around people would be quiet we can use the
gravity but now and leave a like after every video you watch it really helps
out the channel and let’s get into this gameplay and it’s a domination gameplay
so for the purse we’re gonna use lightweight vulture and dead silence
with the gravity spikes well let’s don’t see we come around this
side and you know that one we got more coming when are you gonna get a because on
domination you get more points get this gravity spikes faster so we need to
capture it Jam their radar that’s alright alright when you get that
dude upstairs everybody’s still up there right now all right happy gravity spice baby that’s how you use
the gravity spice baby let’s go they don’t want they don’t that way to use that alright though we got since we gonna which we’re going
to wait 12 seconds for I got this I got it again
I got it no hold on we don’t want capture this one always hopes you dumb
nation you know want to do three I don’t have those strong oh they come to be all you got me in the
air see if I still got it oh I don’t got my daddy strikes when
we’re gonna get that 29 kill zone

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  1. Let me know what you think about the gravity spikes below?
    Recommended playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlqCCsdFWs_D_q6wYkAr379SSPVeHVALG

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